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Analizing The Monkey's Paw Revised

ELA Prezi in The Monkey's Paw

Nathan Harris

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Analizing The Monkey's Paw Revised

The Monkey's Paw In the introduction, the author introduces
the characters, describes the settings
and gives us an impression of the
characters personality. In the rising action, suspension and
foreshadowing hint at what is to come.
The White's now have a problem in their
household and they were told it has
consequences. They don't listen to the
warnings and make the wish. You also get
a better understanding of the characters and
their motives. Mr. and Mrs.White are told terrible news that their son was killed in machinary, and as compisation they get two hundred pounds. Which just happens to be what Mr.White wished for before. More suspense and sadness in the story. More depth of characters point of views. Make another wish that happens to cause more pain and makes things worse. In the falling action, Mrs.White is hysterical with sadness and fear. Mr.White is terrified for his wife and tries, with little success, to think of a way to solve the problem. Mr.White solves the problem in great haste, using the last wish to send his son back to where he should be, resting peaceful in his grave. Learned the lesson quickly in the end. The paw caused too much hardship and pain for them not to understand the point. Point of View The story is in third
person and limited
omniscient. Setting the setting of this story is an old house in the country by bogs and sloughs. this house is three miles away from the graveyard. conflict the conflicts in this story is man vs fate, man vs himself, and man vs supernatural. Theme the theme of this story is dont tempt fate,
dont try to change your destiny and never
open the door for your mangled son. Characters Mrs.White is a nice lady who near the end of the storie becomes very funny in the way she acts and becomes very panicy. Mr.white is a man who is happy old man who is not greedy but is presured easily. Herbert White(the son) is a very sarcastic man but is also good natured and loving toward his family. Sergeant-Major Morris is a flat character but is the one who doesn't want to give, but ends up giving the family the monkey's paw. Has a tragic and disturbing past. THE END BY:Taryn And Drew lego "The Monkey's Paw"
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