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Bridging the Digital Chasm

Principles underpinning a reflective framework for preparing teachers to use technology enhaced language learning tasks.

Patricia Sorrentino

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of Bridging the Digital Chasm

For the past ten years :
unprecedent digital and technological revolution
it has permeated every aspect of modern life. Trainer
Self- development On this journey:
Where from?
Where to?
Which paths? Basic Fact:
In a world infused with technology, computers and new digital literacies, it comes as no surprise that sooner or later the foreign or second language instructional settings would be profoundly impacted by them. The Internet has fostered the development and implementation of new educational technologies in the foreign language classroom breaking its boundaries and allowing learners to interact and experience meaningful, real life communication with virtually anyone, anywhere, at any time. Assumption 1:
If advances in ed tech have impacted the way students learn and teachers should teach, it is only natural to assume that pedagogical and methodological aspects concerning the role that teacher training and development play in shaping the language classroom of the 21st century might as well have /(be) changed. most of my students’ learning and linguistic development were not taking place in the classroom.
WHY? genuinely motivated
measurable, visible linguistic gains easy to accept and acknowledge the affordances of technology in aiding learners´ language acquisition and development... CHAOTIC
FIT INTO MY PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICE TECHNOLOGY easy, pleasant journey PEDAGOGY new framework was necessary PHILOSOPHY re-assess beliefs and assumptions TOOLS Trainer´s log: Part 1 1. Hands on Component:
2. Opportunity to reflect on beliefs and assumptions
3. Re-shape and Re-define pedagogical practices teachers experiment with new technology from the perspective of the learner the role technology plays in the teaching learning process congruent with the principles of self-directed learning, constructivism and connectivism Investigation:
TEDCALL project AIMS 1. teacher´s awareness of new technologies, pedagogies and educational philosophy. 2. web 2.0 tools:forums, blogs, chats, wikis, social networks
and the VLE Moodle Point of convergence among technology, pedagogy and educational philosophy roles adopted by teachers during the accomplishment of tasks to be used with new ICT´s and more traditional educational technologies 3. relevance of coaching in the transition from Behaviorist CALL to Integrative CALL transferability of practice CONTEXT
private Language Institute
very heterogeneous group
technology: added value
learners' profile
prior attempts had failed PROCESS
1. F2F session
2. 4 module on-line course
3. F2F coaching session Trainer´s Log Part 2 Most Relevant findings 1. despite perceived need, vast majority is unaware of educational potential of Integrative CALL/TELL 2. Internet: 3Rs Reading
Researching 3. Failure to perceive/ use the Web in the 3C fashion Contribute
Create 4. First hand experience led to significant shift in perception of new educational technology 5. Active experimentation, tutoring and coaching had some impact on teachers´perception of new pedagogical practices more appropriate for TELL 6. Philosophy: same factors did not seem to have impinged on teachers' belief systems.
Initial perceptions and beliefs remained almost unaltered. 7. Yes! There is transferability of practice ...which is not always positive 8. main enablers: motivation, use of new technology, collaborative learning, first hand experience prior to implementation with learners, increased interaction among students. 9. main barries: lack of time, heavy work overload, time and syllabus constraints, lack of institutional support, unease about collaborative, self directed learning modes. 10. The common thread is : Teachers´Beliefs, Motivation and Self - Directness a new framework for teacher or self-initiated coaching and development. 1. It caters for opportunities to learn about technology through technology 2. It addresses concepts of Digital Nativism 3. It paves the way for Integrative CALL 4. It is embedded in the principles of : SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING, CONSTRUCTIVISM, SOCIO-CONSTRUCTIVISM and CONNECTIVISM 5. It creates opportunities for reflection and re-assessment of beliefs 6. It offers coaching and support through the phases of learning, reflection, experimentation and implementation THANK YOU!!! Briding the Digital Chasm: Helping Teachers Explore Technology Enhanced Language Activities Trainer´s Log
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