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No description

kade hayes

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of confirmation

confirmation One of the symbols for confirmation is a dove Confirmation is the last sacrament of initiation Confirmation is when you
become a member of the
catholic community Symbol means some thing used
or regarded as representing
something else

Ritual means the act of following an established procedure for example a belief
One of my family rituals is to go out to
dinner on special occasions for example
a birthday The importance of wind, water and fire in the story was that it nourishes the people
Wind-the people believed the wind revives
them and brings new life and energy fire-They believed fire
cleanses and renews the
land as it burns the grass
bushes vand trees.
Water-They believed water
gives us the gift of life.They
also use water as a blessing
to welcome people into
their communities
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