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How Does Political and Economic Decision Making Affect Envir

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michael fauht

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of How Does Political and Economic Decision Making Affect Envir

How Does Political and Economic Decision Making Affect Environmental Issues and Quality of Life?
How do Environmental Issues
Affect our Quality of Life

Environmental Issues can affect our quality of life in a quite a few ways.

Pollution is a big part of the environmental issues humans create. One major effect of pollution is that it raises health concerns. If the quality of our air continues to deplete more lung related issues will rise.

2) The depletion of resource is also a potential issue. If there aren't any more trees to cut down for wood or coal to mine for electricity we won't be able to produce the good and needs that keep our society runs on. This will also increase the cost of everyday products.

What are some examples of environmental issues?
Some examples of an environmental issues would be the harmful sulfur
released by smoke stacks. The compound then dissolves in the air and causes acid rain which is very harmful. A possible solution to this issue would be to use more renewable energy sources that cause less pollution like wind or solar energy.
Hybrid cars
that don't emit as much carbon dioxide into the environment as regular gas powered cars are also a possible solution to the problem of
green house gases.
What does environmental issues mean?
Environmental issues
are harmful aspects of human activity on the environment. Environmentalism, a social and environmental movement that started in the 1960s, addresses environmental issues through advocacy, education and activism.
What are some views, perspectives and government decisions on the issue.
How can citizens take action on the issue>
There are many ways that every day citizens can help take action on this issue.

1) Recycling - Recycling is a very good way to combat these issues. When we recycle it renders the need to make new products useless. New products don't need to be made in factory's. There will also be less
laying around. It also helps with the pollution created when new products are made. Another benefit to having a cleaner environment means that more animals will be able to live in more places creating a greater
Having more fish in lakes will also please those with
Collective Rights
who fish often.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
- Installing these light bulbs helps more than you'd think. They will conserve more energy than a regular bulb. This is is a great Lever over normal light bulbs because they reduce the need to create more energy at the power plants. Less energy being made means less pollution. If there's less pollution it'll help with the issue of
Climate Change.

The govt has banned the burning of sulfur enriched coal in coal fired power plants. Filters called "Scrubbers" must also be used in the smoke stacks to help reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

The govt has also put more conservation laws into effect to slow down the depletion of resources. An example of this would the the Forest conservation laws in effect. This by-law states that the destruction of trees in any shape or form is illegal to conserve woodlands.
The government can also harm the environment. They're constantly building Oil Sand where are bad for the environment. This also causes Political Issues due to parties arguing over what's right for the environment and what's not. Economic Issues are also presented by this from the cost of putting environmental laws in place.
The government is also considering enforcing Energy Efficient Standards.
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