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Che paper

Che paper

Cristina Mislan

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of Che paper

What's New In Soderbergh's Che? I analyzed film reviews to explore how critics created meaning about Che and whether this public discourse used the film to discuss the legacy and politics of a Latin American revolutionary figure. Representation and Audience Reception

1) Representation of controversial topics and figures
2) Polysemy Literature on Film Reviews

1) Hall (2001)
2) Gibson (2007) Representation of Popular Culture

1) Iconic Image
2) Deconstructing the Myth
3)Contradictions between icon and acutal politics
4) Soderbergh's Depiction Analysis
rottentomatoes.com Two Themes:

1) Soderbergh's Che

2) Che's Iconic Image Examples:

1) Martin (2009) wrote that the first part “dispenses with most of the usual annoying conventions of film biography in favor of a direct documentary style” and takes a “journalistic approach to telling the icon’s story”

2) Film critic Lawrence Toppman wrote on February, 27, 2009 that the speeches and interviews shown in the film mainly illustrated a “barrage of political slogans” and that Che “who for many of us is a scowling face on a T-shirt worn by student radicals remains that way” Film critics expected that Soderbergh ‘s film would enlighten them and audience viewers about Che’s life, but charged that the director merely meant to illustrate Che as the guerilla leader and freedom fighter, merely reiterating what made him an icon in the first place.
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