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Phosphate removel from water

chemical bonds and thier reactons

Anna Kolokoski

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Phosphate removel from water

The process
The removel of phosphate from water is a two step precipitation process. By adding soluble aluminum, calcium, or iron. By then a large amount of the phosphates are gone. Then the rest of the phosphate is flushed out with a hydrolyzed polyacrylaimde agent.
Where can I find phosphate
in every day life?

Phosphate can be found in human animal waste water, cleaning supplies, and fertilizer runoff.
Is it harmful to humans or the environment? Though phosphates are not commonly harmful elements, they can become harmful when they over-fertilize aquatic plants. Usually phosphates play an important role in a cycle that normally takes hundreds of years to complete. Lately this cycle has been rapidly speeding up, leaving creeks, streams, and other bodies of water covered with algae. This makes it harder for other wildlife to inhabit. The reason for this speed up is our addition of phosphates, nitrogen, and sediment, to the water.
The removel of phosphate has a balanced equation with Aluminum, phosphorous, hydroden, and oxygen as the reation and the products. Thier are 4 of each elament in this equation in order to make it abide by the law os conservation of mass. Stating that mass can not be created or distroyed. By Anna Kolokoski
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