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Copy of Influences on Healthy, Active Lifestyles - Edexcel GCSE Physical Education

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Ric Sheard

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Influences on Healthy, Active Lifestyles - Edexcel GCSE Physical Education

Influences on
your healthy
Active Lifestyle

All: Be able to identify the CHRISP influences. Level C
Most: Explain how these influence people to get involved in sport. Level B
Some: Relate these influences to sports performers. Level A

Peers Role Models

Media Coverage
How can IMAGE influence
your participation in sport?
Discuss how you
think Family, Peers
and Role Models
can influence your
participation in sport
Q: Matt is 12 years old and disabled.
What factors might prevent him from taking part in sport?
Support from
Role Models
What are the barriers for
women taking part in elite
level sport as participants,
coaches and officials?
Lack of role models
Sexism - Sian Massey example
Professional Sport? Pay?
Resources Health & Well Being Socio-Economic
Access - do you have access to local facilities?
Availability - are facilities and opportunities readily available?
Location - do you live near local sports facilities?
Time - Do you have the time for sport?
Illness - are you well enough to play sport?
Health Problems - do you have any health problems that limit your participation?
Cost - do you have the money?
Status/Class - are you limited by your social status?
Golf, Tennis, Polo?
Different Roles
in Physical Education

In your groups, think of the
qualities you need to be a successful leader, official and volunteer.

If you took on the role of leader, official or coach, how might this enrich your participation in sport?
Who do you think are the
major influences on Tom Daley?
How does David Beckham's
influence young people's
participation in sport?
Six point Exam Question
People start taking part in physical
Activity at different stages of life.
For example, a retired person may
take up physical activity late in life.
Explain the key
factors that can impact on an
individual's participation in sport.
Conference Group: Write down on a post it note
something that encourages you to take part in physical activity.

Premiership Group: Write down on a post it note any thing that would influence any body to take part in physical activity and expalin why verbally to the rest of the group

Champions League: Write down on a post it note something that has influenced a famous sports star to take part in sport and explain why to the group.

Place this on your sheet and discuss what is written as a group
H....Health and Wellbeing

Who do you think are the major influences on Tom Daley?
David Beckhams fashion and media coverage: do you think this influences people? Has sport won him more media attention? Why?
Task: Pick a sport and list any costing
that you would have and work out
the total costings for a season/year.
What health problems might hamper sports particiation
in your sport? 1 minute to list as many as you can!
Next Lesson!
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