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Pete Brown

Pete Brown

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Resume

Pete Brown
My Learning Environment
My resourcing a Digital Generation
You are confident; globally aware, willing to explore new ideas, embrace new opportunities, prepared and ready for a world you had once thought inconceivable. You are a life long self-directed learner; the world is your classroom. You nurture curiosity and imagination. You are a digital consumer and collaborator with professional etiquette and protocol.

You understand why the world has flattened, is interconnected and why information continues to grow exponentially. You embrace tomorrows learning today. You know that connecting with others is how learning occurs. Your literacy is not just about 'read and write', but is to learn, unlearn and relearn. You understand that in todays society collaboration and shared knowledge are highly prized skills.

Ubiquity, embeddedness and unity is your foundation
and this is my learning environment
My Thought Leadership
My Professional Profile
I am an enthusiastic and versatile classroom practitioner of Information Learning Technologies. I aim to create democratic classrooms based on interpersonal relationships and the recognition of the inherent worth of each student. I motivate and encourage students to becoming critical thinkers and life-long learners by fostering a classroom environment that promotes inquiry and discovery.
My Pedagogy
and Professionalism
I implement a wide range of innovative teaching strategies to teach meaningful programs aimed to develop capability in critical and creative thinking. I integrate a range of learning activities, resources and materials that support auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners that foster independent and co-operative learning and incorporate curriculum expectations. I have excellent written and oral communication skills, as evidenced by outstanding academic results and practical teaching reports.
I promote student academic development and achievement by utilising a range of assessment and learning techniques, incorporating group work, reflection, self-assessment and innovative use of learning technologies. I aim to develop student-centered learning environments in order to produce self-directed learners capable of collaborative and individual work.
I have a career-long record of promotion, stakeholder satisfaction, team-building and strategic insight, poised for the next-level. I have an excellent reputation for leading through thought leadership and maximising cutting-edge learning technologies through the enablement of cross-curricula transparency and pedagogy. I have excellent professional interpersonal skills and have the ability to work effectively in challenging team environments.
My Education
Brighton University, East Sussex, UK
Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Secondary)
Specialism: Information Communication Technology

Portsmouth University, Hampshire, UK
2:1 BEng Hons Computer Engineering

Highbury College of Technology, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
BTEC National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
My Teaching Experience
2009 - 2012 South Coast Baptist College, Waikiki, Western Australia
Director of Information Learning Technology
- Teacher of AIT 2A/B and 3A/B,
- Design Photography 2A/B and 3A/B
- Teacher of Information Technology years 7 and 9
2006-2009 Heathfield Community College, Heathfield, East Sussex, UK
Teacher of ICT and Media
- Coordinator for the Virtual Learning Environment,
- ICT across the curriculum Facilitator,
- ICT at Key Stage 3 Team Leader.
- Form Tutor.
- Gifted and Talented and SEN Departmental Representative.
My IT Experience
Aerosystems International Ltd, Hampshire, UK
2003-2005 WAH-64 Apache Helicopter Mission Planning Prototype Engineer.
2002-2003 6 month secondment with Thales Defence UK, London.
2002-2002 European Satellite GPS Software Engineer for Thales Defense
1999-2002 Internet / Intranet Manager, Multimedia designer.
1997-1999 Data Communications Engineer.
Reflections of my teaching practice and pedagogy
can be found at iLearndifferent.com
Through Thought Leadership I influence educators on technology integration and the educational paradigm shift by demonstrating how technology integration should be imparted and learnt. iLearniTeach is accessed globally providing educators with direction in Professional Learning.
Through iLearnconnected.com I provide parents with relevant information about technology integration, the importance of being a self-directed learner, online safety/awareness and appropriate online etiquette and protocol.
Under my leadership and direction, students are more self-directed and immersed in the learning process. Through collaboration and embedded technology integration students seek and extend their audience to develop authentic production.
Students build confidence, discussion and debate, and by developing respect for themselves and their peers.

Students actively restate learning objectives, flip their learning and individually differentiate and meet deadlines with consistency and reliability.
Authentic Project Production
Students go beyond sequential thinking, challenged to measure their performance using 'real-world' samples of demonstrations of learning. They accomplish and exceed their learning goals through flexible assessment. It is here that we use the tools of today; mobile devices, social media, game-based learning and development, Minecraft, Web 2.0, assistive technology, cameras and drone helicopters, immersive journaling, Apple TVs and LCD TVs and a flexible unblocking policy.

Students work with a synergistic and a revolutionary force of collaboration and sharing, actively demonstrating their learning. My learning environment focuses on conceptual understanding, providing students with the ability to apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts. Progress is monitored and assessed as a shared responsibility. We collaborate, create, communicate, curate and critically think together.
Summing up My Classroom Environment
Summing up My Pedagogy
The iPad has been an enormous marker of change in my pedagogy, by putting access and control over learning into the hands of the students. Students use Immersive Journalling to crosspost and record authentic production using Apps such as Evernote, Wordpress, Twitter and Instagram.

Students connect globally through FaceTime with Real Clients to actively collaborate, create, communicate and curate information. iBooks Author is used to develop portfolios, embedding multimedia, for authentic production. Students use iMovie to create content to publish online and for global consumers.

Students are trained to fly AR Drones which are controlled by the iPad to record and experience aerial photography. Augmented Reality Apps are used to create an immersive learning experience. Staff and students have open access to Apple TVs in classrooms to challenge the notion of the 'front' of the class and use Creative Learning Spaces.
Summing up My Learning Successes
Raising student attainment and achievement is one of the successes of my ubiquitous learning environment. Students are more self-directed and immersed in the learning process. Through gamification students determine their personal entry points into learning as a foundation to meet and exceed learning goals.

Through collaboration and embedded technology integration students seek and extend their audience to develop authentic production. They are doing this through building confidence, discussion and debate, and by developing respect for themselves and their peers.
My References
Ryan Laden
Senior Pastor
Warnbro Community Church
Western Australia
(08) 9593 2133
Anthony Moses
Assistant Principal
South Coast Baptist College
Western Australia
(08) 9528 2838
I'm Pete Brown
I look forward to hearing from you

0434 559 588
My iTunesU courses, provide WACE students with clearly defined pathways of accessing rich embedded content and texts. I am active in the production of up-to-date content and material, ensuring consistent student success.
Students focus on Content Creation allowing them to develop wisdom and knowledge through active questioning rather than simply regurgitating answers.
I am active in social learning networks to communicate, collaborate and connect with my students. Embeddedness and Unquity are key stakeholders in delivering rich and dynamic content.
Design Guides and Programs of study
allow students to progress as
self-directed learners.
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