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By: Jerry

Jerry Pike

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft

MINECRAFT By:Jerry Mobs Mob, or mobile is a moving,living,computer
controlled NPC (Non-Playable-Character) susceptible to fall damage lava etc. For Detailed info on each mob go to: www.minecraftwiki.net Mobs List Passive Cow






NPC Villager


Bat Neutral Enderman


Wolf Passive mobs will
not attack the player
even if the player attacks
them, therefore, they
are passive. Neutral mobs will
not attack the player
on their own, however
if provoked, they will attack
the player. The act of provoking a mob
varies between mobs. Hostile Hostile mobs will attack
the player if he/she comes
in a 16 block radius of it
(the only exception is Ghasts and Endermen) Blaze












Wither Skeleton

Zombie Villager Blocks There are HUNDREDS of
blocks in Minecraft. I will
go over some of the basic
blocks. For more info you
can go to:
www.minecraftwiki.net Natural These blocks will occur
naturally within Minecraft. Dirt/Grass
This is the basic building block in Minecraft and is one of the most plentiful as the top layer or the ground is usually covered in this.
It is pretty much useless as of
crafting, but can be used as a
building material for your very first
house if you can't find enough
wood. Stone/ Cobblestone
Stone is the most plentiful item in Minecraft as it can be found from just below the dirt to all the way down to bedrock (a very long way down). When stone is mined, it will drop cobblestone. It is one ot the most useful too. It can be used to craft tools, furnaces, pistons, and much more. It can be smelted back into stone and used for even more stuff. Bedrock
Bedrock is the very deepest block in Minecraft. It is found at the VERY bottom of the world and is invincibe, to prevent you from falling inro the endless void. Since it is invincible, it cannot be mined,blown up by TNT etc, and therefore will not drop. Sand
Sand is found in desert biomes naturally and is one of the few blocks that obey the law of gravity. So when it is placed with noting to support it, it will fall until it lands on a block,mob,etc. Its main use is to be smelted into glass, a transparent block that can be used to see out of houses. One of it's other uses is to create TNT, an explosive block. It can be harvested by putting a solid block beneath the sand destroy it and have the sand fall onto a torch. It can also be used to craft sandstone.
Sandstone can be found
naturally also. Sandstone Bedrock Sand Cobblestone Stone Dirt Grass Wood/Wood Planks
Wood as you would expect comes from trees.(Duh) The wood's texture depends on the type of tree it is from ex: birch, spruce, oak etc. The color of the planks made from the wood depends on the type of tree too. When wood is placed in the crafting table it will yield 4 wood planks which can be used for stairs the lowest tier of tools, boats crafting tables, beds doors and MUCH more. Birch Wood Birch Wood
Planks Ore
Ore are blocks in Minecraft that when mined with a pickaxe, will yield that type of ore. Ore spawns in veins in their respected depths. There are currently 7 different ores in Minecraft. Emerald, Diamond, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Iron, Redstone, and Coal (That's the same order as the picture) Emerald When mined, will yield 1 Emerald per emerald ore. Redstone will give you 4-5 redstone dust per ore. Diamond will drop 1 per ore, and gold/iron and will drop 1 gold/iron ore block which can be smelted into ingots. Lapis Lazuli will drop 4-8 Lapis Lazuli dyes and mining coal will give you 1 coal. All the different ores. Crafted These blocks/ things can be made by making them on a crafting table. Utility
Utility mobs are created
by and serve the player. Snow

Golem Boss Mobs
Boss mobs only spawn once
per world have more complicated
attack patterns and a massive
amount of heath Minecart
Minecarts are a rideable entity that can only be placed on rails. They will move faster than walking speed as long as they are being propelled by something ex: player bumping powered minecart, powered rail. They can also be found in abandoned mine shaft chests as well as rail and other rare items. There are also powered minecarts, minecarts with a furnace in them that will push other carts while consuming fuel. There are also storage minecarts, which have chests in them, used for transporting items. Minecart Powered Storage
Minecart Minecart Boat
Boats are also entities within Minecraft that can be propelled in water by the player hitting the button to go forward (W,Up Arrow). They are used to travel much faster in water, as swimming is very, very slow. They are crafted using 5 wood planks and placing them in a U in the bottom of the boat. if a boat runs into the shore too fast, it will break, turning into 3 wood planks and 2 sticks. If destroyed by hand, it will drop a boat item. Enderdragon Enderdragon
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