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Copy of Fact and Opinion

No description

elizabeth gleason

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fact and Opinion

Fact or opinion? Fact Sometimes, we have to
sort out the fact and the opinions, to help us decide
what is true.

Then we can use this
information to form our own
opinion. A fact is something
that has to be
Every time,
I can prove it! Let's look at the difference! Opinion A dog is
animal. Why?
We can prove that a dog is an
animal! Dogs
are the best
pets to
have in your
home. Why?
This is
how someone
feels, but others may not agree. Fact Opinion Let's practice. When I read the sentence,
please hold up "fact" or "opinion." Crayons are different colors. fact Cookies are delicious! An alligator makes a nice pet. opinion A triangle is a 3 sided figure. fact Everyone should wear school
uniforms. opinion opinion An opinion expresses a personal belief, feeling, or idea.
It's what you think, and how you feel about anything! Now share with the person
next to you,
a fact about yourself,
an opinion about something. Can you share a
fact or an opinion? Now share with the person
next to you,
1. a fact about yourself,
2. an opinion about something. Can you share a
fact or an opinion? Now, let's practice!
Click on the links below to play a
fact and opinion game! http://justkidsgames.com/play.php?EvelynsExpedition http://www.pbs.org/teachers/connect/resources/5515/preview/
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