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Externship Presentation

No description

Hanna Elmongy

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Externship Presentation

My Externship at the To Do list: What I learned... The Team "The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia advances mutual trust, understanding and cooperation among faith communities, in order to work together for the common good of the region." Day of Service wrap-up
1. Summarize Evaluations
2. Type up poetry
3. Thank you letters to sponsors
4. Get feedback from Green
Team and artists
5. Write up report with
recommendations for next year
6. Thank you letter to Children
Can Shape the Future Grant
7. Choose best of photos and
upload to website

1. Write personal story
2. Stick address labels on
postcards Other...
1. Interviews with
Group Leaders
2. Visit Church to
recruit partner
3. Make presentation for alumni to recruit youth
4. Revise Ad page How to make a prezi
How to write formal thank you letters
Charisma matters in a job interview
Time management
Be creative and take some risks---you will impress people
How to use public transportation --- don't trust it too much
Even though I'm majoring in CBE, it's somehting I believe in
- I learned some about what it takes to run an organization, and important skills for any job: phone calls, letters, etc. They really valued my opinion for the report and trusted my with the work Margie seemed to be really moved by my story

I really participated in the interviews to provide the youth perspective andMargie consulted me when making the decision
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