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proposed exhibition of new interfaces for NYC's only river

Natalie Jeremijenko

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Elevating_the_Bronx_River

In an old warehouse building that threatens to slide into the river a thriving community arts center has developed dedicated to rediscorving the cultural and environmental value of the only real river in new york city.

Gail Nathan has directed this institution developing afterschool arts program in a place where schools cannot provide in school arts education.

bronx river
arts center elevating the bronx river interactive and intelligent interfaces
edible interfaces interfaces that improve our relationship to the aquatic ecosystem interfaces that celebrate and expose biodiverCITY A REMARKABLY INVISIBLE RIVER Elevating the Bronx River:
an exhibition of bold new interfaces View of Bronx River from top of BRAC building on East Treemont
Proposed extended Elevator Shaft ...
Proposed Outdoor Exhibition site: an unused Dept of Transportation lot offered to BRAC for public art and cutural programming heads-down display:
to view and interact with the a proposed interface for BRACs vernal-pond riverside garden to expose the underbelly of wetland habitat;
to make visible the diverse inhabitants and produce new and productive interactions with nonhuman urban neighbors urban wilderness:
street scenes of bxriver new interfaces edible interfaces textable interfaces interfaces between human and nonhuman View of Bronx River from top of BRAC building
on East Treemont
translational interfaces Bronx OOZ Gail Nathan, the executive director of the Bronx river arts center, stands on a chair on the top floor of the BRAC--an old warehouse building that threatens to slide into the river.
She will beckon you to do that same: "look out there; you see that river; you see that gorgeous view; this is why we do what we do--that river is why we are here" problem: but where is the river? The BRAC transportation hub becomes the gateway to the new 8-mile greenway due to open soon. Lines reporesent projected bike crossings. High pedestrian activity due to transit center.
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