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No description

Desiree' Walker

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Romanticism

Romanticism Desiree Khia Isaiah
Characteristics of Romanticism Love of Nature Supernatural Emotions v/s Rationality one of the main characteristics of Romanticism in poetry is the beauty of nature found in the country life
Another characteristic of Romanticism is the belief in the supernatural. The Romantics were interested in the supernatural and included it in their works. This fascination for the mysterious and the unreal also lead to the development of the Gothic romance Unlike the Neoclassical age which focused on rationality and intellect, Romanticism placed human emotions, feelings, instinct and intuition above everything else. The Devil and Tom Walker
A Psalm of Life "The Devil and Tom Walker" gives very vivid description of nature and along with the supernatural theme is a great example of Romaticism. Tom Walker is a greedy and selfish man who cherishes money more than he does his wife. They lived in a forlorn looking house, that had stood long and had an air of starvation. This is until he takes a walk in the swamp at an old Indian fortress and starts up a conversation with the Old Scratch. Scratch is a lumberjack chopping down trees, each with a prominent and wealthy colonialist name branded on the tree trunk. One rotted and soon to fallen tree has the name of a deacon who grew wealthy "trading" with the Indians. Another fallen trunk has that of a wealthy seaman rumored to be a pirate. Old Scratch strikes up a deal with Tom Walker. He offers the riches hidden in the swamp by Captain Kidd in exchange for Tom's soul. Tom agrees to think about it, and returns home. He mentions it to his wife. When he is not there, Tom's wife takes all the valuables in the house and goes to make a deal with Old Scratch. Tom goes in search of his wife and property, all he can find of her is her heart and liver in her apron tied to a tree. Tom Walker then agrees to the deal with Old Scratch, as his wife had been abusive towards him and he considered her death a good thing. Tom agrees to become a loan shark. Tom never tires of swindling people out of money, until he suddenly becomes fearful about the afterlife. He then starts to become dedicated to God, always keeping two Bibles at hand.

One day, a person who had borrowed money from him and is asking for clemency blames Tom for taking his money. Tom says, "The Devil take me if I have made but a farthing!" There are three loud knocks at the door. Tom is drawn towards the black-cloaked figure and realizes, in horror, that he has left his Bibles at his desk.

Tom Walker is then taken away by the Devil on the back of a black horse and is never seen again. All his assets vanished and his house burned to the ground. A great example of individuality It tells other to live their lives to the fullest. Dont Just follow along with everyone else and live the way you want to. No matter what obsticles are in your way your should accomplish your goals and like the lives of the great men/women of the past, leave a everlasting mark on the world and create inspiration for others
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