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Copy of Argumentative Writing in Science

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Paula Halligan

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Argumentative Writing in Science

Science content is accessible through other means; students can learn about science through researching and the writing of papers.

Students do not generally like writing papers, this is why giving students options on their subject or permitting a paper to be argumentative can be more appealing and therefore more meaningful to students. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Students entering colleges are
not at the level of critical thinking
or writing that they should be. Teach the students how to write argumentatively.

Provide a structure or "roadmap" on how to approach and write a paper.

Explain paragraph structuring Explain expectations to students. Students will be ready for more rigorous, college level writing upon graduation due to a more cross-curricular approach to writing in science. Critical Thinking and
Argumentative Writing
in Science Students aren't prepared to write in science setting or argumentatively. High School science lectures focus on the content, experiments, lectures, and notes. They do not offer many opportunities for writing. Students as a result are less prepared for college writing. Teaching the content through other means Give students tools for success. One common problem found is students overgeneralize. In science, this should be taught to be avoided as in science there are many things that aren't for certain and especially aren't universal.

Students need to know how they are going to be graded; with teaching students writing, would you grade on things like mechanics, spelling and grammar? If so, the student needs to know this.

Students need to be taught on how to write with specific voices.
In English classrooms, a student might be expected to input personal experience into essays. There is room for this in some but not all scientific writing.
Part of having students write in sciences classes should be about teaching them how to present data, findings, and showing connections between their findings and stance. start State an issue or occassion.

State your thesis, position on the issue/occasion, or simply the idea of the paper.

State how the rest of the paper will be organized; your flow of ideas/reasons for your thesis/stance.

This gives students a structure to follow and to keep them on task. Example Roadmap: Introductory Paragraph Example Questions for Research and Argumentative Writing in Biology. Do you find Darwinism convincing?

Why do domesticated dogs and cats differ
so much in their behavior?

Is recombinant DNA a disaster or panacea?

If Mendel was right, why aren't humans either short or tall?

Do non-human species engage in chemical warfare? Correcting Common Problems- Overgeneralization and Voice
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