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Cameron Auto Parts MOT 6129

International Financing: Mystery Case

Denise Smith

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Cameron Auto Parts MOT 6129

Cameron Auto Parts

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Small company between (470 – 720)
Manufacturing small engine parts and auto accessories called original equipment or OEM parts for the BIG 3 auto manufacturers
Originally selling and shipping auto parts within the US and Canada
Company growth steady until 1999 the case focuses on the time between 1999 to 2006
Early on in the 60’s Auto parts firms benefited from the “Auto Pact” agreement.
By 1999 auto parts industry has been heavily commoditized and suffering from market saturation
Further pressure came from depressed car sales and the influx of Japanese imports

Founded in 1965
The Players
Should Alex partner with Michelard in a production venture?
Should Alex agree to McTaggart’s terms on the Australian Venture?
MOT 6129 – International Financing: Mystery Case
Alex Cameron – New CEO
*Son of the founder (1999)

Andy McIntyre Production Manager
Sandy McTaggart
UK based Supplies Ltd. Customer of Cameron Auto Parts
Pierre/Andre/Raymond Michelard Owners of
“Michelard” and “Cie a established” family-owned
distributor organization based in France (difficulty with cross EU selling)
1999 – Sales $60 mil/profit $1.75 mil
2000 – Sales $48 million/loss 2 mil
First 6M 2001 - $18 million/loss 2 mil
2002 – Sales 48 mil/profit small

2001 – Diversify the product line by investing in innovation
Mid-2003 – Cameron Auto Parts had patented “flexible couplings” with an advanced design and efficient production process.
2003 – sales of new ‘flexible couplings’ in US and Canada
2003 – Sales 68 mil/10 mill from flexible couplings
2005 – Sales $150 mil/$65 Flex
2006 – £100,000 Royalty Check
Frauke Fierley-Augst; Jessica Benson; Denise Smith; Bill Beerbower
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