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Structural Biases in Chile’s Higher Education System

Structural Biases in Chile’s Higher Education System

Amanda Peralta

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Structural Biases in Chile’s Higher Education System

Structural Biases in Chile’s
Higher Education System: By: Amanda Peralta
History 136A MAin Question: A REINFORCEMENT OF THE STATUS QUO Does Chile's higher education system have inherent
biases built in that work to enforce the social class
and career hierarchy status quo? Significance? Education : important tools to stabilize, grow, become richer, etcetera.

Higher education institutes breed future leaders, economic analysts,
corporate CIOs Inherent inequalities important as issue of equal rights

Also, may create instability, dicontent Can explain broader economical
or social problems CONTEXT Reforms in 1981 moved all higher education towards privitization
tuition costs Two top-tier universities, and rapid fall off from here
one private, one public
low admittance rates, competitive financial aiavailability source: http://www.bc.edu/bc_ org/avp/soe/cihe/newsletter/News32/text010.htm source: http://www.santiagotimes.cl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9467:CHILE-UNIVERSITIES-RANK-HIGH-IN-LATIN-AMERICA&catid=59:education&Itemid=132 Only one way to enter into top universities,
and most other private/public: PSU
Prueba de Selección Universitaria
Must take career specific tests
"Preuniversitarios" often needed to
do well
source: http://www.allsouthernchile.com/chile-
relocation-and-retirement-articles/153/631-college-entrance-exams-psu.html E.v.i.d.e.n.c.e. LACK OF Financial aid source: ) Chile. Higher Education in Chile: Aiming for Quality. Santiago: Chilean Government, 2005. Print.(p. 5-6) Preparation for PSU
teacher strikes source:
http://www.allsouthernchile.com/chile-relocation-and-retirement-articles/153/631-college-entrance-exams-psu.html ???? Multimedia~ SOLUTIONS?? Improvements in public primary & secondary schools
More comprehensive admissions process in private if not public (beyond technical careers)
Better financial aid structure, financial models, alumni bases

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