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Ancient Japan

This is the Maslow's Levels of needs about Ancient Japan in BC or BCE

Andrew Weakley

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Japan

Love and Belonging
Safety and Security
Self Esteem
Families ate at the same table
Dining tables decorated
Shinto, "the way of the gods"
Everything contains Kami(spiritual essence)
Shrine, Imperial Household, Folk, and Sect are different types of Shinto
Self Actualization
Basic Ancient Japanese Needs
What would happen if we went back in time to give Ancient Japan our modern day warfare weapons?
Jobs were farming ,hunting, gathering, and making clothes
Every day clothes for work, weddings, festivals, and schools
To feed the big villages, skill full hunters and farmers existed
Nuclear missles would easily destroy ancient villages
Drones could scout out military wherabouts
Unmanned planes could shoot down enemy troops
Machine guns vs swords equals a loss for the enemy
Ponds and lakes for the water source
Shelters made from mud and wood
Fishing, farming, hunting for food
Fur clothing
Our Knowledge
The Joman Period started at 14,000 BC to 300 BC
The word Joman means Cord Marked in English
Joman period discovered Pottery
Cooking containers, Storage vessals, woven baskets, bone needles, and stone tools were built
Towns surrounded by moats (water) and wooden fences
Battles fought using swords, slings, spears, bows and arrows
Weapons made of bronze and iron
Around 30 communities united by Pimko (Sorceress Queen)
Relations with Cao Wei(Chinese Kingdom) by Pimko
Level 1 - Jarrod Brous
Level 2 - Chris Human
Level 3 - Jarrod Brous
Level 4 - Joseph Judge
Level 5 - Andrew Weakley
Prezi made by Everyone in group
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