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Country Report

Penelope Gallegos

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Indoniesia

Indoniesia Climate: Average tempeture is 80 degrees farenheit or ( 27 degrees farenheit Religion: 85 percent Muslims 10 percent christians
Most women in Indonesia know how to read and write.Children are required to go to school for nine years starting at age seven.
Food: main dishes are rice boiled or fried.You can eat it with meat, fish or vegetables. Clothing: usually they use
for wemon colorful skits called sarong or kain
a strong and kain is a big rap that goes around your body men usually wear the same thing.
Flag National Flower
of Indonesia National Bird
of Indonesia Transportation:
It is difficult to find
transportation in Indonesia
because of rugged mountains and
large areas.
Two percent of the people in Indonesia
own automobiles and six to eight seat
vehicles. Natural Resources: Petrolium,tin, natural gas,
nickel, timber, bauxite, copper, fertile soil,
coal, gold and silver. Transportation:you need a divers license
to drive a car our a motorcycle they drive on the left side of the street the roads are very narrow
and only have room to fit two cars on the road one going each durection! Sport and Recreation:
Some common sports are
football,polo and rugby
the most successful sport is
badminton. Peolpe also have many competitions of all tipes.

Population:227,345,082 Families: Most women in Indonesia know
how to read and write the men usually stay home with
the kids while the women go to work the kids in Indonesia
are at school if they are at age seven Kids: The kids like to
play with kites a lot
and many sports but if there
seven then there at school Socializing: no one in Indonesia
will not show any frendly judgement
in front of public except for a frendly
hand shake Currency: National Anthem: Map Exports: oil, gas, electrical appliances, plywood, textiles and rubber Climate Holidays and Traditions:
People usually celebrate Thanksgiving,
Christmas and New Years Eve. Many people
usually make up there own traditions
so there are not specific holidays
Indonesia is a republic
and has been ever since
President Soeharto's
resignation. After, the short,
transitional habibie administration
which followed


Raw cotton
Other chemicals
Plastic materials
Dairy products & eggs
Man made cloth
Organic chemicals
Drilling & Oilfield equipment
Oil Telecommunications:

Of every 100 people in Indonesia, 24 use the internet. Literacy Rate:
91% of the adult population is literate
Current Events:
A 7.4 earthquake strikes
the coast of Indonesia
17 people died in a landslide
A fire killes 20 at a disco
A 19.2 pound baby was born
and 9 people dead because of a plane crash

Age Structure:0-14 years: 28.1%
( male34,337,341\female 33,162,217)
15-64 years:66% ( male 79,549,569\
female 78,918,321)
65 years and over:6% (male 6,335,208\
female 7,968,876)

Indonesia is an Archipelagic
country extending 5,120 kilometers
(3,181mi) from East to West and 1,760
kilometers (1,094mi) from North to South.
it encompasses an estimated 17,508 islands
only 6000 of wich are inhabited. It comprisses
five main islands: Sumastra,Java, Borneo,Sulawesi,
and New Guinea;two major archepelagos (Nusa Tenggara
and the Muluku islands); and sixty smaller archipelagos.

www.Indonesia is an Archepelago
www. Google.com Life expectancy at birth: total population: 70.76 years
male: 68.26 years
female: 73.38 years (2009 est.) Socializing:
People in public
never give any friendly
gestures except for a hug.
If you give a kiss on the cheek
its considered weird! Telecomunication:
Of every 100 people in
Indonesia, only 24 use the internet. Kids Life:
Most kids go to school.
School is required at age seven!
But during there free time, they like
to fly there kites.
The spoken language is Bahasa.
Including Sanstrike,Chinese,
Arabic,Portuguese, Dutch and
Did you know:
That most children
prefure to play with there kit
then anything else!
Most of the people
that now how to use
computers are girls!

Cool Facts:
The scouts in Indonesia are called Pramuka
People drive on the left side of the road
Indonesia is a larger country than Costa Rica!
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