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Jameka Taylor

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Cellphones!

By: Jameka Taylor

Who made it?
Martin Cooper led a team and designed the first practical cell phone.
When was it made?
The first cell phone was made in 1973
It was called the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
It was 9 inches long and it weighed 2.5 pounds
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
1.) Cellphone History
Who made it
When was it made
2.) Contacting People
First cellphone call
First text message
Teens use of Technology
3.) Cheese!
First picture
4.) Cellphone Evolution
Comapre and Contrast
This prezi will be about cellphones. I am an expert in this topic because I have researched about numerous types of cellphones. You guys will learn all about phones from the past and now. You'll also learn about the people who did the first of a few things on a cellphone!
Chapter 2
Contacting People
First Cellphone Call
The first cell phone call was in Midtown Manhattan walking across Sixth Avenue near the New York Hilton . The call was made to his rival Joel Engel of Bells Labs to brag about his successful invention. The first two phrases of the first cellphone call was "I'm calling you from a cellphone," "a real hand held portable one."
The DynaTAC 8000X initally costed $4,000 when it was first released to the public in 1983.
Half of teenagers send 50 or more messages a day. Which is about 1,500 meaasges a month. 15% of teens recieve 30 text a day. Girls would recieve about 80 messages per day. Teen texters between the ages of 12-13 typically send/recieve 20 messages a day but that amount has been rapidly rising.
14-17 year old texters send/recieve about 60 messages a day. Older girls tend to be more active.14-17 year old girls averagely send 100 or more text messages a day which is more than 3,000 text a month.
Teens typically make/recieve 5 calls a day. Teens average 646 minutes talking on the phone per month (10 hours and 46 minutes). Female teens average at about 753 minutes (12 hours and 33 minutes). Male teens average at about 525 minutes (8 hours and 45 minutes).
Fun Fact about Technology
Chapter 3
First Picture
First Texting Message
The first cellphone with a built in camera was made by a French entrepreneur named Philippe Kahn. The first picture that was taken was by him of his newborn daughter named Sophie on June 11, 1997.
Cellphone History
Chapter 4
Cellphone Evolution
Compare and Contrast
Newer Phones
Older Phones
Didn't have a built in camera
(until 1997)
Didn't have apps
Had small screens
Not very colorful
Were big in size
No internet access
Cellphone Timeline
On December 3, 1992 text messaging was born.
Neil Papworth sent the first text message at 22 years old.
The first message that was sent said "Merry Christmas".
More colorful
Bigger screens
More portable
Download apps
Go on the internet
Watch videos
Play games
Take pictures/record videos
Cellphone- call up by using a cellular phone
Texting - to send a text message
Technology - machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge
Camera phone - a mobile phone that can take pictures and record video clips.
Motorola - A cellphone company that created the first cellphone
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