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Medicine Through TIME

No description

Rafaela Auelstia

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Medicine Through TIME

Medicine through
TIME How were the hospitals you remember?
How was their equipment? Which is the most famous doctor you remember? What was the "worse" disease? What was the typical cure for flu? If an emergency occurred, how did you found out? Dad Dad: "The equipment in the year of 1960 was very poor, there were no monitors, no saturators, just one stethoscope, the beds and the rooms were very different because they were elemental. In those times the doctors had to do everything on their own with very few support of technology. Grandpa "In the year of 1930, medicine was just "taking care of the patient until it dies" it just depended on the knowledge of the doctor and how good student he was. There were no tomographies to determine if babies were healthy nor there was an easy access to medicine "They used something like horns to determine the health of the baby. Everything depended on the doctor." Me "Every room now has its own
equipment with monitors and
pressure instruments. There are
many tests that indicates the disease.
Patients now have ID´s which keeps a
certain level of organization throughout
the hospital. There are much more rooms
and the equipment is updating every time
to offer a better service to sick people." Hospital
Metropolitano Hospital Vozandes No saturators No monitors Old cribs for
babies in
San Juan de
Dios hospital ID´s patients use inside the
hospital Dad "When an emergency
occurred you generally
found out hours after it
happened. Sometimes the
hospital called someone in
your neighborhood and that
person told you, if not if you
were lucky enough a human
chain occurred and someone
in your family heard
about it." Grandpa "The only system that actually worked
during 1935-1945" was the human chain"
This meant that if something bad occured
people would be gossiping about it all day
until someone in the family found out."
We did not live in a very crowded
city so you found out sooner or
later." Me "Right now if an emergency
occurs we find out in seconds.
Literally every electronic device
connects us. From cellphones,
telephones, iPads, tablets and
computers. We are a button apart. It
is very difficult to be disconnected or not
knowing what is really happening." Dad Dad Dad Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa Me Me Me Aspirin tablets "We were not evolved in
medical pills so the best cure
we had were wet wipes in
the forehead and alcohol
baths ." "Medicine is
each time better.
We know have Tamiflu
or Finalín which is
an antiviral that helps
us to deal with the flu and
get better in less than a week." "The worst disease
I could say were
cancer and pneuomonia
because for
those who like us who
had relatives, like my
brother, whose cancer at
6 years old was so
advanced no doctor had
a clue on what to do. "A terrible disease for people
that lived in Quito especially
in the farms was pneumonia,
a lot of the workers near me
died due to this sickness,
there was no cure and people
who got it suffered a lot." "It is
to say that
cancer is still
the worst disease
because there is no
cure for it and still there
are a lot of people dying
due to it. From the year
that I was born, asthma and
respiratory linked diseases
like allergies are also a problem
to everyone." "Since I was involved
in all the medical world
due to my father I know
many I must say that
Rafael Arcos excelled at
cardiology surgery. "I am honored to say
that in my times
the famous doctors
are today historical
figures, like
Isidro Ayora, I remember
him going to the hospital
to check his patients
each single day." "I must
say that the
most famous
doctor for me
is my grandpa
Rubén Aulestia
because I have
heard that many of my
friends were born with his
help. :)" My doctor the
moment I
was born was my
grandpa Rubén
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