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Death Dreams

No description

Crystal Mercedes

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Death Dreams

Thank You!
Is a death dream negative?
A death dream isn't always negative, it's always what it seems.
sometimes we can take these dreams extremly litteral
-Symbolic meaning.
-ending of a particular habit, behavior, circumstance, etc...
-Ending a relationship.
-Exit of someone in your life.

Dreaming of the deceased
Talking to the dead:
negatively influenced by peers, hanging with the wrong crowd.
dreaming of someone who has recently passed:
your mind is trying to fully comprehend the concept that they are gone.
If they are leading you somewhere then that means you are trying to understand their death and you do not want to be alone.
Talking to parents:
Fear of loosing your parents, saying the last goodbyes.

Seeing yourself die
your invloved in a painfull relationship
involved in destructive behaviors ex: drugs, alcohol,etc..
you are suffering from depression
feeling stranded by situations
trying to escape from daily life
Seeing someone in your dream die
you want to cut ties with this person
your feelings for this person are no longer existant
if it is a stranger you feel like you are detatched from people around you
Faking your own death
Need an outlet from your life
need a new start

funeral/ burial
Attending a funeral
to dream that you are at some one elses funeral suggest that you are burrying an old relationship
to dream that you are attending a living parent funeral represents that you should seperate yourself from them
you need to take your next step into indepedence and freemdom
to see a burial means that you are letting go of bad habits and your freed from your negative situations

What types of dreams do you have?
By: Adalise Merced & Jensine Aviles
Death Dreams
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