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South Carolina

How South Carolina was years ago, and how it is today.

Deeana Giroski

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of South Carolina

South Carolina Economics Economics By: Maddie Richardson
and Deeana Giroski Geography Geography Economics In South Carolina
there are alot of
mountains. Most of the mountains are
called Blue Ridge Mountains Most of the mountains
are blue ridge mountains. Geography There are three major rivers They are Santee,
Great Pee Dee and
Savannah. All of the major
rivers flow south east,
across the state
There are some beaches. They are located on the east border. South Carolina's Motto:
Prepared in mind and resources. Economics Geography took a big part
in the Economy Since South Carolina was
near rivers and lakes they
would trade. Labor South Carolina would farm They had 3 cash crops They were: tobacco, rice
and indigo The colonists would
trade with england Politics The states nickname was:
Palmetto State
Launguage: English It was the first state to vote
seccde from the union The colony was originally named
in honor of King Charles the 1 Society Religion: Christianity
and Judism There was Slavery Most of the slavery was in
the southern colonies The End
Thanks for watching!
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