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English presentation Taj Mahal

No description

Farhiya Shire

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of English presentation Taj Mahal

The site plan The story behind the Taj Mahal Architecture Tourism More than 2 million visitors
200,000 from overseas
Pricing system: tourists pay a higher price
Most visits in October, November and January
Night viewing Interesting facts Hands of the workers of the Taj Mahal were cut off after the building!
Different types of marbles brought over from many countries
Similar monuments Taj Mahal in Bangladesh, a copy by Farhiya Shire The Taj Mahal Maharajah Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mah
meet love at first sight.

They marry shortly after that.

Mumtaz dies and leaves
Jahan devistated. He decides to build a
memorial: the Taj Mahal. 1. The Moonlight Garden to the north of the Yamuna.
2. Terrace area: Tomb, Mosque and Jawab.
3. Charbagh (gardens).
4. Gateway, attendant accommodations, and other tombs.
5. Taj Ganji (bazaar)
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