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2011-2012 Tri Delta Foundation Annual Report

No description

Jennifer Cauchon Germain

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of 2011-2012 Tri Delta Foundation Annual Report

Staff, Board, Committees
At Tri Delta Convention 2012:
More than $60,000 was pledged towards The Trilogy
More than $50,000 was pledged towards Foundation scholarships as part of
In 2011-2012, the Tri Delta Foundation introduced a new endowed program, allowing our members to give back to our sisters in need.

The Trilogy Funds:
Scholarships | Collegiate Crescent and Crescent Funds | Fraternity Education Grants

The goal of The Trilogy is to create a $500,000 board-discretionary endowment to give back to our sisters through scholarships, Collegiate Crescent and Crescent Funds, and Fraternity Education Grants. The Trilogy will allow the Tri Delta Foundation to better meet the overwhelming demands of our own sisters.

By joining The Trilogy, the Tri Delta Foundation asks for a 3-year pledge from our members. To learn more about or join The Trilogy, please visit: http://www.tridelta.org/foundation/the_trilogy
Tri Delta Foundation | PO Box 5987 | Arlington, TX 76005 | 817.633.8001 | foundation@trideltaeo.org | www.trideltafoundation.org
Annual Report 2011-2012
Table of Contents
Scholarship Program
Emergency Financial Assistance: Crescent & Collegiate Crescent Funds Program
Fraternity Educational Grants Program
The Trilogy
Convention 2012
Staff, Board, Committees
Donor Listing
Tri Delta Foundation is about sisters helping sisters. This help starts in her collegiate years. With tuition costs on the rise, a scholarship lifts a little of the weight off the shoulders of our collegiate members.

In 2011-2012, the Tri Delta Foundation awarded 36 undergraduate and 10 graduate scholarships worth a total of $68,000.

Included in this year’s scholarships, the newly-established Eastman Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the first time. This scholarship is designated for a member attending the University of Nebraska.

To learn how you can apply for a scholarship, please visit: (http://www.tridelta.org/foundation/scholarships)
Our Foundation promotes mutually beneficial relationships that perpetuate the timeless Purpose of Delta Delta Delta. We support
a broadened intellectual life, assist Tri Deltas in every possible way, and encourage our members to assume the highest responsibilities
of college educated women.

The Foundation raises, manages, and awards funds to provide graduate, undergraduate, and professional development scholarships for our members, to assist alumnae and collegiate members in financial need, and to support innovative educational and leadership opportunities presented by the Fraternity.

The Value and Beauty of Friendships
The Foundation strengthens the trusting bonds of sisterhood through its services and steadfast love of Tri Delta ideals and one another.

The Growth and Aspirations of Sisters
The Foundation empowers our sisters to grow in intellect and character, to demonstrate personal responsibility, and to aspire
and lead with integrity.

The Devotion and Loyalty of Service
The Foundation supports Tri Delta and enhances the development and well-being of each sister throughout her lifetime.
Our Mission
I was initiated as a Tri Delta in the fall of 2006 and I haven’t looked back since! My collegiate membership was a whirlwind of friendship, leadership and service that enriched my time at the University of Arizona in a way that can’t be adequately described. Upon graduation I was selected to travel as a Field Consultant, a job I had dreamt of since the day I joined. My experience of visiting chapters all over the country, new and old, big and small, showed me that while each chapter may be unique, we all share Tri Delta’s perpetual bond of friendship. After my time as a Field Consultant I walked down the aisle in September of 2011. I said my vows with five Tri Delta sisters standing next to me as bridesmaids and my Tri Delta badge proudly pinned to the inside of my gown. Currently, I am earning my masters degree in Higher Education and serving as the Collegiate District Officer for the Epsilon Nu chapter at Chapman University.

As I reflect back on the many different chapters of my Tri Delta membership it seems as though no matter how much I give to the Fraternity, I always get more in return. Whether it is the lifelong friendships, the leadership development, the professional networking, or the two generous scholarships I have received from the Tri Delta Foundation – I am always grateful for the contribution Tri Delta has made in my life. The past six years have been wonderful and I look forward to the many more years of lifetime membership.
Alex Robie Barre, Arizona
Graduate Scholarship Recipient
Kari Musgrave, Franklin
Second Century Scholarship Fund

Deidre Pettinga, Butler
Margaret Stafford Fellowship

Alex Robie Barre, Arizona
Margaret Stafford Fellowship

Kelly Volkar, Pacific
Luella Akins Key Scholarship

Emily Watkins, Indiana
Sarah Shinn Marshall Fellowship
Krysta Cosentino, Elon
Mary Margaret Hafter Fellowship

Gina Ferrie, Dartmouth
Durning Sisters Scholarship

Leah Heister, Knox
Second Century Scholarship Fund

Shona Lee, Indiana
Mary Margaret Hafter Fellowship

Annie Miller, Colorado State
Sarah Shinn Marshall Fellowship
Graduate Scholarship Recipients 2011-2012
Hannah Abernathy, Baylor
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Megan Adams, Texas Christian
Jean Wiggin Roach

Brooke Barlow, Wichita State
Zoe Gore Perrin

Molly Bell, Oregon State
Susan E. Riley Foundation

Zakea Boeger, Lake Forest
Zoe Gore Perrin

Jacqueline Carter, Towson
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Abby DeBusk, Tennessee
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Lauren Duvall, Transylvania
Luella Akins Key

Natalie Fratto, Michigan
Sarah Shinn Marshall
Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients 2011-2012
Molly Stanton, South Carolina
Luella Akins Key

Megan Stransky, Wyoming
Zoe Gore Perrin

Moorea Strueby, Oregon
Marguerite Bernice Hunt Brun

Michelle Studeny, Kentucky
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Katherine Thomas, Jacksonville
Beta Gamma Memorial & Zoe Gore Perrin

Lindsay Van Amringe, California/Davis
Erin Kumelos Heard Memorial

Allison VanOss, Valparaiso
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Samantha Zetlin, Michigan
Virginia Stewart Nicklas

Gabrielle Zuzo, Michigan
Zoe Gore Perrin
Alexa Nelson, Nebraska
Eastman Memorial

Kate Pabich, Illinois State
Zoe Gore Perrin

Jill Peters, Nebraska
Jane E. Anderson & Kappa Centennial

Lauren Rehmel, Millikin
Louise Bales Gallagher

Yi Ping Roberts, William & Mary
Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter

Vanessa Roundy, California/Los Angeles
Julie Anne Sadlier Memorial

Madelyn Russell, Oklahoma
Sarah Shinn Marshall

Sarah Smith, Arizona
Hazel Isbell

Madeliene Spilman, Denver
Sarah Shinn Marshall
Kristen Gue, Auburn
Hazel Isbell

Meagan Gunning, South Carolina
Zoe Gore Perrin

Elizabeth Holt, Tennessee
Cheryl White Pryor Memorial & Edith Scandlyn/Sammie Lynn Scandlyn Pruett

Kenna Holtzclaw, North Carolina State
Luella Akins Key

Kelsey James, California/Davis
Zoe Gore Perrin

Tina Khiani, Southern California
Avery Bayle Barth

Grace Lee, Southern California
Avery Bayle Barth

Kendall Liddle, Oregon State
Susan E. Riley Foundation

Courtney Lilley, Oregon State
Susan E. Riley Foundation
Scholarship Program
Emergency Financial Assistance:
Crescent & Collegiate Crescent Funds Program

When a sister is facing an unforeseen crisis, she may apply for emergency financial assistance through the Foundation’s Crescent Fund or Collegiate Crescent Fund. The Crescent Funds provide assistance to help with the cost of food, housing, and medical bills.

In 2011-2012, The Tri Delta Foundation provided $105,355 to 17 Tri Delta alumnae experiencing an unforeseen financial crisis. The Collegiate Crescent Fund provided $32,500 to 13 collegiate members.

To learn more about the Crescent Fund, or to apply for assistance, please visit: http://www.tridelta.org/foundation/collegiatecrescentfund
Headaches are probably nothing unusual for the typical college student, but the pain Lauren D., Eastern Illinois, felt upon waking one morning in September 2008 was something different. "It was concentrated in the lower back region of my head," she says, noting that the pain was very intense. She went to the student health center only to be told it was a tension headache. 

With a prescription headache reliever, Lauren was able to numb the pain, though it never really went away. A few months later, noting the pain was still there, her mother insisted she go to her regular physician. On New Year's Eve 2008, she found out it was a cyst growing on her skull. A surgery was scheduled to remove it. 

Less than a week later, however, the cyst was leaking and it was determined she had an infection. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the cyst, once thought to be growing on top of her skull, and actually grown into her skull as well. In January 2009, when most students are getting ready to go back to school from winter break, Lauren underwent her first surgery: a cranioplasty to remove the portion of her skull that contained the infected cyst. After the surgery, Lauren was outfitted with a PIC line in her arm, a semi-permanent IV to pump her full of antibiotics for about a month.

After the infection had cleared, Lauren soon had her second surgery, to place a plate in the area where the skull and cyst were removed. This should have been the end of it, but over the summer, Lauren started feeling pain again. She woke up one morning to a familiar leaking and went to the ER. The neurosurgeon there determined she had another infection, and the plate she'd had inserted needed to be removed to let the infection heal. She was on oral antibiotics for more than two months.

At just 21-years-old, Lauren has been through much more than the average college student, yet her goal through it all is to remain just that: the normal college student. Though she was forced to delay school for a bit after her initial surgeries, she says a Collegiate Crescent Fund Grant from the Tri Delta Foundation has helped keep her on track.

“The grant gave me an extra boost, a reminder that even though I went through all of this, I can still be successful and continue with my plans – just on a new timeline,” she says. “Thanks to the Foundation, I know I have people – sisters – behind me that I've never even met, motivating me to stay focused on my goals.”
Tri Delta believes in the importance of setting academic standards for our collegiate members. These high standards help shape each Tri Delta woman. In order to help each collegiate member reach her potential as leaders, volunteers, and to deal with college-life challenges, the Tri Delta Foundation supports the Fraternity through educational grants. These grants help fund educational and leadership programming at a variety of Fraternity conferences and events.

In 2011-12, the Tri Delta Foundation provided $105,000 to the Fraternity for the biennial Volunteer Symposium that was held in September 2011.

At the Volunteer Symposium 2011, Tri Delta volunteers from all over the country traveled to Dallas, Texas, to learn about new initiatives and Fraternity programs.
Fraternity Educational
Grants Program

Tri Delta Convention 2012
Beta Beta was the first collegiate chapter to join The Trilogy.
At Convention, the Tri Delta Foundation was excited to introduced our new program, The Trilogy. Our sisters were eager to join The Trilogy, resulting in an astounding 105 Charter Members.
On July 1-4, 2012, more than 750 Tri Deltas gathered at the JW Marriott Starr Pass in Tucson, Arizona to celebrate the Legends of Sisterhood at Delta Delta Delta’s 55th Biennial Convention. What an amazing time this was, full of laughter, reunions, and accomplishment.
The Tri Delta Foundation asked sisters to tell us “What 3 Means to Me.” The response was overwhelming!
This most prestigious collegiate award was presented to Kristen, the women who best exemplifies the ideals of Tri Delta. Serving as Panhellenic Administrative Vice President, Reflections Body Image Coordinator, and Academic Tutor at a local middle school, Kristen is a natural leader whose tireless efforts exert a positive influence on Phi Theta. The Foundation was pleased to present Kristen with the Sarah Ida Shaw Award at Convention 2012.
When Taylor’s father became ill, his medical bills consumed the money that was reserved to help her achieve her goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. After reviewing Taylor’s accomplishments and recommendations, the Foundation was pleased to present her with both the Martin Sisters Scholarship as well as the Eastman Memorial Scholarship. At Convention, Taylor was named the Top Foundation Scholarship Recipient.
Collegiate sisters were honored at the Awards Banquet:
Sarah Ida Shaw Award Recipient: Kristen Gue, Auburn
Top Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Taylor Case, Nebraska / Lincoln
Foundation Assets & Liabilities
Statement of Revenue & Expenses
Financial information represents the Delta Delta Delta Foundation's fiscal year of August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012. Financial statements are audited annually by PSK LLP, an independent accounting firm based in Arlington, Texas.

Program Expenses and Grants include grants and scholarships funded by restricted gifts and endowments, in addition to those funded by unrestricted donations as required by accounting standards. THE COST TO RAISE A DOLLAR IN 2011-2012 WAS $0.14.
Sandra Williams Young, Mississippi, President
Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory, Vice President
Deena Jones Adelson, Texas/Arlington, Treasurer
Tori J. Campbell, Wyoming
Phyllis Durbin Grissom, Southern Methodist
Melissa Booth Hall, Centre
Julie Greene Haskell, Vermont
Nicole M. Hughes, Washington State
Chrys Grafrath Hyde, Coe
Bette McGillivray Euse, Minnesota — 1986 to 1990
Lois Depuy Boston, Bucknell — 1990 to 1993
Lou Diamond Smith, Texas — 1993 to 1995
Jean Wiggin Roach, Texas Christian — 1995 to 1999
Betty Joyce Bevis Hand, Florida State — 1999-2002
Teri Wenglein, Texas — 2002-2004
Laura Simic, Oregon — 2004-2006
Jan Griffin Farrington, Mississippi — 2006-2008
Sandra Williams Young, Mississippi — 2008-2012
Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory — 2012-present
Our Core Values
The Tri Delta Foundation is honored to recognize annual donors. Each donor is listed first by chapter affiliation and then by Annual Giving Sisterhood Circle. Lifetime Giving Levels are indicated by each name.

Annual giving is based on gifts during the fiscal year beginning August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012.
Donor Roll 2011-2012
Annual Giving Sisterhood Circles
Diamond $5000 and above
Sapphire $2,500 - $4,999
Platinum $1,000 - $2,499
Gold $500 - $999
Silver $250-$499
Blue $100 - $249
Friendship $1 - $99
Gold Crescent $500,000 and above
Silver Crescent $100,000 - $499,999
Founders $50,000 - $99,999
President $20,000 - $49,999
Crescent $10,000 - $19,999
Pansy $5000 - $9,999
Pine $1,000 - $4,999
Pearl $500 - $999
Dolphin $100 -$499
Donor $1 - $99
Lifetime Giving Levels
Silver Circle
Marcia Strong Middents (Pine)
Blue Circle
Paula Thomas Couture (Pearl)
Lori Davison Finigian (Pine)
Susan Lange (Pine)
Kim Fanzo Leung (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Mary Bordenave Birchfield (Dolphin)
Amber Reddicks Costa (Pearl)
Heidi Frank (Dolphin)
Debbie Drommerhausen Hutchings (Dolphin)
Patricia Tanzola Specht (Pine)
Julie Jones Tirey (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Carolyn Meek Nelson (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Patricia Foy Erwin (Pine)
Ginger Glover Oliver (Pine)
Silver Circle
Gail Jernigan (Pine)
Blue Circle
Kathryn Edwards Dickson (Dolphin)
Jo Wilbourn Ford (Pansy)
Carol Hampton (Pearl)
Bonnie Wassell Jefferson (Pine)
Sylvia Stewart Seibold (Pine)
Cheryl Sparks (Pine)
Bobbie Delzell Wasson (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Diane Hilton Bell (Pine)
Anne Holmes Bratcher (Donor)
Lois Smith Buck (Dolphin)
Katie Clements (Donor)
Sandy Renard Davies (Dolphin)
Sissy McDonald Granberry (Dolphin)
Betty Hardeman Graves (Donor)
Carol Ann King Henley (Pearl)
Jan Newton Hicky (Dolphin)
Natalie Polk Hoffmann (Pearl)
Janet Herget Hyneman (Pearl)
Mary Stout Jayroe (Donor)
Silver Circle
Diane McCarthy Fitzgerald (Pine)
Candace Shelton (Pearl)
Patricia Ritter Tait (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Edie Adams Blood-Hillebrecht (Dolphin)
Kay Kulp (Pearl)
Lucinda Weller Marcello (Dolphin)
Sheilah Collins Morley (Pine)
Janet Lavalle Mueller (Pine)
Joan Lowry Turner (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Lucile Swanson Arntzen (Donor)
Harriet Hansen Bishop (Dolphin)
Nancy Mathias Bohman (Pearl)
Margery Rice Carlson (Pearl)
Margo Spencer Estruth (Dolphin)
Karen Borselli Gibbs (Dolphin)
Janice Hallock Graves (Dolphin)
Nancy Bryson Helgans (Dolphin)
Christy Collins Krueger (Pearl)
Lucyann Reese Leonard (Pearl)
Mary Emerson Marenda (Dolphin)
Deborah Miller (Donor)
Jaci Brown Munzer (Dolphin)
Christina Normand (Dolphin)
Patricia Aepli Norris (Pine)
Peri Osako (Pearl)
Alison Eide Ostapuk (Dolphin)
Nessa Parkinen (Donor)
Margy Pepper (Pearl)
Jean Purcell Rust (Dolphin)
Mary Margaret Smith (Pearl)
Jennifer Mosqueda Spiller (Donor)
Joan Hokuf Swanner (Pearl)
Deanann Harrel Tindall (Pearl)
Frances Bliss Wardell (Pearl)
Vicki Brooks Warning (Pearl)

Arizona State
Platinum Circle
Lisa Farrell (Pansy)
Merry Williams Dixon (Dolphin)
Nancy Rhea Dunklin (Pine)
Mary Sue Avery Durant (Pine)
Jill Pilgreen Hand (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Carter Kahlmus (Pine)
Georganne Wells Long M.D. (Pine)
Sugar Speaker McCormick (Dolphin)
Virginia Kuhns Morrow (Pine)
Dorothy Terry Owens (Pine)
Elise Ayers Sanquinetti (Pine)
Genie Faulkner Stutts (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Helen Lee Bishop (Dolphin)
Katherine Thomas Brunson (Pearl)
Joan Denson Bryan (Donor)
Melinda Byrd-Murphy (Dolphin)
Margaret Houser Carlen (Donor)
Sara Newton Carroll (Pearl)
Jo Fannin Cohen (Pearl)
Mary Mahaffie Dunn (Dolphin)
Beth Jorgensen Hollahan (Dolphin)
Bettie Proctor Joy (Dolphin)
Martha Jones Lang (Pearl)
Elizabeth Montgomery Noble (Pearl)
Jennifer Vann Rainer (Pearl)
Beth Pilgrim Ransom (Dolphin)
Collins Reisz (Donor)
Anne Madigan Rhody (Dolphin)
Dr. Emily Ruch, NBCT (Pine)
Stefanie Freeman Rushing (Dolphin)
Lamar McLeod Spalding (Pearl)
April Mathis Voris (Dolphin)
Mary Godchaux Wieck (Dolphin)
Florence Douglass Williams (Pearl)

Blue Circle
Elsie Gelech Serediak (Pearl)

Friendship Circle
Rachel Nagy (Donor)
Aurora Schul (Donor)
Gold Circle
Mary Bauer Mims (Pine)
Silver Circle
Joanne Catanese (Pine)
Patricia Hargrove (Dolphin)
Guissoo Nabavian (Dolphin)
Lyn Geikie Rice (Pine)
Blue Circle
Virginia Johnson (Dolphin)
Patty Bischoff Middelmann (Dolphin)
Erica Passarella (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Jill Howell Bastable, M.D. (Dolphin)
Deborah Palmer Blok (Dolphin)
Jean Johnston Eisenhardt (Pearl)
Virginia Holder Hansen (Donor)
Meredith Helfenbein (Dolphin)
Claire Johnson Machosky (Dolphin)
Valerie McLean (Donor)
Melanie Schutt (Donor)
Brenda Sickles (Donor)
Shirley Maclean Thomas (Pearl)
Joan Marchetti Tomao (Dolphin)
Jeanne Marie Dorfmann Wengal (Dolphin)

Friendship Circle
Grace Squires Orr (Pearl)

Diamond Circle
Neida Humphrey Dilworth *(Crescent)
Harriet Erich *(Silver Crescent)
Platinum Circle
Camilla Foil Owen (Pine)
Faye Alexander Stockard (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Patty Camp Faulkner (Crescent)
Sally Smith Mauck (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Mary Camp Boulware (Dolphin)
Bess Virden Brooks (Dolphin)
Johanna Reynolds Cole (Pine)
Polina Yampolska, Pennsylvania, Finance Committee Member

“In my college years, Tri Delta
helped give me the tools to
succeed in the business world."
Blue Circle
Erin Modra Adamson (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Howard DiMartino (Pearl)
Leslie Karren (Pine)
Barbara Stanwood (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Dorothy Kenney Bangs (Dolphin)
Bridget Eastes (Donor)
Pam King Hackett (Pearl)
Joanne Fraser Jacobs (Dolphin)
Sara Bernstein Kravitz (Dolphin)
Denise Lyons (Dolphin)
Jean Erickson McGilvray (Dolphin)
Melissa Will Ridlon (Pearl)
Leanne Chrisman Robinson (Dolphin)
Kara Romanetz (Donor)
Anne Davidson Swepston (Dolphin)
Priscilla Rabethge Urner (Pearl)

Silver Circle
Madeline Mabry Lippman (Pine)
Virginia Cox Weeks (Pine)
Blue Circle
Dorothy Martin Corey (Pearl)
Lougenia Gillis Gabard (Pine)
Eleanor Ardery Lawrence (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Jo Ingels Barry (Dolphin)
Katharine Parker Green *(Pine)
Charon Crabtree Parker (Dolphin)
Susie Mann Thomasson (Pine)
Nelda Hollis Walker (Donor)
Virginia Johnson Worley (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Lois Miller Tandy (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Sarah Botsai PhD (Pine)
Silver Circle
Lois Depuy Boston (President)
Blue Circle
Barbara Neil Conard (Dolphin)
Beth Kiely Fraser (Pearl)
Sara Jane Anderson Self (Pine)
Marion Stone Wright (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Betty Elliott Butler (Pearl)
Sara Kriner Goodman (Pearl)
Mary Louise Tripp Miller (Pearl)
Joanne Wallin O'Brien (Pine)
Bernice Henry Rathmell (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Dorothy Sommer Bergstrom (Pearl)
Dorothy Slingerland Mueller (Dolphin)
Virginia Kaiser Myres (Pine)
Elizabeth Downs Rielly (Donor)

Boise State
Silver Circle
Claudette Vail Vincent (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Karen Boyd Viehweg (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Janice Parker (Pine)
Silver Circle
Kimberly Cassingham Enevoldsen (Dolphin)
Gold Circle
Marjory Nelson Mordy (Pine)
Susan Stonecipher Rushing Holder (Crescent)
Blue Circle
Carol Gabbert Grantham (Pine)
Patti Woods Hash (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Joyce Clausen Bell (Donor)
Lindsey Van Buskirk Cegelis (Donor)
Denise Smith Clark (Pearl)
Betty Christensen De Lamater (Pearl)
Carol Bussing Farmer (Pine)
Sibyl Rose Floyd (Dolphin)
Amy Browne Hogan (Donor)
Ingrid Lohneiss (Dolphin)
Carole Timms McGlumphy (Dolphin)
Frankie Rush Nevins (Pine)
Marietta Reese Price (Pearl)
Nancy Morse Tjoflat (Dolphin)
Marian Sandfort Wilson (Pearl)

Ball State
Blue Circle
Joyce Russell (Dolphin)
Beth Hough Winegardner (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Kristine Albers (Pearl)
Catherine Beasley Brinker (Dolphin)
Kathy Kruger Wilson (Pine)

Silver Circle
Deborah Cavazos Safi (Pine)
Alison Alexander Stewart (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Laura Griffin Davis (Pearl)
Bettye Schauberger Hinson (Dolphin)
Mary Barton Robinson (Pine)
Laura Bailey Rogers (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Barbie Owen Bayless (Pearl)
Betty Dunning Hays-Stockbridge (Dolphin)
Kathy Robinson Hillman (Pine)
Taylor Hodges (Donor)
Sandra Sutton Kilburn (Pearl)
Wilma Yerby Nauman (Dolphin)
Robin Turnipseed Upchurch (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Phyllis Johnson Sio (Pearl)
Barbara Scott Logsdon (Dolphin)
Mary Warriner McBee (Pine)
Alice Burrus Moore (Dolphin)
Carolyn Ripley Moseley (Dolphin)
Natalie Bert Nickell (Pine)
Gail Felty Poff (Donor)
Martha Ann Huey Sloan (Pearl)
Susan Herget Smith (Pearl)
Margaret Laird Tietjen (Dolphin)
Jane McGraw Wilson (Pearl)
Churchill Buck Young (Pearl)

Arkansas/Little Rock
Gold Circle
Judy James Morgan (Pine)
Silver Circle
Sydney Phillips (Pine)
Blue Circle
Cheryl Watson Page (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Carla Hagenbeck Armstrong (Pine)
Tina McKenzie Fredrickson (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Lori Sims Baxter (Pansy)
Stout Fry (Pine)
Jayne Ruffin Randolph (Pine)
Gold Circle
Dottie Wilkinson Hankins (Pine)
Kathy Jacoby Starr (Pine)
Heather Howell Trimm (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Gwenn Smith Wynn (Crescent)
Blue Circle
Mitzi Mattox Childs (Pine)
Carol Barnes Sorrow (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Alice Beattie (Dolphin)
Laura Elliott Bumpus (Pearl)
Valerie Brock Guiles (Dolphin)
Susan Phillips Jordan (Donor)
Ellen Kirby Kramer (Dolphin)
Laura Tarne Leipold (Donor)
Virginia Loder (Pearl)
Sara Martinez (Donor)
Nancy Wood Ward (Pearl)
Patricia Grove Weaver (Pine)

Platinum Circle
Emmalie Gessner Cowherd (Pansy)
Board of Trustees
Foundation Presidents
Lucile Crouch Jolly, Vanderbilt, Foundation Executive Director
Tawnya Braeutigam, Financial Coordinator
Molly Johnsey, Southern Methodist, Dir. of Marketing & Communications
Wendy Kyle, Foundation Assistant
Sandy Skinner, Director of Financial Services
Blue Circle
Mary Jo Anderson Broderick (Pearl)
Dorothy Leisz Brose (Dolphin)
Barbara Leonard Duncan (Pine)
Elizabeth Conrady Fitzgerald (Pine)
Tricia Halamandaris (Pearl)
Jane Wadlow Jackson (Pine)
Ruth Bigge McLeod (Pine)
Barbara Strang Morris (Pine)
Norma Callaway Olney (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Kristina Zaccardelli Caliando (Donor)
Norma Jean Howell Crook (Pearl)
Patricia Johnson Holm (Dolphin)
Jan Bush Maas (Pearl)
Nancy Abbott Pierce (Pearl)
Adrienne Oscamou Richardson (Dolphin)
Susan Hagler Rodriguez (Donor)
Shirley Ann Schneider Silvestri (Pearl)
Carol Furth Sontag (Donor)
Tamara O'Nan Taggart (Pearl)
Ann Escobosa Wharton (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Cheryl Laderer Miller (Pine)
Eve Gazzola Wertsch (Pine)
Silver Circle
Jo Anne Good (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Jill Warden Crew (Pearl)
Anne Goedjen (Pine)
Marji Unsoeld Karlgaard (Pine)
Leasa Cole Rand (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Kristin Bradshaw Gedestad (Pearl)
Jessica Lee Hassani (Donor)
Lynn Azevedo Loewald (Pearl)
MaryLou Uslan Seedorff (Pearl)
Julie Stewart (Pearl)
Joan Kiefer Wedell (Dolphin)

Silver Circle
Melissa Rhone (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Joyce Bartlomain (Pearl)
Stephanie Henrichs Tenney (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Ruth Busenkell (Pearl)
Andrea Perkins Gale (Dolphin)
Stacy Summers (Donor)
California/Los Angeles
Platinum Circle
Merrilyn Williams Brown (Pine)
Suzy Kennedy Keller (Pine)
Gold Circle
Leigh Baker (Pine)
Katie Fitzgerald (Pine)
Shelly L Myers (Pine)
Silver Circle
Amy Anderson Duling (Pine)
Jean Hunt Gaines (Pansy)
Sandra Jacobson (Pine)
Susan Ollweiler (Pine)
Meta Trout Roane (Pine)
Janet Underwood Smith (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Jeanne Wright Colin (Pine)
Debbi Hamm Hughes (Pine)
Ann Middleton Jennett (Pearl)
Harlyne Whitlock Norris (Pine)
Patricia Klein Paulson (Pine)
Diane Griffin Pola (Dolphin)
Kristin Fredricksen Sennett (Dolphin)
Adele Kunkel Singer (Dolphin)
Shirley Ellis Weaver (Pine)
Betty Lyon Wright (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Stephanie Abiassi (Donor)
Joan Henderson Akin (Pearl)
Joan Phebus Biles (Dolphin)
Allison Boman (Donor)
Janet Schaller Borchers-Adams (Dolphin)
Joanne Tannahill Browne (Dolphin)
Mary Lyon Caddle (Pearl)
Margaret McMullen Connors (Pine)
Nanette Martin Davison (Pearl)
Carolyn Thouren De Clerck (Pine)
Capitola Roberts Green (Dolphin)
Siri Jostad (Dolphin)
Carol Christian Marvel (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Newman (Dolphin)
Kathleen Holden Pederson (Dolphin)
Judith Black Perego Weisheimer (Pine)
Suzanne Caddle Read (Pearl)
Mary Bellerue Reynolds (Dolphin)
Ruth Reiter Rhodes (Donor)
Gail Slutzky Standt (Dolphin)
Ariane Mustad Sumption (Pearl)
Elizabeth Livadary Updegraff (Dolphin)
Nancy Nahin Wallan (Dolphin)
Susan Barton Wuerer (Pearl)
Marilyn George Wylie (Donor)
Cal Poly
Blue Circle
Dianna George (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Lynn Hutchins Bass (Donor)
Ashley Gambrell (Donor)
Erica Roa (Donor)

Cal State/Long Beach
Gold Circle
Nan Smith Marcotte (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Marlene Hair Blaue (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Linda Boswell Broom (Pine)
Patricia Reynolds Farber (Pine)
Kara Chin Waggoner (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Stephanie Cohen (Donor)
Jeri Lopshire Cunningham (Pearl)
Loretta Davis (Dolphin)
Brittney Fellows (Donor)
Angela Ficht (Pine)
Jeri Wiggins Florence (Pearl)
Lida Lockwood Gerenraich (Pine)
Cora Peters Horger (Dolphin)
Diane Rainboth Leavey (Dolphin)
Diane Eldred Rippe (Dolphin)
Catherine Seigman Severin (Donor)
Yvonne Steele Seymour (Pearl)
Susan Bohman Sistler (Pearl)
Kathryn Childs Urbon (Dolphin)

Cal State/Northridge
Silver Circle
Carol Chapman Benson (Pine)
Julie Martin Cole (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Deborah Job Allen (Pine)
Agnes Sapa Foos (Dolphin)
Rachel Kimball Greve (Dolphin)
Florence Brammer Kleine (Pine)
Andrea Fauk Niemi (Pine)
Ann Suess Petersen (Dolphin)
Jana Hendricks Thompson (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Laura Cummins (Donor)
Christie Moore Krieg (Dolphin)
Jennifer Ligon (Donor)
Sandy Pace Mackenzie (Dolphin)
Julie Sinai Paris (Dolphin)
Reiko Rushing (Donor)
Kathleen Steffen Sheppard (Pine)
Sarona Becker Vivanco (Dolphin)
Donna McNeal Sannicandro (Dolphin)
Mona O'Neill Sharkey (Dolphin)
Barbara Parcell Sloat (Donor)
Jean McKernan Spence (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Barbara Bowe Phelan (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Sheri Setters Seifers (Pine)
Silver Circle
Mary Butz Beasley (Pine)
Judy Enyart Dempsey (Pearl)
Melissa Stempel Mangen (Pine)
Mary Hall Pickard (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jackie Bresson Acers (Pine)
Marjorie Smith Heinekamp (Dolphin)
Martha Wilson Lines (Dolphin)
Helene Stone Lohss (Dolphin)
Jane Hamilton Maschmeyer (Pearl)
Lou Leaf Rice (Dolphin)
Dianne Pattison Schobel (Pine)
Janet Spiker (Dolphin)
Dorothy Logan Stevenson (Pine)
Tracy Berg Teich (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Em Wissel Chapman (Donor)
Erica Eck Crowell (Pearl)
Ann Dettwiler (Pine)
Rose Myers Fleischner (Dolphin)
Marilyn Miles Halbrook (Donor)
Sue Pippenger Irwin (Dolphin)
Darcie Mattick Klinedinst (Dolphin)
Ruth Pietrusinski Korch (Dolphin)
Jean Alspach Mack (Pearl)
Joan Starr Murphy (Donor)
Donna Maloney Olson (Pine)
Wilda Hendryx Rodibaugh (Dolphin)
Marcia Grooms Taylor (Dolphin)
Ruth McClure Tout (Dolphin)
Sally Ulrich (Dolphin)
Martha Darby Walker (Donor)
Betty Ferguson Wallace (Pearl)
Carole Rand Wilson (Dolphin)
Shirley Klinge Wood (Dolphin)

Sapphire Circle
Beverly Wagler Matson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Nancy Hudson Kenfield (Pine)
California/San Diego
Gold Circle
Janet Johnson Pattison (Pine)
Blue Circle
Cara Kirks Debley MD (Pearl)
Susan Tsan (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Catherine Baggott (Donor)
Erin Glabe (Dolphin)
Brenda Madriz-Montes (Donor)
Krystin Matthews (Donor)
Grace Niu (Pearl)
Vicki Williams Prange (Dolphin)
ChristyAnna Zimmerman (Donor)

California/Santa Barbara
Silver Circle
Eryn Gurnee Cadoff (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Renee Walencewicz Haas (Dolphin)
Sandy Buckendorf- Jones (Dolphin)
Karen Jenkins Kramer (Pearl)

Central Florida
Silver Circle
Kimberly Breckenridge Skiles (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Christine McRoyan Gruters (Dolphin)
Geralyn Yatsko Kaminsky (Pearl)
Jennifer Henderson Stowers (Donor)
Adrienne Torrisi (Donor)
Tay Wyrick (Donor)
Linda Yacobian (Pearl)

Blue Circle
Melissa Booth Hall (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Margie Hazelrigg (Pearl)
Blair Mayfield Rissing (Donor)
Emily Spalding (Donor)

Silver Circle
Taryn Garn (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Allison Stein (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Susan Kroll Zeff (Pansy)
“Let us found a society that shall
be kind alike to all and think more
of a girl's inner self and character than of her personal appearance.”

– Sarah Ida Shaw
Carnegie Mellon
Silver Circle
Linda Wang (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Ruth Hogg Crowe (Pearl)
Becky Krauss Mercer (Dolphin)
Virginia Coon Newman (Pearl)
Michele Salute (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Deanne Beede Anson (Pearl)
Jocelyn Cenna (Dolphin)
Catherine Huntington D'Angelo (Dolphin)
Clare Graziano (Donor)
Lauren Gumbel (Donor)
Marion Hibbard Miller (Pearl)
Joy Auten Robertson (Pine)
Marjorie Grove Rogers (Pearl)
Mary Jane Stevens Roskosz (Dolphin)
Jeanne Lang Schlicht (Dolphin)
Dorothy Boarts Shaffer (Dolphin)
June Hawk Stewart (Pearl)
Susan Rose Straub (Dolphin)
Leah Worbs (Donor)
Bobbie Brown Yingling (Dolphin)
Toney Cothran Horst (Dolphin)
Kelley Jones (Dolphin)
Robin Plummer Keller (Pearl)
Sarah Miller Kuhn (Donor)
Nanette Sweet Reames (Pearl)
Sarah Turner Smith (Dolphin)
Dr. Virginia Ward (Pine)

Diamond Circle
Chrys Grafrath Hyde (President)
Platinum Circle
Laura Ege Walsten (Pine)
Silver Circle
Linda Burdt Massengill (Pine)
Blue Circle
Janice Kamps Greenwald (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Ann Lichtenstein Burshtan (Dolphin)
Jana Manthei Day (Dolphin)
Kate Dougherty (Dolphin)
Deborah Harris Eggers (Dolphin)
Megan Frohlich (Donor)
Nancy Nichols Knowles (Donor)
Pamela Moore (Pearl)
Pamela Baumgartner Payne (Donor)
Phyllis Bert Shinnick (Dolphin)
Judith Ringbloom Topping (Dolphin)
Kim Walsh (Donor)
Lois Fix Wunschel (Dolphin)

Friendship Circle
Mary Scott Jahn (Pearl)
Betty Johnston Rayle (Pine)
Jane Daib Reisman (Dolphin)
Margaret Campbell Timberlake (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Carla Jones (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Ashley Brightwell (Dolphin)
Emily Good Pettit (Dolphin)
Mary Beth Spencer (Donor)
Christy Visaggi (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Nancy Reisher (Crescent)
Katie Wharton Wylie (Crescent)
Silver Circle
Lisa Newman Francisco (Pearl)
Kathleen Jones Reid (Pine)
Blue Circle
Renee Buyck Romberger (Pine)
Elizabeth Robinson Weaver (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Pamela Brockman Floyd (Dolphin)
Dolly Santos Jaffee (Pearl)
Jamie Potter Kammerer (Donor)
Louise Rodgers Ravenel (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Audrey Fink Cors (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Sue Howard Duval (Pearl)
Nanci Nau Hampel (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Margaret Krombach Fenstermacher (Pine)
Joan Hock Geier (Pine)
Nancy Koch Holterhoff (Pine)
Dorothy Jackson Klippel (Pine)
Joyce Gottschalk Koehler (Pine)
Connie Griffith Sharkey (Dolphin)
Karen Lewis Thompson (Pearl)
Carol Mitchell Todd (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Lois Gordon Baker (Dolphin)
Jane Bernard (Dolphin)
Marylee Bissmeyer Bible (Dolphin)
Billie Mason Daniels (Dolphin)
Palmyre Priem Gleason (Pine)
Lauri Deubell Hart (Pearl)
Nancy Stone Kohnen-Black (Dolphin)
Barbara Bush Merten (Pine)
Holly O'Brien Saunders (Dolphin)
Diane Drohan Todd (Pearl)
Ann Baxter Wiethe (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Vicki Holcomb Brown (Pine)
Dawn Zammit Carey (Pine)
Debbie Brockman Dubose (Pearl)
Katherine Goff Lockwood (Pine)
Mary McArthur McFadden (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Nancy Moser Bennett (Pearl)
Anne Snipes Garabedian (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Margaret Gothard Hicks (Pine)
Carole Hauge Palmer (Pine)
Marilyn Young Savoini (Pine)
Ann Counter Tate (Pearl)
Madonna Burger Thoelecke (Pine)
Elisa Benvenuti Wolfe (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Christine Connell Asay (Dolphin)
Laurelyn Vanderhoof Baily (Dolphin)
Roberta Roe Blanc (Pearl)
Nancy Barton Brunk (Pearl)
Nancy Moore Brunner (Dolphin)
Barbara Peterson Bull (Pine)
Leslie Eisen Fort (Dolphin)
Cynthia Fisher Fredriksen (Pearl)
Chelsea Heggen (Donor)
Violet Walton Johnson (Pearl)
Dee Dee Flakus Koon (Donor)
Kim Polomsky Krueger (Donor)
Jeanine Splittgerber Loose (Dolphin)
Patricia Arthur Rouse (Dolphin)
Judith Pacheco SanFilippo (Dolphin)
Sandra Smart Tonso (Pearl)
Judith Treber (Dolphin)
Michele Hansen Vetting (Pearl)
Sally Zimdahl York (Pine)

Silver Circle
Denise Deconcini (Pine)
Leah Collins Hamman (Pine)
Blue Circle
Maureen Laffey Bills (Pine)
Eleanor Hospodor Conti (Pearl)
Kathy Yourich Egan (Pine)
Barbara Ford (Pine)
Ann Kahlow Hobbs (Dolphin)
Sandra Ventimiglia Ingram (Pearl)
Shirley Kerr Kennard (Pearl)
Kristin D'Amico Kirk (Pearl)
Laura Hitt McCann (Pine)
Kathleen Parrott (Dolphin)
Dorothy Dye Spencer (Pearl)
Felicia Zekauskas (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Debra Alzner (Pearl)
Judith Barth (Pine)
Cynthia Roberts Dubots (Dolphin)
Diane Dunston (Pine)
Karin Babson Eisenberg (Dolphin)
Laurie Price Enke (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Betty Knapp Bawden (Pearl)
Susan Berg Boyd (Dolphin)
Margaret Campbell Cheffy (Pine)
Rosemary Akin Hajost (Pearl)
Julia Lello Lacy (Dolphin)
Julia Vogel Lenhard (Pearl)
Susan Brundige Scott (Dolphin)

Silver Circle
Sara Novikoff (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Michelle Nenstiel (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Sarah Woodard Funaiole (Donor)
Ellen Hoenig (Donor)
Laura Stenovec (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Michelle Belval Devito (Pine)
Lenora Mann Fossum (Dolphin)
Nancy Crane Heller (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Surbeck Hitchner (Pearl)
Ruth Lewis Lieberman (Pine)
Shelley Clark Naum (Pine)
Susan Faust Parker (Pine)
Susan Oettinger Radcliffe (Dolphin)
Betty Jean Hendrickson Stroup (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Marilyn Lichvar Branco (Pearl)
Joyce Collins Cameron (Dolphin)
Sonia Evenstad (Donor)
Joan Holmes Frazier (Donor)
Alison Frost (Pine)
Barbara Bowen Hale (Dolphin)
Betsy Stis Immer (Pearl)
Jo Anne Kastrup (Pearl)
Judith McNew Kiely (Pearl)
Betty-Jane Yuncker Lee (Pearl)
Patricia Moore Life (Donor)
Kristin Wiese Lillibridge (Dolphin)
Jane Thomas Mantarakis (Pearl)
Dorothy Brown Morgan *(Dolphin)
Judith Myers Nelson (Pine)
Amy Haugk Osborne (Pearl)
Eleanor Hockey Perris (Dolphin)
Salli Stoodt Rohm (Dolphin)
Janet McLeod Ryan (Pearl)
Deva Scheel (Dolphin)
Deborah Miller Stewart (Dolphin)
Sue Harvey Trimble (Dolphin)
Stephanie Britt Griffin (Dolphin)
Patricia Reinfeld Hale (Dolphin)
Linda LaMagra Holmes (Pearl)
Jennifer Ritter Kelly (Pearl)
Vera Hardenburg McClain (Dolphin)
Jane Bennett Moore (Pearl)
Betty Drummond Murphy (Pearl)
Kathryn Miegel Oppelt (Pearl)
Marianne Gardy Passarelli, MD (Pearl)
Carolyn Kingsolver Purvis *(Pine)
Leslie Feifer Rice (Dolphin)
Mary Ellen Bertoni Ried (Pearl)
Betsie Balcom Rothermel (Pearl)
Sheila Moy Saul (Dolphin)
Susan Stewart Shaver (Pine)
Vera Steiner Simon (Dolphin)
Christiana Haldopoulos Staffin (Dolphin)
Wendy Burdick Stummer (Pine)
Cynthia Whiteman Waters (Pearl)
Noel Whearty (Dolphin)
Jane Gregory Wilson (Dolphin)

Friendship Circle
Susan Shankman Namath (Dolphin)

Delta State
Blue Circle
Beth Robinson Price (Dolphin)
Dina Kelly Stitt (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Wydia Janous Bridges (Dolphin)
Virginia Moore Bryant (Dolphin)
Joan Hodges Clemmons (Pearl)
Janice Hand Graham (Donor)
Julie Doiron Sosebee (Donor)
Deborah Woodruff Whitney (Dolphin)
Paula Sanford Wyche (Pine)

Gold Circle
Jane Davis Ferger (Pine)
Katy Englehart Goodwin (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Linda Soffel Neff (Pine)
Blue Circle
Laura Finch (Dolphin)
Rosalie Bockes George (Pearl)
Kristi Anderson Horner (Pansy)
Helen Boyce Soderlind (Dolphin)
Patricia Ward (Dolphin)
Gold Circle
Margaret Turley Grohne (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Shannon Morales Hynds (Dolphin)
Jean Berry McLaughlin (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Ranelle Oshiro Bensch (Dolphin)
Jennifer Crews (Pearl)
Janet Johnson Howsam (Pine)
Laura McIntosh Jacob (Pearl)
Joan Harriman Johnson (Pine)
Sarah Brown Squire (Pearl)
Gayle Brown Trask (Pine)
Susan Tofe Wagner (Pearl)
Deborah Merrill Weiner (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Jane Margaret Anderson (Pearl)
Victoria Barbatelli (Donor)
Elyse Deffke Bliss (Dolphin)
Marguerite Addoms Boblit (Pearl)
Jere Bell Bolitho (Pearl)
Louise Armanetti Capozzi (Pine)
Kae Leimbach Chiaramonte (Dolphin)
Susan Sawyer Dixon (Pearl)
Helen Bloedorn Duhon (Pearl)
Helen Nickell Fisk (Pine)
Lee Taft Johnson (Dolphin)
Donna Eroddy Kilgore (Pine)
Anne Westlund Kirk (Pearl)
Alex Lengen (Dolphin)
Nancy Johnson Lucke (Pearl)
Shirley Stauffer Meyer (Dolphin)
Stephanie Mitchell (Donor)
Nancy Schweda Nicholson (Pearl)
Sara Nicklos (Dolphin)
Karen Metzger Parry (Pine)
Elizabeth Creeger Petit (Pearl)
Betty Owells Roberts (Pine)
Deirdre Russell (Donor)
Shannon Ryan (Donor)
Rebecca Stallworth (Donor)
Leanne Kahl Walgren (Pine)
Judy James Wydick (Pine)

Colorado State
Gold Circle
Polly Collins Johnson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Lindsay Tucker Chapman (Pansy)
Patricia Bast Oppelt (Pine)
Indiana State
Platinum Circle
Christina Hill Lybass (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Joan MacPherson (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Emily Gunsenhouser Hite (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Linda Alleman (Pansy)
Marilyn Fredrick Billings (Crescent)
Marcia Rodwell Ficeli (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Elise Crotty James (Pine)
Silver Circle
Sandra Reed Kayse (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Kristin Lee (Dolphin)
Susan Mathews (Pine)
Pat Shepherd Mynatt (Pine)
Janice Levsen Niehaus (Pine)
Catherine Baka O'Brien (Pearl)
Teri Fink Pass (Pine)
Katharine Klotzbach Risk (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Lisa Kalb Attea (Dolphin)
Pamela Groteluschen Bansbach (Pearl)
Linda Brown Bywater (Pearl)
Cathie Chandler Fane (Pine)
Mary Hickman Frantz (Pearl)
Paula Kern Geivelis (Pearl)
Gayle Salamon Hardt (Pine)
Barbara Hlavacek Hoskinson (Dolphin)
Sally Quist Kamman (Pearl)
Sharon Overholser Lund (Dolphin)
Joan Matias Mosel (Pearl)
Kathy Scheil Pavlik (Donor)
Jane Phleger (Dolphin)
Sally Lachner Riede (Pine)
Kay Norton Severson (Pearl)
Jean Stamy Sobek (Dolphin)
DiAnne Peterson Thomas (Dolphin)
Meg Murer Tortorello (Dolphin)
Mary Doden Whitten (Donor)
Andrea Patterson Wiggins (Pearl)
Maxine Williams (Dolphin)
Kathleen Weaver Younger (Dolphin)

Iowa State
Platinum Circle
Linda Hunt Purkapile (Pine)
Joyce McEwen Therkildsen (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Mary Bock Bushnell (Pine)
Blue Circle
Gloria Youngblade Barber (Pine)
Ruth Baggley Bennett (Pearl)
Joyce Snodgrass Carleton (Pearl)
Kathryn Angell Carr (Pine)
Kory Kazimour (Pearl)
Ann Lowry (Pearl)
Helen Cannon Morrison (Pine)
Sandra Mattson Scheib Ostwinkle (Dolphin)
Marilyn Norton Stewart (Pine)
Jennifer Peterson Streit (Pine)
Connie Peterson Worley (Pine)
Geraldine Lehnert Wuesthoff (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Carolyn McIntyre Andersen (Dolphin)
Diane Dickinson Becker (Dolphin)
Neala Lawrence Benson (Pine)
Beverly West Buckley (Pearl)
Martha Collins Calta (Pine)
Chris Bjordal Camenzend (Dolphin)
Shaaron Simpson Cartwright (Pearl)
Marilyn Hatcher Coenen (Pine)
Mary Fiala Crocker (Pine)
Ruthie Lewis Derrick (Pearl)
Suzanne Sullivan Greer (Pearl)
Catherine Kidd Hannum *(Pearl)
Christine Thomson Heider (Pine)
Linda Seabury Herman (Donor)
Judith Disch Hillestad (Dolphin)
Kathleen Connor Howell (Pearl)
Sara Kennedy McKay (Pearl)
Betsy Harless Nielsen (Dolphin)
Amy Van Dyke Nolting (Dolphin)
Denise Lull Oggero (Pearl)
Janet Supernois Payer (Pine)
Jocelyn Haywood Pritchard (Dolphin)
Jennifer Speer Ramundt (Pearl)
Cindy Talley Stark (Pearl)
Mary Fair Van Cleve (Dolphin)
Sandy Newell Watkins (Pine)

Gold Circle
Linda Stinnett Musfeldt (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jodi Mathison Hackett (Pine)
Karen Steere Martin (Pine)
Peg Ryan (Dolphin)
Gail Copan Shapiro (Pine)
Mary Etheredge Walker (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Janet Frey Anders (Pearl)
Linda Stearns Bellanti (Pine)
Judith Cauble Black-Dyer (Dolphin)
Shirley Sarver Bodmer (Pearl)
Carolyn Tedrow Brower (Donor)
Kaye Frisbie (Dolphin)
Barbara Howard Harlan (Dolphin)
Jan Hipple Heath (Pine)
Virginia Stoecker Jackson (Pine)
Nancy Matlack Kays (Pine)
Janice Fosha Kirkpatrick (Dolphin)
Barbara Hansen Klish (Dolphin)
Kristin Fensholt Laufer (Dolphin)
Susannah Basore McGinn (Dolphin)
Kathryn Miller McKee (Pine)
Marion Coe Olsson (Pearl)
Jane Ibsen Pattison (Pine)
Arvilla Johnson Sampson (Pearl)
Linda Poell Sturgeon (Dolphin)
Virginia Gish Wilkins (Pine)
Sarah Ida Shaw, Boston Founder

The inspirational force behind the founding
of Tri Delta was Sarah Ida Shaw.
Tri Delta owes to her the beauty of the
Rituals and the knowledge that commitment
to an ideal greater than ourselves can bring
a new dimension into our lives.
Friendship Circle
Janice Bacon (Dolphin)
Shirin Firouzabadian Brenick (Dolphin)
Stephanie Castro (Donor)
Lisa Boger Sheppard (Pearl)
Kathleen Paulk Woolner (Pearl)

James Madison
Friendship Circle
Anne Blessing (Donor)
Debra Friedman (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Joyce Neaderhiser Thompson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Renae Kilian Baker (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Janet McKinney Black (Pearl)
Deborah Massie Boschert (Pearl)
Carol Keller Flannagan (Dolphin)
Claudia Anderson Lewey (Pine)
Kala Musick (Pearl)
Kay Collins Snyder (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Shirley Bruce Brown-VanArsdale (Dolphin)
Chloe Warner Childers (Dolphin)
Stephany Harrison Clothier (Dolphin)
Janice Huffman Cotton (Dolphin)
Molly Cunningham (Donor)
Jana Vohs Feldman (Dolphin)
Carole Terry Gray (Pearl)
Lynn Hodges Martin (Dolphin)
Helen Zimmerman Mercer (Pearl)
Anne Hamilton Meyn (Pearl)
Linda Olson Morgandale (Dolphin)
Samantha Bowman Mortlock (Dolphin)
Brooke Karch Mudd (Dolphin)
Carol Rowe Park (Pearl)
Debra Minter Peglow (Pearl)
Lee Urban Rohrer (Dolphin)

Kansas State
Platinum Circle
Marcia Rinkel (President)
Mary Haymaker Staley (Founders)
Gold Circle
Mary Mustard Stratton (President)
Blue Circle
Celeste Farley (Dolphin)
Ann Jorns Melvin (Pearl)
Patty Pendleton Wheeler (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Frecia Pierce Barrett (Pearl)
Annie Ford Barrs (Dolphin)
Nancy Sorrells Brewer (Pine)
Betty Stamps Bryant (Pearl)
Josey Butler (Donor)
Carol Awtrey Callaway (Pine)
Sally Evans Curnutt (Donor)
Leonora Bunn Gale (Pearl)
Scarlett Lee Herbkersman (Donor)
Peggy Peavy Herman (Dolphin)
Barbara Marshall Howard (Pearl)
Judy Jarrell Huff (Dolphin)
Nan Bunn Jenkins (Pine)
Karen Lock (Donor)
Allison Watt O'Connor (Donor)
Susan Starr Ohly (Pearl)
Nancy Swartz Rowe (Dolphin)
Joanna Warenzak Schoerner (Dolphin)
Trudie Turner (Dolphin)
Jeanne Bosserdet Warwick (Dolphin)
Jodie Kapral Zerega (Donor)

Gold Circle
Kelly Murphy Brooks (Pine)
Silver Circle
AnnMarie Johnson McGee (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Katherine Lauer (Pearl)
Jill Linehan Rinaldi (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Clara Rowell Bleak (Dolphin)
Aris Petersen Boyle (Dolphin)
Susan Mortensen Cagle (Dolphin)
Laurie Fortier (Dolphin)
Nicolle Jones Gleason (Donor)
Waverly Joan Williams Hill (Dolphin)
Rose Whitney Hoalst (Pearl)
Jodi Gartland Hodge (Dolphin)
Judith Cochran Kalen (Dolphin)
Marilee Sackett Kohtz (Dolphin)
Ruth Leth (Pearl)
Kathleen Thurston Martin (Dolphin)
Billie Hanchey Park (Dolphin)
Amanda Skiles Schulz (Donor)
Elizabeth Ware (Pine)
Megan Wheeler (Dolphin)
Renee Sloan Zachary (Dolphin)

Diamond Circle
Nancy Mueller Sims (President)
Friendship Circle
Pam Dorner Saxhaug (Donor)
Dana Collis Schenkel (Dolphin)
Lisa Rinkenberger Walsh (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Barbara Bowers Edgeworth (Pansy)
Mary Eckrich Kennedy (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Ellen Cash Gignilliat (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman (Pine)
Nancy Charles Lewis (Pine)
Blue Circle
Suzanne Hutner Gilson (Pine)
Charlotte Haydon Hapak (Pine)
Barbara Jones (Dolphin)
Betsy Hancock Phillips (Dolphin)
Nancy Webster Stefanou (Pearl)
Nancy Harger Ten Cate (Dolphin)
Angela Geryak Wiczek (Pearl)
Diane Whittaker Wiley (Pine)
Sarah Grotrian Williams (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Beverly Mattox Anthony (Pearl)
Judith Pressler Bickford (Donor)
Renee Martin Bilgram (Pearl)
Judith Plessinger Birk (Donor)
Barbara Brouwer Boss (Dolphin)
Blythe Mildner Brandon (Pearl)
Margaret Hadley Brummit (Dolphin)
Anne Sosenheimer Coniglio (Dolphin)
Lynda Wilson Coridan (Dolphin)
Suzanne Love Farnum (Dolphin)
Susan Plessinger Haley (Dolphin)
Suzanne Willits Herendeen (Pearl)
Mary McClelland Knudtson (Donor)
Diane Cason Litten (Dolphin)
Barbara Hill Nelson (Dolphin)
Joyce Hendricks Peterson (Pearl)
Cathleen Purnell Podell (Pearl)
Betty Gardner Raymont (Dolphin)
Joan Meininger Richardson (Pearl)
Suzanne Metcalfe Smith (Pearl)
Dee Ann Jessup Stein (Pearl)
Martha Reavis Swanson (Dolphin)
Janet Trickey Vogt (Dolphin)
Evelyn Steffan Whaley (Pearl)
Lynn Owens Wiesman (Dolphin)
Louise Cory Willson (Dolphin)
Platinum Circle
Helen Rodemer Coddington (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Rachel Leimbach Maus (Pine)
Silver Circle
Joanne Holata Ryan (Pine)
Blue Circle
Betty Borling Begeal (Dolphin)
Cynthia Lord Corkery (Pine)
Shirley Hopp Dean (Pearl)
Jeanne Neville Eck (Pine)
Rita Bell Garman (Pine)
Sandra Fairchild Gould (Pine)
Betty Golinvaux Knapp (Dolphin)
Susan Vaughn Lessen (Pearl)
Gloria Dana Netherton (Pine)
Jane Fogle Nunemaker (Pearl)
Pamela Page (Pine)
Florence Wylie Sears (Pearl)
Laurie Silva (Dolphin)
Virginia Johnson Spence (Pearl)
Sue Speiser Thomas (Pine)
Mary Ann Morris Tucker (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Margaret McClure Beagle (Dolphin)
Sandra Ervin Bowen (Dolphin)
Janet Kuelpman Burt (Pearl)
Barbara McKnight Bushnell (Pine)
Suzanne Haines Crawford (Donor)
Barbara Ropers Fairfield (Pearl)
Catherine Riegel Frothingham (Pearl)
Naomi Benters Frye (Dolphin)
Donna Williams Gianneschi (Pearl)
Janet Slomka Grashoff (Dolphin)
Peggy Marks Kocian (Pearl)
JoAnn Ivens Laible (Pine)
Roxana Kentish Marsh (Dolphin)
Patrice Meyer Martinez (Pearl)
Linda Kalmanek McKown (Pearl)
Barbara Luehring O'Connor (Dolphin)
Dorothy Seeman Rice (Donor)
Teri Brenneman Sumner (Dolphin)
Dr. Marty McCloy Traver (Donor)
Janet Camferdam Wilson (Dolphin)

Illinois State
Platinum Circle
Connie Fako Shoemake (Pine)
Gold Circle
Janet Schockey Schwarzentraub (Pine)
Blue Circle
Mary Maher Frazier (Pine)
Elizabeth Cleary Traub (Pine)
Kay Moon Watkins (Dolphin)
Mimi Drake Wetherington (Pine)
Kim Stratton Winston (Donor)
Nancy Mayer Young (Donor)

Blue Circle
Julianne Butler (Dolphin)
Rachel Saunders Henry (Pine)
Janet Golba Keller (Pine)
Maleta Fisher Schmidt (Pearl)
Cathy Newport Wood (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Beulah Butz Baker (Dolphin)
Pearl Rysz Crosier (Dolphin)
Susan Staab DeVoss (Dolphin)
Martha Carlock Green (Dolphin)
Donna Gregg (Pine)
Suzanne Crowe Hahn (Pearl)
Nancy Gillum Harrison (Pearl)
Pam Herring Hicks (Pine)
Rachel Peden McCarty (Pearl)
Virginia Patterson Nutting (Dolphin)
Beulah McGee Roegge (Pine)
Jenny Vinson Sherrill (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Christine Caputo Winn (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Jennifer McDonald Link (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Betty Johnson Hudson (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Denise Companik Juliana (Pine)
Silver Circle
Georgette Johnson Hardman (Pine)
Blue Circle
Betty Fleetwood Barge (Pine)
Lora Guest Bohn (Dolphin)
Sandy Bossert Boyles (Pine)
Amy Sanders Cunningham (Dolphin)
Jean Bacon Divers (Pine)
Elizabeth McGill Hattaway (Pearl)
Kelley Moore (Pearl)
Betty King Painter (Pine)
Carolyn Worthy Thomas (Pearl)
Platinum Circle
Amy Shook-Perez (Pine)

Blue Circle
Lizabeth Gammon Dunn (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Jeanette Bass Clinkenbeard (Donor)
Tiffiny Ferrell (Donor)
Louise Johnston Lunn (Dolphin)
Sharon Jefferson Mosby (Dolphin)
Kristen Anderson Nelson (Donor)
Peggy Lewis Petkas (Dolphin)
Carmen Olson Roeder (Dolphin)
Barbara Epperson Tillotson (Pearl)
Susanne Weber Young (Dolphin)

Diamond Circle
Dr. Linda Garrett Whitson (President)
Silver Circle
Sue Jordan Gates (Pine)
Sylvia Mathis Gibson (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Margaret Batson (Pearl)
Dr. Fay Reifsnyder Biles (Pine)
Emily Brown Blount (Pine)
Sara Hall Brandaleone (Dolphin)
Geryl Miloser Craft (Pine)
Donna Repke (Pine)
Cathy Strachan (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Jean Weyman Baker (Pearl)
Noretta Cuesta D'Albora (Pearl)
Ruth Lee Gudaitis (Donor)
Nancy Pond Halula (Dolphin)
Bonnie Kelley Hicks (Pearl)
Jeanne Ross Jinks (Pearl)
Jean Horsley Nicholson (Dolphin)
Clarissa Camfield Thomasson (Donor)

Eastern Illinois
Friendship Circle
Carissa Coon (Donor)
Kelly Kuball (Dolphin)

Friendship Circle
Katelyn Miller (Donor)
Britten Ginsburg Pund (Donor)
Florida Gulf Coast
Blue Circle
Jena Tipping (Dolphin)

Florida State
Diamond Circle
Nancy Ashley Adams (President)
Platinum Circle
Donna Kirkconnell Bailey (Pine)
Gold Circle
Susan Caldwell Cavanagh (Pansy)
Judy Holman Deriso (Pine)
Nancy McDonald Griggs (Pine)
Silver Circle
Mary Anne Coleman Jackson-Trumbull (Pine)
Mary Bailey Shealy (Pine)
Carolyn Shiver Snelling (Pine)
Babby Simpson Wiedman (Pine)
Blue Circle
Joyce Ciccarello Addison (Dolphin)
Lee Skillman Fleming (Dolphin)
Tracey Gunn Iglehart (Pine)
Angel Michaels (Pearl)
Yvonne Head Montsdeoca (Pine)
Michelle Chandler Raley (Pearl)
Cindy Vaughn Rigsby (Pine)
Eleanor Graves Sexton (Pine)
Liz Fielding Spivey (Pine)
Linda Teague (Dolphin)
Faith Adams Young (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Maryanne Doody Adame (Dolphin)
Mary Lynn Hendrickson Barrett (Dolphin)
Andrea Fuller Cooper (Pine)
Lauren Dixon (Donor)
Alix Bonnette Dummett (Dolphin)
Kelli Haynes Evertsen (Dolphin)
Carolyn Adams Gilbert (Dolphin)
Pat Hanlon Gillen (Dolphin)
Margie Norris Holbrook (Pearl)
Lamar Ellis Hood (Dolphin)
Jan Craig Lemasters (Pearl)
Sue Pettit Mayo (Pine)
Wynyard Williams McDonald (Dolphin)
Christine Fisher Minnella (Pearl)
Merlyn Mowrey (Pearl)
Marilyn Otterson (Dolphin)
Patricia McRae Powers (Dolphin)
Toinette Brown Reed (Dolphin)
Kathryn Duggan Rogero (Pearl)
Linda Riedell Schneider (Pearl)
Marcia Callison Tague (Dolphin)
Diamond Circle
Ginger Hicks Smith (President)
Platinum Circle
Niki Fossett Thompson (Pine)
Gold Circle
Angela Perella Bryant (Pine)
Silver Circle
MaryKay Brake Langford (Pine)
Susan Parker Lauer (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Mellena Hardee Conner (Pine)
Karen Sheinberg Pollock (Dolphin)
Laura Powers, M.D. (Pine)
Barbara Mehl Small (Pine)
Beverly Filer Steinberg (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Katherine Campbell Booth (Donor)
Kyle Axelrod Brown (Dolphin)
Sara Giles Deisch (Dolphin)
Rachel Rose (Donor)
Kathryn Kallison Schwesinger (Pearl)
Marsha Bent Searcy (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Nancy Johnson Barr (President)
Gold Circle
Julann Hodges James (Pine)
Blue Circle
Beth Rosenbaum Angelo (Pearl)
Anne Goldkamp Brown (Pine)
Patricia Marschner Edington (Pine)
Adele Khoury Graham (Pine)
Cynthia Smith Johnson (Pine)
Minta Wood Lopez-Torres (Pearl)
Anne Meachem (Pearl)
Michelle Popp Shimberg (President)
Karen Steclaire Spicer (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Helen Alford (Pearl)
Ashley Biesterfield (Dolphin)
Helene Fernandez Bullen (Dolphin)
Betty Cook Conkling (Dolphin)
Vicky Neumann Crozier (Dolphin)
Jan Roy Cummings (Dolphin)
Patda Warren DeLaTorre (Donor)
Julie Jett Drew (Pine)
Karlene Knutsson Duke (Dolphin)
Patricia Sanchez-Salazar Fechtel (Dolphin)
Chrissie Randolph Ferguson (Dolphin)
Beverly Thompson Greene (Dolphin)
Barbara Moss Grinter (Pearl)
Jane Sandefur Hays (Dolphin)
Lindsay Knapp (Donor)
Jenifer Brandt Little (Donor)
Leila McClure (Dolphin)
Sherrie Chambers Mueller (Dolphin)
Joanne Cline Murphy (Pine)
Susan Niles Peters (Donor)
Harriet Cretekos Scales (Donor)
Jo-Anne Stenger (Pine)
Judy Hutchison Stevenson (Dolphin)
Laura Stevenson (Dolphin)
Julie Weil (Dolphin)
Jill Neppl Weinstein (Pine)
Louisiana State
Platinum Circle
Gael Salter Baggett (Pansy)
Agnes Kirkpatrick Godchaux (Pansy)
Ann Greer McMains (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Mary Gray Bolin (Pine)
Claudia Fritze Oliver (Pine)
Silver Circle
Lora Barrow Cross (Pine)
Stephanie Ferry Hardy (Dolphin)
Era Wallace Thompson (Pine)
Blue Circle
Gayle Fussell Beene (Pine)
Margaret Spangenberg Benjamin (Pearl)
Brandi Fail Callison (Pine)
Ann King Chapman (Pine)
Portia Norwood Flewellen (Pine)
Terry Walter Gabreski, USAF (Pine)
Jerry Nicholson Hays (Pearl)
Brantley Hart Hodges (Pearl)
Shan Simpson McDaniel (Pine)
Lee Lewis Munson (Pearl)
Carol Regan (Pine)
Claire Ward Shearman (Dolphin)
Cici Lapeyre Weinmann (Pine)
Marilyn Davis Woodrom (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Rita Laughlin Ballow (Pearl)
Debbie Hudspeth Barnes (Dolphin)
Barbara Lambertus Coffman (Dolphin)
Kathryn Jumonville Creed *(Pine)
Jane Landry Cummings (Dolphin)
Robin Kilpatrick Fincher (Dolphin)
Emily Judice Foreman (Donor)
Christine Moore Gaiennie (Pine)
Angelle Graves Hamilton (Dolphin)
Patricia Wright Lane (Dolphin)
Neilanne Parker Lange (Pearl)
Anne Alleman Lockhart (Pearl)
Tonya Davenport Miethke (Donor)
Ruth Williams Pace (Dolphin)
Bernardine Denson Persac (Pearl)
Betty Waddill Russell (Dolphin)
Jett Barnett-Clancy Sheehy (Donor)
Hollye Payonk Spiotta (Donor)
Amanda Buford Webb (Dolphin)
Lallah Seward Weimar (Dolphin)
Leslie Wilhite (Donor)
Peggy White Woods (Pine)
Linda Taylor Young (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Betty Lou Tester Anderson (Dolphin)
Dorothy Coseboom Baker (Pearl)
Aija Livins Capants (Pine)
Nancy Cottom Gallagher (Pine)
Julie Stansell Jones (Pearl)
Anne Cronin Keith (Pine)
Mary Gould Marsh (Dolphin)
Mary Pat Martin (Pearl)
Doris Phipps Wayson (Pine)
Janey Chandler Wiegand (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Betty Lohr Beebe (Pearl)
Robyn Rudolph Cole (Pearl)
Carol Collins Cook (Dolphin)
Cecelia Clark Flagg (Pine)
Paula Partlow Foster (Dolphin)
Carolyn Cook Handa (Dolphin)
Marguerite Jones Hastings (Dolphin)
Joan Gaddy Kay (Pearl)
Deana Sponsler Langer (Dolphin)
Karen Maris (Dolphin)
Cynthia Jenkins Montjoy (Pine)
Kathleen Parent (Dolphin)
Polly Price Redifer (Pearl)
Dorothy Byers Reinke (Donor)
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay (Pine)
Sharron Miller Witt (Dolphin)
Amy Mitchell Woodward (Pine)

Platinum Circle
Hon. Elizabeth Kovachevich (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Joan Labertew Filler (Pearl)
Dianne Hartel Snodgrass (Pine)
Blue Circle
Susan Kardevan Chapman (Pearl)
Eleanor Hancock Deacon (Pearl)
Barbara Rohrer Jensen (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Cynthia Baumann (Dolphin)
Christine Cook (Donor)
Kelly Dassow (Donor)
Betty Griffin DeGuenther (Dolphin)
Frances McLaughlin Galey (Pearl)
Kara Hayzer (Donor)
Rubye Davis Jewell (Pine)
Susan Lautz Kirk (Pearl)
Alma Lee Loy (Pearl)
Elena Luca (Pine)
Dona Kirkeberg Neiheisel (Dolphin)
D J Blaney Schilling (Dolphin)
Linda Hill Upchurch (Dolphin)
Louisiana State/Shreveport
Gold Circle
Jamie Shosted Seibel (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Janie Black Fox (Pine)
Dr. Melanie McKnight (Pine)

Gold Circle
Anne Fuselier Barnes (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Jamie Stipelcovich Davidson (Pine)
Blue Circle
Christine Bulliard Ammons (Pearl)
Kim Ferney Giffin (Dolphin)
Phyllis Montgomery Keaty (Dolphin)
Betsy Hollingsworth Magee (Pine)
Cindy Segraves Phillips (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Elizabeth Bray Blair (Pine)
Donna Cooper (Dolphin)
Suzanne Firmin Edwards (Dolphin)
Charlotte Dominique Giroir (Pearl)
Katie Dallas Mayer (Donor)
Dona Smith Packer (Dolphin)
Lea Price (Dolphin)
Beverly Broussard Wilson (Dolphin)

Loyola Marymount
Friendship Circle
Angeleah Dadivas (Donor)
Lexi Foster (Donor)
Kendra Skurdal (Donor)
Lauren Ure (Donor)
Catie Yost (Donor)

Blue Circle
Marilyn Zoidis (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Nancy Lee Ehlert (Dolphin)
Nyasha Butterfield Grennan (Pearl)
Geraldine MacBurnie Roley (Pearl)

Diamond Circle
Betty Gilbert *(President)
Platinum Circle
Julia Cobey Gluck (Pansy)
Milly Bland Miller (Silver Crescent)
Gold Circle
Margery Schwartz Thayer (President)
Blue Circle
Nancy McKinley East (Pine)
Joan Kloecker Griffin (Pearl)
Karen Keith (Pearl)
Jane Miller Kettering (Pearl)
Patricia Cole Milner (Pearl)
Anna Hillenmeyer Slater (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Frances Keller Barr (Pearl)
Kathy Carter Bosland (Pearl)
Caren Cunningham (Dolphin)
Shari Norsworthy Gardner (Dolphin)
Gay Harlowe (Dolphin)
Beverly Conner Lacey (Donor)
Carla Engel Myers (Dolphin)
Ann Wood Singer (Pearl)
Patricia Montgomery Sturmon (Dolphin)
Anne Nichols Tucker (Pearl)
Jean Perrine Walker (Dolphin)
Carolyn Jackson Walters (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Anne Zweifel Taylor (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Gail Holmes Curtis (Pearl)
Paula Barrow Danoff (Pine)
Catherine Merrill Jenkins (Pine)
Mary Kent Knight (Pine)
Julie Stolarski Ladner (Pearl)
Wendy Scherwat Ducourneau (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Betty Brook (Pearl)
Barbara Sinclair Glick (Pearl)
Alexis Haughton (Donor)
Jill Duffy Plaza (Pine)
Patricia Craig Ruffolo (Pearl)
Jennifer Firth Sharrock (Pearl)
Jennette Alvey Simkins (Dolphin)
Marilyn Posson Stephenson (Dolphin)
Ronda Wilkinson Sutton (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Lauren Chepauskas (Pine)
Blue Circle
Rachel Ingber (Dolphin)
Allie Scott (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Stefanie Kunka (Pearl)
“The most conspicuous thing
about a fraternity girl in the eyes
of a curious neighbor is the pin.”

Sarah Ida Shaw, Boston
Sapphire Circle
Marian Hummel Kurz (President)
Gold Circle
Virginia Curtis Badger (Pine)
Silver Circle
Sarah Coons Lindsay (Pansy)
Barbara Hodapp Wohlhueter (Pine)
Blue Circle
Kara Christensen Curran (Pine)
Aileen Flanders Eckert (Dolphin)
Sylvia Beam Harnesberger (Pearl)
Katherine Smith Makarius *(Pine)
Beverly Wozar Parker (Dolphin)
Terri Tharp Shrader (Pearl)
Sally VanFossan Taylor (Dolphin)
Leslie Turner (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Alice Call Ahlers (Donor)
Jori Miller Bowen (Pearl)
Sally Markey Brown (Pearl)
Carol Dodd Chiolero (Dolphin)
Linda Shahan DePietro (Dolphin)
Nancy Stewart Fiala (Dolphin)
Maureen Walsh Flavin (Dolphin)
Mary Smith Givens (Pearl)
Jodi Schweisthal Graham (Pearl)
Robin Haines Hake (Pearl)
Carol Armstrong Hatch (Dolphin)
Nancy Yingling Hoerner (Pine)
Nancy Hornell Hoying (Dolphin)
Ara Mayer Leites (Pearl)
Barbara Hursh McDonell (Pearl)
Carrie McInerney (Dolphin)
Patricia Miller Nagle (Pearl)
Barbara Nelson Reichle (Dolphin)
Donna Stayin Sens (Dolphin)
Mary Smith Tanke (Pearl)
Mary Anne T. Wheeler (Donor)
Bonnie Bank Wilkinson (Dolphin)
Nancy Loomis Williams (Dolphin)

Diamond Circle
Violet Ansorge *(Founders)
Ginny Nicklas (Founders)
Platinum Circle
Judith Warnke Istock (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Rita Dilworth Lewry (Pansy)
Merri Rubley Lay (Dolphin)
Kristin Winters Otley (Pearl)
Joan Savidge Petschulat (Dolphin)
Catherine Michalski Prohofsky (Pearl)
Marlene Doherr Rand (Pine)
Cindy Mero Raven (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Betty Schimmat Andrews (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Susan TenBroeck Kendall (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Nancy Fisher Eichenauer (Pine)
Silver Circle
Carol Miller Raup (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Helen McEvoy Blount (Pine)
Jean Gerber Bowen (Dolphin)
Carol Knoche Helmus (Pearl)
Eunice McKee Murphy *(Pearl)
Connie Bennett Oakes (Pine)
Ruth McDonald Prust (Pearl)
Kathleen Matthias Shearer (Pine)
Judith Littleton Slade (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Virginia Patterson Bersuder (Pearl)
Jane Duby Boyer (Dolphin)
Dona Morine Burwell (Pine)
Marilyn Cole Butler (Dolphin)
Courtney Condon (Pine)
Naomi Edwards Davis (Dolphin)
Joann Hartke Dennis (Dolphin)
Alice Dashiell Douthit (Pearl)
Charlotte Caldwell Frantz (Dolphin)
Joanne Sparks Hantel (Pearl)
Helen Rush Hutchison (Pearl)
Doris Koehler Johnson (Pearl)
Alice Mueller LeFevre (Dolphin)
Marilyn Vance Muller (Dolphin)
Tamara Wilmeth Oppedahl (Donor)
Jo Young Rausch (Pearl)
Tasha Reisz (Dolphin)
Marilyn Morthland Shroyer (Dolphin)
Phyllis Bowen Stiehl (Pearl)
Sharon Snider Stupp (Pearl)
Frances Fraser Weisman (Dolphin)
Joan Lentz Widicus (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Susan Webb Broome (Pine)
Martha Frey Collins (Pansy)
Phyllis Law Googasian (Pine)
Mary Louise Young Lowther (Pine)
Blue Circle
Marsha Rudolph Adams-O'Neil (Pearl)
Jenny Davis (Pine)
Jeanette Lim Esbrook (Dolphin)
Linda Walz Grissim (Pearl)
Marian Harris (Pine)
Elizabeth Boynton Larsen (Pine)
Judy Rankin Maugh (Pine)
Joanne Michalski (Pearl)
Laura Miller (Pine)
Barbara Horldt Montanari (Pearl)
Mariette Fletcher Potvin (Pearl)
Sherry Milliken Reum (Pearl)
Carole Sparkie Tinker (Pine)
MaryAlice McCormick Treadway (Pearl)
Sue Malloure Whitaker (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Jo Yates Baughman (Pine)
Mary Law Baumgarten (Pine)
Jane Cooper (Dolphin)
Carol Ellis Digges (Dolphin)
Lisa Drew (Dolphin)
Sarah Kahn Efremoff (Pine)
Penni Ickes Foley (Pine)
Judith Edison Forker (Pine)
Kathleen Rhoades Hogg (Pearl)
Letitia Burke Johnston (Dolphin)
Nancy Sherman Jolliffe (Donor)
Mary Gottschalk Kidder (Pine)
Dee Debruin Lyons (Pearl)
Catherine Madden (Dolphin)
Joan Fairbairn Madden (Dolphin)
Carol Giordano McMillen (Dolphin)
Barbara Baske McRitchie (Pine)
Polly Wietzke Peterson (Dolphin)
Dr Patricia Hirt Rosenberger *(Pearl)
Marilyn Bishop Russell (Pine)
Jody Karnosky Sakorafis (Pearl)
Virginia Correll Slavens (Donor)
Sally Tolles Springstead (Dolphin)
Kimberly Stone Steed (Donor)
Barbara Bittner Stillman (Pine)
Pat Goddard Vavrick (Dolphin)
Grace Moore Wilson (Dolphin)

Michigan State
Platinum Circle
Heidi E Tester (Crescent)
Silver Circle
Mary Lou King Dibble (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Bonnie Impara Blaire (Dolphin)
Mary Simpson Depouw (Pearl)
Patricia Smith Dornan (Pearl)
Laura Green (Pine)
Deborah Larson (Dolphin)
Mary Spruell Olson (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Marjorie Hoffman Anderson (Donor)
Lois Finnell Bertani (Pine)
Nancy Stevens Breithart (Dolphin)
Yvonne Dodgson (Dolphin)
Dolores Barrick Eichhorn (Pine)
Carol Harris Elliott (Dolphin)
Lisa Geiger Frankowski (Dolphin)
Laurie Nagler Holt (Donor)
Melissa McDavid Huntoon (Dolphin)
Sandra Gowanlock Jacobsen (Donor)
Lisa Karczewski (Donor)
Nancy Pleune Kiefhaber (Pearl)
Lois Hunsicker Kurta (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Martha Wade Bradford (Dolphin)
Lindsay Cochran (Dolphin)
Ann Riley Dennis (Pearl)
Story Stamm Ebersole (Pine)
Gayle Gresham Henry (Pine)
Mary Walker Holcombe (Dolphin)
Frances Patty Madison (Pine)
Michelle Stefoniak Morgan (Pearl)
Lynne Farrar Robertson (Dolphin)
Jody Shelton Scruggs (Pine)
Katy Sullivan Taylor (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Louanne Pepper Cossar (Pine)
Shirley Wagner Crawford (Dolphin)
Emma Flautt Crisler (Pine)
Janet Gerber (Donor)
Nancy Newton Greenleaf (Dolphin)
Martha Morris Howell (Pearl)
Bonnie Kearney (Dolphin)
Mitzi Butler Linginfelter (Dolphin)
Salley McCullar (Donor)
Louise Moore McKellar (Pearl)
Donna Gresham McVey (Pine)
Lillian Smith Myer (Pearl)
Laddie Harton Neil (Dolphin)
Jeanann Pirtle (Pearl)
Dianne Kearney Scott (Donor)
Sally Stone Trotter (Dolphin)
Janet McPherson Webb (Dolphin)

Mississippi State
Silver Circle
Beth Welch Towles (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Angela Wilson Dallas (Dolphin)
Robyn Rever Smith (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Gwen Rector Gaston (Dolphin)
Leesa Fortner Golden (Pine)
Cora Beth Hartfield (Donor)
Wanda Sloan Holley (Pearl)
Debbie Lehman Kellett (Dolphin)
Melinda Martello Laird (Dolphin)
Velma Livingston (Dolphin)
Melanie Arinder McCoy (Dolphin)
Jessica Keown Morris (Donor)
Lynda Lichtenberg VanWinkle (Dolphin)
Alison Arszman Ziegler (Dolphin)

Sapphire Circle
Dorothy Morris Hull (President)
Friendship Circle
Marsha Bukala (Dolphin)
Donna Bukala Felty (Donor)
Patricia Denny Frank (Pearl)
Kathleen Montgomery Rickert (Pearl)
Shirley Anderson Sax (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Pat Gell Anderson (Pine)
Blue Circle
Joanne Bender Bauman (Pine)
Candis Johnson Bomberger (Pine)
Virginia Branting (Pearl)
Patrice Hammond Lemmon (Pearl)
Margaret Peters Lutton (Pine)
Jan Dutton Madsen (Pearl)
Marcia Hongsermeier Miller (Pine)
Diane Hinman Reed (Pine)
Barbara Sullivan Rounsborg (Pine)
Jeane Schoemaker (Pearl)
Dorreen Wanitschke (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Kathryn Houtchens Amira (Dolphin)
Lynn Cropper Asprooth (Pine)
Marilyn Patterson Baer (Dolphin)
Barbara Buckley Bender (Pine)
Judy Nelson Berg (Dolphin)
Susan Hyland Block (Pearl)
Lynn Stingley Braman (Dolphin)
Linda Sawvell Clare (Pearl)
Susie Christensen Converse (Pearl)
Lou Rowley Davidson (Dolphin)
Sharon Egger DeWulf (Pine)
Jane Stein Eastman (Dolphin)
Patricia Ferguson Eisenhart (Dolphin)
Carol Cook Geu (Pine)
Maizie Cox Hale Voils (Pearl)
Betty Barnes Henshaw (Pearl)
Beverly Beal Kirstein (Pearl)
Mary Lou Knudsen *(Dolphin)
Mary McKinney Kommers (Dolphin)
Dorothy McClelland Leigh (Pine)
Teresa Harmes Lippincott (Dolphin)
Jan Frerichs Maddox (Pearl)
Janet Swanson Matzke (Pine)
Patti Ecklun Moderow (Dolphin)
Roberta Knaup Poppe (Dolphin)
Mary Kay Quinlan-Mooring (Pearl)
Dr. Lynn Hilsabeck Roh, MD. (Pearl)
Molly Wickham Steinkemper (Dolphin)
Sharon Voorhees Walgren (Dolphin)
Platinum Circle
Linda Glascock O'Bryant (Crescent)
Lisa Lorenz Toone (Pine)
Gold Circle
Sarah English Young (Pine)
Silver Circle
Karen Munson Hubbard (Pine)
Katherine Bush Ruberton (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Sue Lehman Bechtold (Dolphin)
Harryette Campbell (Pine)
Virginia Burchfield Doran (Dolphin)
Virginia Pemberton Edwards (Pine)
Linda Hedden Enright (Dolphin)
Jorden Fields (Dolphin)
Jeanette Kuhlmann Gaffney (Pearl)
Nancy Stough Hillhouse (Pine)
Helon Whiteside Lagree (Pearl)
Jean Vaughn McDonald (Pine)
Jane Rudolph McLaughlin (Pearl)
Patricia Saunders Mosier (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Christina Walker Dillingham (Dolphin)
Joanne Bennett Formosa (Pearl)
Frances Yeager Funk *(Dolphin)
Laurie Kohler Halladay (Pine)
Gloria Behrens Irwin (Dolphin)
Louise Jones King (Dolphin)
Carolyn Neef Koerner (Dolphin)
Joan Leslie (Pearl)
Nancy Spear Lockwood (Pearl)
Gayle Stauffer McAllister (Donor)
Trudy Feichtinger McCanse (Donor)
Pamela Coldren Oberdiek (Pearl)
Elaine Scherder (Pearl)
Anne Liming Tibbetts (Donor)

Blue Circle
Alice Pledge Nelson (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Mary-Lou Day (Dolphin)
Audrey Robinson Ledgerwood (Dolphin)
Jeanne Corbett Omundson (Dolphin)
Marjorie Wicks Rossi (Dolphin)
Martha Speelmon (Pearl)
Helen Christensen Sweeney (Pearl)
Betty Nicol Thiot (Pine)

Mount Union
Blue Circle
Joni Zumbrunnen Teragawachi (Pine)
Blue Circle
Monica Reible Gibson (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Teresa White Bailey (Dolphin)
Angela Davis Cring (Donor)
Lizzie Vincent Frein (Dolphin)
Ashley Martin (Dolphin)
Lauren Michaud (Donor)

Silver Circle
Mary Conner Murnane (Pearl)
Carolyn Liska Pierce (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Judith Hansen Adolfson (Pine)
Kathy Salisbury Massie (Pine)
Theresa Reynolds McKeon (Pearl)
Anne Parsons Michael (Pine)
Carolyn Loechler Smith (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Mary Estelle Kanning Amberg (Pansy)
Emily Wheeler Anderson *(Pine)
Nancy Devine (Pine)
Judith Wilkus Haiar (Pearl)
Diane Hogan (Donor)
Mary Karpinski (Dolphin)
Dolores Nauth Morgan (Dolphin)
Barbara Barton Murphy (Dolphin)
Jennifer Pundt Peterson (Donor)
Rebecca Muilenberg Schluter (Dolphin)
Margaret Rhoads Schroeder (Dolphin)
Marlene Smetana Smith (Dolphin)
Ann Lavery Tyson (Pine)

Minnesota State/Mankato
Blue Circle
Bernie Mathiowetz Amberg (Pine)
Donna Mathiowetz Larson (Pearl)

Diamond Circle
Sandra Williams Young (President)
Platinum Circle
Sandie Wood Spain (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Jan Griffin Farrington (President)
Julia Thornton (Pine)
Silver Circle
Sandra Dabbs Rogers (Dolphin)
Sally Short Slick (Pearl)
Elizabeth Durrett Taylor (Pearl)
Laura Rowley (Donor)
Kristie Sanford Staffieri (Pine)
Mary Martha Gibson Stinnett (Pansy)
Susan Pittman Wilson (Pearl)
Amy Zimmer (Dolphin)

Southern Mississippi
Platinum Circle
Elizabeth Price Cox (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Robbie Robertson Pinkerton (President)
Silver Circle
Kay Cleveland Evans (Pearl)
Stacie Stamps Pitts (Pearl)
Sonja Wilkes Sheffield (Pine)
Suzanna Hale Smith (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Pamela Wilson Betz (Pine)
Jan Campbell Cooper (Pine)
Martha Barron Polk (Dolphin)
Jeanne Taylor Rice (Pearl)
Lisa Long Whitney (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Virginia Baddley Byrd (Dolphin)
Ruth Harrison Cole (Donor)
Julie Youngblood Crocker (Dolphin)
Kim Gallaspy (Dolphin)
Gail Reeves Harper (Donor)
Amie Hill (Dolphin)
Mignonne Russell Mitchell (Pearl)
Suzanne Pittman Perry (Dolphin)
Suzie Faver Schulenberg (Dolphin)
Kathy Celeste Swanson (Pine)
MaryKate Putnam Walton (Pearl)

Silver Circle
Carrie McKinney Burton (Pine)
Lauren Liston Jones (Pine)
Blue Circle
Doris Brown Morriss (Pine)
Frances Vaughn Parker (Pine)
Barbara Brewer Sheldon (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Maureen Ingram Collier (Dolphin)
Allison Dickson (Pearl)
Marcella Wichman Herrington (Dolphin)
Nancy Tipton Langford (Pine)
Helen Black McAllister (Pearl)
Patricia Whigham Renick (Dolphin)
Carolyn Knippa Selman (Pearl)
Spring Hill
Silver Circle
Heather Burch Fetter (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Bradley Headrick (Donor)

Gold Circle
Mary McCaw (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Louise Fisher Fornaciari *(Pine)
Blue Circle
Alex Carroll (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Catherine Wicks Kibbe (Dolphin)
Marisa Maclennan (Donor)
Katharine Matsumoto (Donor)
Patricia Hersey Ogilvie (Donor)

Stephen F. Austin
Platinum Circle
Rebecca Jackson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Annemarie Bentley Owens (Pine)
Blue Circle
Patsy Stupka Johnson (Pine)
Deborah Coleman Maxwell (Pine)
Kara Dennis Toller (Dolphin)
Cookie Yeates (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Ashley Van Waters Coleman (Dolphin)
Katherine Rudolph Entingh (Dolphin)
Jennifer Bello Gordon (Dolphin)
Allison Booth Hauptstueck (Donor)
Joanne Bello Lambert (Dolphin)
Kimberly Magaldi (Dolphin)
Anne Davis McCausland (Pearl)
DeDe Pearce Samuelson (Pearl)
April Hallick Shaw (Dolphin)

Diamond Circle
Lou Brown Jewell (Silver Crescent)
Platinum Circle
C Kathryn Preston (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Mariann Ainsworth Fragnoli *(Pine)
Silver Circle
Charlotte Gambill Hoyer (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Marcia Faragher (Pearl)
Lisa Gnugnoli (Dolphin)
Alpha Chapter, Boston
January 1889

“The glory of life is
to give, not to get;
to love, not to be loved;
to serve, not to be served.”

Sarah Ida Shaw, Boston
Platinum Circle
Sammie Lynn Scandlyn Puett *(Crescent)
Silver Circle
Virginia Bird Brogan (Pearl)
Leslie Hammer Testerman (Pine)
Blue Circle
Anne Jones Charles (Dolphin)
Gina Heupel Johnson (Dolphin)
Maria Monaco Karr (Pine)
Gloria Grubb Kessel (Pine)
Judith Schrim Mack (Pearl)
Sarah Mallicote (Dolphin)
Martha Dempster Masengill (Pine)
Mary Roberts Pilkington (Dolphin)
Doris Russell Tanner (Dolphin)
Wendy Turner Thrasher (Pine)
Frances McGarrah Lowe (Pine)
Karen Bray Romanyzyn (Pine)
Pamela Reiner Sandow (Pearl)
Liz Matthews Wherley (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Dawn Davis Cram (Dolphin)
Katherine Benedict Dageforde (Dolphin)
Nancy Coleman Edmunds (Pearl)
Robin Smith Ellinor (Dolphin)
Diane Barnes Forer (Pine)
Helen Radloff Grier (Dolphin)
Maribel Tucker Johnson (Pearl)
Colleen Maxwell Maffett (Dolphin)
Nanette Peach Rappa (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Scoville (Donor)
Barbara Steffens (Pine)
Rosanne Colvard Thiel (Dolphin)
Elmira Vogtmann (Pearl)
Iris Hart Young (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Susanna Kish Estella (Pine)
Gold Circle
Betty Lou Suvak Phillips (Pine)
Silver Circle
Jody Brown Boland (Pine)
Laura Hanhausen Milton (Pine)
Shannon Porath Widman (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jennifer Markulis Berke (Pine)
Jayne Esposito Cantwell (Pearl)
Anne McCorquodale Dahl (Dolphin)
Gail Gallagher (Pine)
Leslie Lewin Jeffery (Pine)
Susan Koplinka Reagen (Dolphin)
Elna Eipel Stone (Pearl)
Rosemary Coon Taylor (Pine)
Valerie Miller Vargas (Dolphin)
Ruth McEuen Wright (Pine)
Robin Zundell Zelle (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Mary Jane Stolz Cochrane (Dolphin)
Roberta Messic Faigle (Pine)
Orca Forrest Giarrusso (Dolphin)
Sharon Kowats Hart (Pearl)
Barbara Reed Merrill (Dolphin)
Janet Underwood Murphy (Pearl)
Candi Schaefer Orsi (Donor)
Becky Haas Ramsey (Pine)
Sherye Spath Sedlak (Pine)
Diana Wege Sherogan (Pine)
Lois Cone Wtulich (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Kaia Frank Downing (Dolphin)
Phyllis Hewitt Ferguson (Donor)
Virginia Wayt Frank (Dolphin)
Laurola Walker Gibson (Pine)
Sandra Harriott Johnson (Dolphin)
Erin Hopp Liggett (Dolphin)
Janet Darnall McDole (Dolphin)
Rose Kleyweg Mitchell (Pearl)
Carolyn Rankin Paige (Pearl)
Diane Patch Thelin (Dolphin)
Kristen Vander Schaaf (Donor)
Betty Richey Waters (Dolphin)
Marilee Bane Wyatt (Pearl)
Maryann Wycoff (Dolphin)

South Carolina
Gold Circle
Leeza Gibbons (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Jennifer Benson Litchman (Pine)
Claudia Waites Peeples (Pine)
Susan Sanders (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Beth Kouk Baker (Donor)
Virginia Woodruff Bowen (Dolphin)
Betty Masters Edge (Pine)
Catherine Griffin (Donor)
Alicia O'Hare Henneberry (Dolphin)
Tracy Richardson Johnston (Dolphin)
Molly Drayton Osteen (Pine)
Kinsey Cooper Sheehan (Donor)
Ellen Eubank Unger (Donor)
Alicia Gleiter Ward (Donor)
Frances Wilson (Dolphin)

South Florida
Blue Circle
Linda Vanosse Bliese (Pine)
Laura Alessi Delucia (Pine)
Mary Dalessandro Taman (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Paula Denisco (Pearl)
Diane Kulas Hurtak (Pearl)
Jessica Leigh (Donor)
Tiffany Messingham (Donor)
Julia Kyle Mills (Dolphin)
Coleen McLaughlin Nelson (Dolphin)
Annette Sherman Newell (Donor)
Natalie Pedregal Thomas (Dolphin)
Melanie Andre Zaharias (Donor)
Miriam Crosby Evans (Pearl)
Shari Trenham Gillespie (Pine)
Sharon Sue Sale Hoyt (Pine)
Rosemary Dolan Limotti (Pearl)
Olivera Rados Lynn (Pearl)
Karolyn Willson Martz (Dolphin)
Kathy Jones McMahon (Dolphin)
Sara Morrow Medall (Pearl)
Kristin Olsen Mills (Pearl)
Marilyn Judd Morris (Dolphin)
Kristen Kronemyer Pieper (Pearl)
Doreen Riddle Riordan (Dolphin)
Hadley Rokicki (Donor)
Sally Sullivan (Dolphin)
Kay Ballard Van Horn (Dolphin)
Tori Weber (Donor)
Merle Wright (Pearl)
Patty Sommerfield Wright (Pine)

Southern Methodist
Diamond Circle
Leona McKie Muse *(Gold Crescent)
Platinum Circle
Jean Smith Snodgrass (Founders)
Wendy Stieren Wirth (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Laura Salmen Harker (Pansy)
Anne Pryser Leary (Pine)
Eve Woods Riley (Crescent)
Silver Circle
Alison Ream Griffin (Pine)
Phyllis Durbin Grissom (Dolphin)
Katie Wilmes (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Pam Guffey Balser (Pine)
Stacey Dickenson Cox (Pine)
Rhone Moore McCall (Pine)
Catherine Fairman Potts (Pearl)
Sandye Thomasson Silvera (Pearl)
Dr. Alice Barnes Viroslav (Pearl)
Alison Jacobson Wilhite (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Molly Spencer Allen (Donor)
Jeannine Council Brandt (Dolphin)
Brenda Myers Brown (Pine)
Virginia McIver Fults (Dolphin)
Sherry Youngblood Fuqua (Pearl)
Molly Johnsey (Dolphin)
Ginger Royar Lawhon (Dolphin)
Lisa Ferdinand Meagher (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Aberle Noseworthy (Dolphin)
Lauren Adams Ogden (Donor)
Joyce Crawford Rogge (Donor)
Southeast Missouri State
Silver Circle
Julia Evans Wood (Pine)
Blue Circle
Nancy Niehaus Rueter (Dolphin)
Jolly Lowther Whitener (Pearl)
Marianne DeField Wright (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Gina Bufe (Dolphin)
Jennifer Cauchon Germain (Dolphin)
Kristi Harbison Gudeman (Donor)
Leslie Henderson Jones (Dolphin)
Dorothea Lemakis Karakas, CLU, ChFC (Dolphin)
Jane Sanders Lohr (Pearl)
Janet Deimund Pohl (Dolphin)
Penny Dwornik Shelton (Dolphin)
Martha Statler Thompson (Dolphin)
Jane Curt Vickrey (Dolphin)
Patricia Volp (Dolphin)
Michele Amsler White (Donor)

Southern California
Diamond Circle
Avery Bayle Barth (Silver Crescent)
Platinum Circle
Carolyn McCarron Brink *(Pine)
Gold Circle
Nancy Wales Schachner (Pine)
Silver Circle
Regina Paulin Hunsaker (Pine)
Carol Malouf (Pine)
Jennifer Matsler McCarl (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Catherine Sheppard Campbell (Pine)
Harlene Nichols Goodrich (Pearl)
Jean Danforth Goos (Pearl)
Claudia Buchheim Kinne (Pansy)
Leslie Koehn (Dolphin)
Mary Memory (Pine)
Maureen Mitchell Schneider (Pine)
Josephine Lawton Smith (Pine)
Beverlie Gibbens Snyder (Pine)
Nancy Nervig Strickland (Dolphin)
Carissa Shimon Tourtelot (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Mary Mohlengraft Basler (Dolphin)
Sara Philippi Bettge (Dolphin)
Nancy Dick Bugbee (Pine)
Dorothy Hirsch Carter (Dolphin)
Patricia Wykoff Coakley (Dolphin)
Carol Wiker Cole (Dolphin)
Linda Dunn (Dolphin)
Silver Circle
Melanie Morgan Stoudt (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jill Holcombe Stilmar (Pine)
AnnMichele Shaffer Sweeney (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Jamieson Richardson Beatty (Dolphin)
Christine Cochran (Donor)
Sarah Murphy Star (Donor)

Silver Circle
Stephanie Cohen Gould (Pine)
Eva Barlow Nickelson (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Amber Hoke LeClair (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Christine Winters Bach (Pearl)
Valerie Knoll (Dolphin)
Jessica Gross Shea (Donor)

Saint Lawrence
Silver Circle
Joan Darrow Corey (Pine)
Blue Circle
Patricia Nash Gomer (Dolphin)
Marilyn Miele Stolarik (Pine)
Barbara Booth Vallejo (Pearl)
Shirley Goggins Veen (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Marilyn Bryson Briggs (Dolphin)
Susan Mac Kinnon Browse (Dolphin)
Martha Fiddler Ferguson (Pearl)
Mary Fitzpatrick Griffin (Dolphin)
Jan Kellogg Johnson (Pine)
Vivienne Sime Lewis (Dolphin)
Nancy Current Martin (Pearl)
Marjorie Dean Sanborn (Pine)
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder (Donor)
Elizabeth Blaisdell Van de Water (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Eugenia Jenkins Howard (Pine)
Lillian Rydel Reed (Pansy)
Silver Circle
Martha Stewart Bower (Pine)
Karen Klouda DeVore (Pine)
Blue Circle
Sue Malmberg (Pine)
Rosemary VanSandt Sherer (Pearl)
Shauna Kalmoe Thomas (Dolphin)
“So many have asked me how
I ever happened to think of the
many things that dovetailed
so beautifully into the symbolism
of Delta Delta Delta. As a matter
of fact, they did not just 'happen.'
They were there, ready for use,
even as the gold hidden in
the California ranges.”

Sarah Ida Shaw, Boston
Platinum Circle
Adelaide Gonzalez Few (President)
Blue Circle
Elizabeth Carpenter Boys (Pearl)
Jeanne Michell Seiberling (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Mary Lee Richardson Hilly (Pearl)
Mary Cannon Quick (Pearl)
Mary Miller Shaffer (Pearl)

Rhode Island
Blue Circle
Sarah Connors (Dolphin)
June Kraft Hilton (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Maureen Baker Kingsbury (Donor)
Elizabeth Sousa Tobiasz (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Linda Becker Smith (Pine)
Silver Circle
Alice Gadberry Clark (Pine)
Ingrid Heide (Pine)
Rebecca Wynn Weiler (Pine)
Blue Circle
MaryMargaret Kendall Bailey (Pearl)
Anne Buckthal (Dolphin)
Linda Parrott Coleman (Pearl)
Maura Brady Costello (Dolphin)
Sara Bryant Greenlee (Pine)
Lynn Stapleton Koch (Pine)
Caroline Gibbs MacQueen (Pearl)
Regina Meadows (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Charlene Jayroe Allen (Dolphin)
Holly Frederick Beck (Dolphin)
Patti Canada (Dolphin)
Brooke Glover Emery (Dolphin)
Katherine Guttery Evans (Pearl)
Merelyn Davis Hammett (Dolphin)
Sara Huff (Donor)
Emily Mills Johnson (Donor)
Ellen Baker Jurewicz (Pearl)
Susan Canada Kile (Dolphin)
Sammy Primm Marshall (Pearl)
Sue Robinson McLean (Dolphin)
Gina Salvati (Pearl)
Thirza Mobley Sloan (Pearl)
Jane Doughtie Taylor (Pearl)
Ann Barr Weems (Donor)
Laurel Speir Witten (Pine)
Lisa Larson Lynne (Dolphin)
Burtine Beal Morse (Pine)
Katherine Bartell Terhune (Dolphin)

Silver Circle
Cassie Gray (Dolphin)
Cheryl Kloos O'Connell (Pine)
Blue Circle
Shannon Freiburger Nottingham (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Carol Mack Davis (Donor)
Brittany Fitzgerald (Donor)
Allison Jones Guljas (Dolphin)
Kim Nichols (Donor)
Pamela Miller Peterson (Pearl)
Priscilla Bing Shea (Donor)
Margaret Sulkowski (Pearl)
Sally Seifarth Tucker (Pearl)
Lynne McGovern Webb (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Cynthia Beatty Dowrey (Pearl)
Catherine Stark Eckenrode (Dolphin)
Anne Robertson Goehring (Dolphin)
Maxine Miller Guthrie (Donor)
Kathleen Bomgardner Hetrick (Dolphin)
Claire Murray Luse (Pearl)
Rebecca Kunkel Mc Killican (Donor)
Judy White Rutledge (Pearl)
Barbara Mensinger Smoot (Pearl)

Friendship Circle
Ashlyee Hickman (Donor)

Blue Circle
Susan Thomas Buches (Dolphin)
Carol Poff Cutshall (Pine)
Linda Wolf McLinden (Pine)
Gerry Dravo Oelschlager (Pearl)
Dr. Beatrice Pressley (Pearl)
Evelyn Smith Terrall (Pine)
Kathy McClain Zack (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Bethany Blakey (Pearl)
Margaret Rogers Burt (Pearl)
Collette Mullen Duffy (Dolphin)
Erin Crowl Dzuriak (Dolphin)
Nancy Fallon Guzan (Donor)
Carol Martello Lidiak (Pearl)
Joanne Sheehan Smith (Dolphin)
Jeannine Thompson (Donor)
Janet Schorr Tilton (Pearl)

Puget Sound
Platinum Circle
Lora Snow White (Pine)
Blue Circle
Barbara Bain Barsotti *(Pearl)
Dr. Jan Lindtwed Grouse (Pine)
Paula Kajimura (Pearl)
Jennifer Mollander Owens (Pearl)
Jackie Thurber Stenger (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Joan Harrison Barnes (Dolphin)
Marge Sarsten Brouillet (Dolphin)
Agnes Beall Downs (Dolphin)
Sarah George (Pearl)
Glenna Glover (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Alicia Wells (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Carly Klassen (Donor)
Simi Wilhelm Shah (Pearl)

Silver Circle
Katina Sigillo (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Jeanie White Barkett (Pearl)
Margaret Haapala Brown (Pine)
Patricia Cravo Crane (Dolphin)
Carol Mann Joyner (Pine)
Bridgette Mason (Dolphin)
Jean McGuire (Pine)
Bonnie Morehead (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Alissa Lewis Aragon (Donor)
Dr. Margaret Stimmann Branson (Pearl)
Stephanie Lopes Bray (Pearl)
Kasi Franck (Donor)
Jessica Jones Hendricks (Donor)
Carroll Martin (Pearl)
Jeanine McDonald (Dolphin)
Gale Warren Musker (Pine)
Elizabeth White Sears (Pearl)
Ruth Knapel Segarini (Dolphin)
Peggy Grotenhuis Thomas (Pearl)
Deborah Tornell (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Marian Lee Skowronek (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Leslie Drogin (Donor)
Suzanne Mahn Hunt (Dolphin)
Penny Cook Rubincam (Pearl)
Martha Davern Sheehan (Dolphin)
Jacqueline Quebec Sofer (Dolphin)

Pennsylvania State
Silver Circle
Marcella Patchan Hornyak (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Anne Lusk Berkenstock (Pine)
Sally Wenner Couch (Pearl)
Elizabeth Hummel Estep (Dolphin)
Paula White Huffman (Pine)
Karla Kelly Irving (Dolphin)
Susanne Ittel Schiff (Pine)
Ann Forster Stevens (Pine)
Susan Bradfield Phifer (Pearl)
Joan Finn Wunderlich (Pearl)

Diamond Circle
Ashley Crain (Pansy)
Platinum Circle
Jean Ford Bollman (Pine)
Ann Mathies Maxwell (Pansy)
Glenda Temple (Pine)
Silver Circle
Karla Shadid Cohlmia (Pine)
Amanda Carlile Doughty (Pearl)
Leslie Mauck Hirschfeld (Pearl)
Anne Tucker McLaughlin (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Kathy Beech Basden (Pearl)
Shirley Johnson Benson (Pearl)
Anne Rush Birdwell (Pine)
Christine Schmidt Bitsche (Pine)
Frances Chambers Cody (Dolphin)
Debbie Clapp Confer (Pine)
Janet Trahern Drummond (Pine)
Helen Douthit Duckett (Pine)
Jennifer Douglas Ephraim (Pearl)
Dr. Betty Wiley Heyder (Pine)
Amy King (Dolphin)
Allison Clyde Lodovic (Pine)
Lauren McIver (Dolphin)
Jo Newman McLane (Dolphin)
Mary McCasland Michaelis (Pine)
Liz DeLany Nelson (Pearl)
Phyllis Harris Pease (Pine)
Melanie Skaggs Russell (Dolphin)
Mary Ann Ashlock Swigert (Dolphin)
LeAnn Rudd Turrentine (Dolphin)
Adrienne Hitchcock Weis (Pearl)
Lynda Robson Weiser (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Courtney Bradberry Andujar (Dolphin)
Janice Wootten Bond (Pine)
Joann Odom Bridge (Pearl)
Judith Cathey Clapp (Pearl)
Jane Neilson Corder (Dolphin)
Rebecca Burgess Covington (Dolphin)
Dana Morgan Curran (Dolphin)
Lisa Ritchie Dionisio (Dolphin)
Judith Elderkin Ferguson (Dolphin)
Stacy Eliasen Fieker (Donor)
Charlotte Isom Guffey (Donor)
Kimberly Hlobik (Dolphin)
Kay Thompson Kuper (Dolphin)
Suzanne Seeds Marler (Donor)
Friendship Circle
Nancy Reine Bunch (Dolphin)
Laura Stevenson Cheney (Dolphin)
Gretchen Grondahl Edgren (Dolphin)
Victoria Edwards (Donor)
Suzanne Englund Fleck (Donor)
Jacquelyn Esenman Onstott (Pearl)
Marjory Allingham Ramey (Crescent)
Kathleen Reilly Shinohara (Pearl)
Laura Simic (Pansy)
Vicki Staska Stephens (Donor)
Charmayne Charley Stewart (Dolphin)
Michelle Edwards Tinsley (Pearl)
Natalie Seidl Villanueva (Dolphin)
Linda Gaylord West (Pearl)

Oregon State
Diamond Circle
Susan Riley *(Founders)
Gold Circle
Katherine Schultz (Pine)
Silver Circle
Normita Ellis Error (Crescent)
Blue Circle
Carmen Phelps Cutting (Pine)
Marjorie Olsson Follette (Pine)
Louise Samuel Johnson (Pearl)
Hallie Ashton Lahti (Pearl)
Peggy Makousky McDermott (Pine)
Katherine Sperry McMullen (Pine)
Wendy McDermid Parker (Pearl)
Jill Price (Pine)
Randi Ramsay Seagren (Pine)
Susan Kagy Wachtler (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Margaret Tate Anderson (Pearl)
Marilyn Steele Bogdan (Pearl)
Jessica Eide Burrell (Pine)
Dawn Purdy Christensen (Dolphin)
Jeanne Davis (Donor)
Dani Easterly (Donor)
Susan Hill Evans (Pine)
Mary Lou Walker Held-Ingman (Pearl)
Frances Tonseth Ketch (Dolphin)
Madelyn Holland Koontz (Pearl)
Nancyann Kelley Mitchell (Dolphin)
Trina Westersund Robertson (Dolphin)
Debora Smith Robinett (Dolphin)
Cathy Pilcher Sperry (Pearl)
Maryanne Kennedy Staton (Pearl)
Barbara Bauer Taitz (Pine)
Betty Payne Weed-Morgan (Dolphin)
Marilyn Busch White (Pearl)
Katherine Geist Zimmer (Dolphin)
Betty Oakes Muka (Donor)
Dara Rossi Owen (Dolphin)
Virginia Lafferty Robertson (Dolphin)
Kristi McCullough Ten Kate (Pearl)
Tiffany Hardegree Wellman (Donor)

Oklahoma State
Platinum Circle
Susanne Wasson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Deanna Butler Huggins (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Lisbeth Briggs DeLong (Pearl)
Kelly Dougherty Demmel (Pine)
Cathryn Carley Franks (Pearl)
Nancy Eaton Graham (Pearl)
Kacey Glasscock Luster (Dolphin)
Sharon Downey Maloney (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Andrea Sprung Arnhold (Dolphin)
Patti Powell Bonner (Pine)
Robyn Ely Castleberry (Dolphin)
Mary Caldwell Clarke (Dolphin)
Jill Kastl Cobb (Pine)
Rhonda Beiter Dart (Dolphin)
Jacqueline Eley Goetz (Pearl)
Diane Rice Harr (Pearl)
Maria Cristantiello Hendrix (Donor)
Liz Horkey (Donor)
Mary White Lott (Pine)
Cynthia Fentem Moffitt (Dolphin)
Kristen Nichols (Donor)
Lori Palmer (Dolphin)
Shirley Eakes Roberts (Dolphin)
Barbara Poplinger Schwamb (Dolphin)
Cynthia Spencer Shawley (Pearl)
Teresa Hill Townsend (Pearl)

Gold Circle
Janice Kent Reish (Pine)
Andrea Rees Timmermann (Pine)
Silver Circle
Barbara Henton Marontate (Pine)
Blue Circle
Lindalou Kiser Friesen (Pine)
Diana Boyd Frost (Pine)
Lynn Baker Keller *(Pearl)
Marlis DeGroote Larkins (Pearl)
Barbara Denniston Peterson (Pearl)
Lara Wittkopp Rear (Dolphin)
Janice Vernon Wong (Pine)
Louise Thomas Fenner (Pine)
Polly McWherter Gast (Pearl)
Natalia Janakievski (Donor)
Susan Merrill Jones (Dolphin)
Donna Marts Kraushar (Pine)
Anetta Snyder Krieger (Dolphin)
Carol Cook Landis (Donor)
Nancy Hane Link (Donor)
Gina Manacci (Donor)
Kay Kenily McMullen (Dolphin)
Susan Stocker Melaragno (Pearl)
Joyce Merryman (Donor)
Piper Tobias Mislovic (Dolphin)
Krystal Paisley (Donor)
Marilyn Mahaffey Pollak-DeDenko (Pine)
Katie Schmees (Donor)
Virginia Taggart Shoemaker (Donor)
Kathryn Teller Stearns (Dolphin)
Margaret Evans Stroup *(Pearl)
Shirley Hutchinson Thompson (Dolphin)
Vicky Pozar White (Donor)
Susan Heckenhauer Widman (Pearl)
Patricia Lather Winzeler (Dolphin)
Deborah Huntoon Wiseman (Dolphin)
Kate Zemek (Donor)
Farrah Motley Zemke (Dolphin)

Ohio Wesleyan
Diamond Circle
Jacqueline Everhart McMullen (Crescent)
Laurie Meek (Crescent)
Silver Circle
Frances Brumback (Pine)
Diane Petersen Payne, MD (Pine)
Blue Circle
Kylene Hablitzel Ferguson (Dolphin)
Dr. Janet Mielke Schwartz (Dolphin)
Helen Sunnen Sly (Pine)
Suzanne Case Stivison (Pine)
Denise Dempster Watkins (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Lynn Ryder Cain (Pearl)
Peggy Maxwell Christopher (Dolphin)
Luanna Schuster Cooke (Dolphin)
Linda Bradfield Evans (Pearl)
Helen Shearer Fitch (Dolphin)
Paula Lukeman Furr (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Andrews Geehan (Pearl)
Dorothy Chambers Goater (Pearl)
Chris Mowry Hawekotte (Pearl)
Ginny Wightman Hiestand (Pearl)
Shirley Moore Hummel (Dolphin)
Jeanne LaBlonde Madden (Dolphin)
Dorothy Thomas Palmer (Donor)
Pamela Bonaldi Ricci (Pearl)
Susan Rauch Schroeder (Dolphin)
Corinne Vieta Summerfield (Dolphin)
Patricia Tullis Tucker (Pine)
Ruth Noble Wattles (Pearl)

New Mexico
Silver Circle
Joanne Stevens Dalton (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jean Miller Barcroft (Dolphin)
Mary Hunter Croson (Pine)
Tisha Lewis Domenicali (Dolphin)
Geneva Jahnke (Pine)
Stephanie Richards Loverro (Pine)
Mary Kurth Ryder (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Elizabeth Lovejoy Bresenham (Pearl)
Muriel Pride Fishman (Donor)
Susan Holder Frank (Pearl)
Judith Miller Harris (Pearl)
Carla Wilson Howe (Donor)
Paulette Schaefer Misanko (Pearl)
Jennie Ozog Duffy, MD (Pine)
Carol Thomas Rhudy (Dolphin)
Barbara Wright Seward (Pine)
Sue Barker Suter (Pearl)
Peggy Ambruster Walden (Dolphin)
Cathy Dewitt Wiest (Dolphin)

North Carolina
Blue Circle
E Pace Barnes (Pine)
Kay Giddens Glenday (Pearl)
Kay Taylor Harrell (Pearl)
Susan Trumbo Meredith (Pine)
Anne Miller Moreton (Pine)
Dianne Ormand Patty (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Margaret Woodhouse Becker (Pearl)
Fay Maples Black (Pine)
Graham Walker Burns (Pearl)
Patricia Page Butler (Donor)
Ann Norton Deloach (Donor)
Emily Ogburn Doak (Pearl)
Aurelia Long Dunnam (Pearl)
Dr. Victoria Donovan Lackey (Dolphin)
Clara Burroughs McFarlin *(Dolphin)
Angela Pennington (Donor)
Betsy Potter Reinert (Donor)
Kassie McClure Rempel (Donor)
Sally Gluyas Rollins (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Jeanne Rule Crew (Pine)
Blue Circle
Judith Schneider Brown (Pearl)
Ann Jones Carlson (Pine)
Marilyn Jensen Desgranges (Dolphin)
Barbara Jackson Laveaga (Pine)
Janet Clements Ross (Pearl)
Mary Ann Douglass Saegebarth (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Ronda Wilson-Reid Bachtell (Dolphin)
Kathy Baciocco Crawford (Donor)
Sharon White Elorza (Pearl)
Deborah Johnson (Dolphin)
Marilyn McConnell Kennedy (Pearl)
Randy Leary Kitzmann (Dolphin)
Marian Hennen La Voy (Pearl)
Nancy Petrini Manfredi (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Elizabeth Forrer Applebee (Pearl)
Frances Ritter Carter (Pine)
Anne Coney Forhan (Dolphin)
Helen Froelich Holt (Pearl)
Madalyn Blandford Hutchins (Dolphin)
Eleanor Applebee Lorig (Dolphin)
Joan Pike Peterson (Dolphin)
Debra Rezabek (Dolphin)
Debra Streich (Pine)
Karla Yale (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Irene Drozda Adams (Dolphin)
Martha Lasater Andrus (Dolphin)
Penny Applegate (Pearl)
Sharon Carroll Eklund (Dolphin)
Susan Pfeffer Harrison (Pearl)
Marilyn Severson Hrubes (Dolphin)
Marcia Kaiser (Dolphin)
Martha McCully Kasson (Pearl)
Barbara Halberstadt Marty (Dolphin)
Betty Olivera (Donor)
Regina Dombeck Rabin (Dolphin)
Jennifer Frieden Schilke (Donor)
Margo Hadraba Sommerfeld (Dolphin)
Harriett Pearson Swager (Pearl)
Carlyn Jones Tiefenthaler (Pearl)

Ohio State
Gold Circle
Polly Flautt Smith (Pine)
Silver Circle
Lisa Rose McCormick (Pearl)
Mary Kay Linzell Palmer (Pine)
Kay Gray Schirtzinger (Pine)
Blue Circle
Joyce McDonel Alexander (Pine)
Nancy Locke Doane (Pearl)
Barbara Gibbs Doster (Dolphin)
Liz Smith Fogt (Pine)
Jane Coffman Miller (Pine)
Julia Walsh Savage (Pearl)
Jan Schnepp Wentz (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Gayle Humston Baker (Dolphin)
Nancy Hetsch Bernsdorf (Pearl)
Marilyn Seelig Brown (Pearl)
Betsy Clayton Brubaker (Dolphin)
Deborah Terapak Byers (Dolphin)
Donna Cocca Callahan (Dolphin)
Ann Jones Colebrook (Dolphin)
Lisabeth Cassaro Cullum (Donor)
Judith Filipek Ecker (Pearl)
Susan Abrahamson Routh (Pearl)
Suzanne Landis Simpson (Dolphin)
Nancy Waugh Spangler (Donor)
Virginia Ann Gobbel Sullivan (Dolphin)
Rebecca Walters Taylor (Pearl)
Margaret Campbell Ullrich (Dolphin)
Patty Starr Willis (Dolphin)
Marthe Trautmann Wilson (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Bryant Zollinger (Pearl)

North Carolina State
Friendship Circle
Anna Patton (Donor)
Kristina Warnaar (Donor)

North Dakota
Blue Circle
Allison Dammen Gentle (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Amber Astrup (Dolphin)
Clarine Nelson Erickson (Pearl)
Katie Harris (Donor)
Patricia Jeffrey Horgan (Pearl)
Melanie Ryan Jensen (Dolphin)
Maria Feltis Overn (Dolphin)
Ruth Dubuque Price (Pearl)
Rita Rinehart Rice (Dolphin)
Mildred Rothgarn (Pearl)
Diane Mukai Vipond (Dolphin)

Northern Arizona
Blue Circle
Karen Bernasek Hudson (Pine)
Julie Johnson (Pine)
Carole Van Camp O'Neill (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Nancy Loveless Bradshaw (Dolphin)
Georgia Mildfelt Chiarella (Pearl)
Carol Krausgrill Gissel (Pine)
Rita Scheinbaum Hirshberg (Pearl)
Janice Sterzing McGrath (Dolphin)
Wendy Carlson Morrison (Pine)
Tania Nelson Ruiz (Pearl)
Karen Davis Sloan (Dolphin)
Cynthia Woodman (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Karen Griffin Barnes (Pine)
Ann Timson Mateer (President)
Gold Circle
Justine Shively Hadeler (Pine)
Jane Cheever Powell (Pine)
Jean Jackson Roberts (Pearl)
Kristi Nickle Silberman (Dolphin)
Glo Hoffman Snyder (Pansy)
Judge Annette Stewart (Pine)
Nancy Wilson Theilmann (Dolphin)
Nancy Kilgore Travis (Dolphin)
Dr. Nancy Guinn Vitola (Pine)
Teri Wenglein (President)
Friendship Circle
Carolyn Camp Bates (Dolphin)
Christine Satel Blanton (Pine)
Pamela Hardin Bond (Dolphin)
Sally Bowman (Dolphin)
Anna Bayardo Charlton (Dolphin)
Diana Barwick Danford (Pearl)
Jane Bailey Dennis (Dolphin)
Amanda Carlson Donohoe (Dolphin)
Dr Carol Coffman Ferguson (Pearl)
Jan Jones Forester (Dolphin)
Jean Nelson Frazer (Pearl)
Joan Leonard Gardner (Pearl)
Cristy Danford Garwood (Donor)
Elizabeth Vickers Goad (Dolphin)
Kathryn Hunter Hall (Dolphin)
Marilyn Tipton Halpin (Dolphin)
Sallye Sorenson Henderson (Dolphin)
Mary Dueger Hering (Dolphin)
Cindy Hicks Jeffers (Dolphin)
Mary Calkin Logan (Pearl)
Elizabeth Dwyer McCall (Pine)
DeEtte Bragg Peters (Pearl)
Mary Ann Glass Poletti (Pine)
Elizabeth Bourdon Shelton (Dolphin)
Sherry Christopher Stuart (Dolphin)
Billye Sherman Taylor (Pearl)
Norma Torp Taylor (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Dehoney Tindall (Donor)
Linda Cunningham Vigness (Pearl)

Texas A & M
Gold Circle
Marla Phillips Strittmatter (Pine)
Silver Circle
Michelle Schoonover Payne (Dolphin)
Blue Circle
Melissa Dyer (Pearl)
Libba Hooker Griffin (Pine)
Amy Huggins (Dolphin)
Tricia Griffin Olson (Pearl
Ann Lovejoy (Dolphin)
Eloise Reynolds Manning (Pearl)
Kathleen Lee McDaniel (Pearl)
Marcia Finnell McKay (Dolphin)
Rachel Sedlak Nicholson (Donor)
Carolyn Spence Pogue (Pearl)
Julie McDonald Scharlach (Dolphin)
Meg Smith (Donor)
Sherry Grisham Spears (Pine)
Marci McKnight Stocker (Pine)
June Pence Tragesser (Donor)
Jane Harlan Ward (Dolphin)

Texas Tech
Sapphire Circle
Jane DeWald Spikes (Crescent)
Platinum Circle
Sharla Pepper Echols (Pansy)
Betti Belardi Tiner (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Diane King Scovell (Pine)
Silver Circle
Angela Fick Braly (Dolphin)
Stacie Reed Moore (Pine)
Dorise Stone Watson (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Marilyn Rechenthin Ashley (Pine)
Sue Simmonds Baldwin (Pine)
Lois Cone Bates (Pearl)
LaJuana Rabb Bear (Dolphin)
Janet Lott Brown (Pearl)
Alice Wells Byrd (Pearl)
Betty Cowart Gibson (Pine)
Carolyn Dorsey Holcomb (Pearl)
Mary Ann Schmitz Holt (Pearl)
Marcia Vick Pope (Dolphin)
Clovis Ring-Hagood (Pearl)
Linda Hall Williams (Dolphin)
Robin Serafin Wright (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Sandra Deering Barner (Donor)
Chelsea Buckley (Donor)
Mary Ann Pippin Bush (Pearl)
Paula Sealey Criss (Dolphin)
Linda Wetzel Draper (Pearl)
Christa Rodewald Franz (Dolphin)
Suzanne Davis Henson (Dolphin)
Melanie Crump Hoffmann (Dolphin)
Karin Crider McCay (Dolphin)
Barbara Currie Ratliff (Pearl)
Mackenzie Scott (Donor)
Michelle Leffler Volk (Dolphin)
Molly Woodward Williams (Donor)
Friendship Circle
Ashley Garvin Bastone (Donor)
Julie Coffman Doss (Donor)
Nancy Grimes Galloway (Donor)
Susan Beene Hadley (Pearl)
Sue Hendrickson Lasseigne (Pearl)
Kelly Carraway Lemke (Pearl)
Lauri Schott Nye (Dolphin)

Texas A&M/Corpus Christi
Gold Circle
Melissa Smith (Pearl)

Texas Christian
Sapphire Circle
Jean Wiggin Roach (Founders)
Platinum Circle
Joan Kitley Cantwell (Pine)
Gold Circle
Janice Gouldy Paul (Pine)
Silver Circle
Linda Wilson Barlow (Pearl)
Jineen McIver Bessire (Pine)
Melinda Hickey Cox (Pine)
Judy Johnson Gant (Pearl)
Suzanne Weekley Leach (Pine)
Maribess Lehmann Miller (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Pamela Daniel Armstrong (Pine)
Linda Haggard Brookshire (Pearl)
Ronda Schuster Hill (Pearl)
Margaret Howell (Dolphin)
Tracey Donoho Kozmetsky (Pearl)
Duskey Sodders Mallory (Pearl)
Helen Dayton Mitchell (Pine)
Nancy O'Neall (Pine)
Patti Parker Peterson (Pine)
Sara Schuller Scheideman (Dolphin)
Lindeen Lander Shipler (Pine)
Lisa Schmaling Simmons (Dolphin)
Marsha Beck Sparks (Pine)
Sherry Shepperson Talley (Dolphin)
Jean Jones Tucker (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Beth Dees Applebaum (Dolphin)
Elizabeth Cole Brodhead (Pearl)
Maudeen Frazier Eccles (Pearl)
Kathy Stevens Farr (Pearl)
Gail Grissom Greene (Pine)
Susan Spurck Harding (Dolphin)
Vicky Williams Harrison (Dolphin)
Alison Thompson Kothmann (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Michelle Fries Ashbery (Pearl)
Virginia Ruffin Boone (Pine)
Karla Bebber Crabb (Donor)
Mary Neal Durham Glass (Dolphin)
Martha McAdoo Goodner (Dolphin)
Ann Emerson Harville (Donor)
Tracy Scholes Heller (Donor)
Jane Boulware Jernigan (Pearl)
Jennifer Mount Leyhue (Donor)
Linda Wilbanks Morgan (Pearl)
Mary Henley Niederhauser (Dolphin)
Hilary Hubbard Stimart (Dolphin)
Jeanie Costa Torchio (Donor)
Stephanie Lambert Turley (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Susan Pound Bagby (Crescent)
Binka Odem Bone (Pine)
Gold Circle
Mary Wilkirson Boswell (Pine)
Frances Thetford Cree (Pine)
Trebie Perry Francisco (Pine)
Alicia Wiggs Landry (Pine)
Anne Loughridge McClanahan (Crescent)
Louise Davis Woodward (Pine)
Silver Circle
Melissa McKenzie Bernard (Pine)
Melinda Markey Emmons (Pearl)
Jane Blankenship Kreke (Pearl)
Mary Field Mayfield (Pine)
Kathy Henneberger Tims (Pansy)
Marie McIver Wilhite (Pine)
Mary Manning Wooddy (Pansy)
Blue Circle
Annette Booth (Pine)
Linda Kay Anderson Bowman (Dolphin)
Starr Davis Braun (Dolphin)
Carolyn Marsh Carter (Pearl)
Jane Hall Ferguson (Pearl)
Carlotta Baker Fritchie (Dolphin)
Barbara Snyder Hinds (Crescent)
Sue Wilkirson Hoffman (Dolphin)
Audrey Simmons Hooks (Dolphin)
Marcie Copeland Hortenstine (Dolphin)
Barbara Evans Loomis (Dolphin)
Stacy Stewart Mack (Dolphin)
Judith Rea MacLean (Pine)
Melissa Moore Magee (Pine)
Betty Allman Melton (Pine)
Dr. Doug Johnson Newsom (Pine)
Gold Circle
Deena Jones Adelson (Pine)
Karen King Borta (Pine)
Blue Circle
Jackye Brown Clark (Pine)
Elizabeth Corley (Pine)
Patricia Ivy Kinney (Pearl)
Kristen Wallis (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Janis Ford Cockerell (Dolphin)
Cheryl Crawford (Dolphin)
Erin Dunn (Donor)
Paula Fuller Flatley (Pine)
Kelley Hill (Dolphin)
Brenda Haire Lewis (Dolphin)
Gelynn Middleton Majure (Dolphin)
Michele Rastrelli Parker (Dolphin)

Texas/El Paso
Blue Circle
Elizabeth Smith Sleeper (Pine)
Frances Barton Springer (Pearl)
Mary Marasovich Suggs (Pearl)
Cleo Hardy Wipff (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Barbara Hart Anderson (Dolphin)
Betty Stroup Duke (Dolphin)
Peggy Robertson Francis (Pearl)
Shirley Baker Garner (Dolphin)
Freda Anthony Lawson (Dolphin)
Kay O'Connor (Donor)
Harriet LaLonde Peterson (Donor)
Jane Rudulph Reese (Donor)
Margaret Gibson Tessler (Pearl)
Betty Barnes Wilker (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Janet Timmerman Miller (Pine)
Gold Circle
Janet Zucker Keller (Crescent)
Connie Huber Schmidt (Pine)
Silver Circle
Vicki Miller (Pine)
Blue Circle
Nancy Riley Banash (Dolphin)
Rada Folger Ducket (Pine)
Maryse Kelley Long (Pine)
Kathleen Stickler Martin (Pine)
Gladys Meyer Mens (Pine)
Amy Troutman Stipancich (Pine)
Amanda Aragon (Donor)
Betty Bryan Brooke (Dolphin)
Deborah Simon Hudson (Pearl)
Cathy Pitcher Meacham (Pine)
Barbara Forester Miller (Donor)
Harrison Tyree (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Ali Feldman (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Sandra Merrill Covey (Pine)
Marcia Gunnell Madsen (Pine)
Amanda Young Stewart (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Sidney Soyka Graves (Pine)
Laurie Hofmann (Pine)
Jane Ann Lamph (Pearl)
Teresa Allison Mittelstadt (Dolphin)
Danielle Beck Oser (Dolphin)
Janet Maiorana Painter (Dolphin)
Beverly Ogaard Roe (Donor)
Kathi Sjoberg (Donor)

Utah State
Blue Circle
Mary Driscoll Giblin (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Nikki Hansen (Dolphin)
Karma Clarke Kientzler (Pearl)
Karen Lunquist Leach (Pine)
Peggy Mehas Merrill (Pearl)

Friendship Circle
Krissy Nissen Flora (Donor)
Martha Southwick Moore (Pearl)
Carol Diehl Washuta (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Lucile Crouch Jolly (Pine)
Sally Pettit Wimberly (Pine)
Blue Circle
Louise Martin Baird (Dolphin)
Terry Kahlmus Childers (Pine)
Beth Reynolds Garrett (Pearl)
Elizabeth Davis Gildner (Dolphin)
Marjorie Herndon Hines (Pine)
Patricia Mason Lowe (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Gloria Fish Bigelow (Pearl)
Mary Lindsey Collins (Dolphin)
Jeanne Lauber Cross (Pearl)
Phyllis Catlan Davis (Pearl)
Joan Riopelle Ellis (Pearl)
Florence Binder Fuerst (Pearl)
Karen Wight George (Pearl)
Judith Allen Gonia (Dolphin)
Neida Heusinkvelt (Dolphin)
Eileen Jones Hider (Pine)
JoAnne Rauch Johnson (Pearl)
Judith Shell Kerl (Pearl)
Barbara Jones Malkoski (Dolphin)
Phyllis Overmeyer Martenet (Dolphin)
Kathleen Mohney Meyers (Dolphin)
Ruth Crockett Miller (Dolphin)
Joyce Potter Shawaker (Dolphin)
Carol Gomolski Spengler (Donor)
Karen Amos Tarvin (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Elizabeth Little Griffiths (Pine)
Wendy Pinos Simonovich (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Laura Robson Knapp (Donor)
Betty Faye Brooks LeRiche (Dolphin)
Michelle Lockhart Mercer (Pearl)

Platinum Circle
Cathy Miller Wells (Pine)
Silver Circle
Mary Lou Kerr Philpot (Pine)
Blue Circle
Laura Rechter Harper (Pine)
Melony Lane (Pine)
Verbena Groves Miller (Pine)
Laura Moody Pettus (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Rhea Badgett Ashby (Donor)
Jennifer Miller Carey (Dolphin)
Betty Caywood (Donor)
June Ashley Dennis (Dolphin)
Norma Cundiff Loew (Pine)

Friendship Circle
Claudia Baio Downes (Dolphin)

Silver Circle
Bonnie Marquiss Culver (Pine)
Kellie Pine Harlan (Pine)
Blue Circle
Carolyn Mullenax Edwards (Pearl)
Marilyn Rae Girouard (Pearl)
Mary Carriger Grimm (Pearl)
Clare Lane Nickel (Pearl)
Patricia Thomson (Pine)
Marjean Perkins Van Eman *(Pine)
Judith Whitehead Vogle (Pine)
Judith Reynolds Wagner (Pine)
Carrie Flavin Wenberg (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Alice Kenney Adair (Dolphin)
Frances Cole Anderson (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Courtney Collins-Shapiro (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Sarah Neville Laird (Dolphin)

Blue Circle
Meredith Skelly Hughes (Dolphin)
Lisa Lewis (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Robina Worcester Egertson (Pearl)

Virginia Tech
Blue Circle
Cynthia D'Ambrosio (Dolphin)
Beth Harris McCluskey (Dolphin)
Karen Williams (Pine)
Jean LaPrade Yablon (Pine)
Heather Zantzinger (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Sarah Klostermeyer Belfield (Donor)
Sharon Critzer Landstra (Dolphin)

Wake Forest
Gold Circle
Kate Davis (Pine)
Blue Circle
Beth Burkes Dollase (Pine)
Andrea Gormley (Dolphin)
Anne Miller Haines (Dolphin)
Laura Hudak McKenna (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
MaryBonner Seay Bertolami (Donor)
Adrienne Myer Bohannon (Dolphin)
Gayle Fisher Parker (Dolphin)
Gaby Smith (Donor)
Helen King Stockstill (Dolphin)

Platinum Circle
Dawnell Dean Lamb (President)
Blue Circle
Helen Cary Bechtold (Pine)
Donna Dyer Dieckman (Pearl)
Linda Campbell Johnson (Dolphin)
Virginia Reid McEvoy (Pearl)
Dody Bice Mead (Pine)
Joan Hanson Walker (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Patricia Walker Ackerman (Dolphin)
Carol Schreuder Armitage (Dolphin)
Gladys Cowan Bostick (Dolphin)
Washington/St. Louis
Blue Circle
Nancy Nelson Dummer (Pine)
Edith Kirby Heard (Pine)
Marge Hollan Perkins (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Joanne Diez Hellmann (Donor)
Shirley Petersen Sanders (Dolphin)

West Georgia
Friendship Circle
Natasha Kaufman Benda (Dolphin)
Ellen Long Tedesco (Dolphin)

West Virginia
Blue Circle
Jane Becker Delbridge (Dolphin)
Cynthia Fuss Parrish (Pearl)
Lisa Riss (Pine)
Rosemary Scully (Pearl)
Kathryn Poling Sprouse (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Barbara Smith Brown (Dolphin)
Julia Sprouse Culliss (Pearl)
Vicki Maltempo Gamble (Dolphin)
Sandy Justice (Dolphin)
Lyda Costello Kiser (Dolphin)
Jennifer Moore McCarthy (Dolphin)
Patricia Stemple Miller (Dolphin)
Loretta Lisowski Scutta (Donor)
Mary Lock Whitten (Donor)

Friendship Circle
Emily Alexander Jones (Donor)
Stephanie Seem Snyder (Dolphin)

Gold Circle
Janet Green Hunter (Pine)
Blue Circle
Judith Bonar Barry (Dolphin)
Julia Simpson (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Katherine Monner Goodwin (Pearl)
Elaine Hodge Hagerty (Pine)
Stephanie Martinis Jones (Pearl)
Bethany Sutton (Donor)
Catherine Highberg Williams (Pearl)
Anna Brown Winter (Pearl)
Jean Hemrich Dahl (Pansy)
Deanna Pankey Harding (Donor)
Darlene Dahl Jones (Pine)
Kera Wulbert O'Reilly (Dolphin)
Kay Reiniger Snodgrass (Dolphin)
Kay Wilhoit Stimson (Pansy)
Sue Swartley Strub (Pearl)
Kathryn Sweyer (Pearl)

Washington State
Sapphire Circle
Nicole Hughes (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Kristen Helsby Smith (Pine)
Silver Circle
Elisa Horne Schutz (Pine)
Blue Circle
Randi Knutson Adams (Pearl)
Eilene Schlicht Cowles (Pearl)
Andrea Garland (Pine)
Jane Rumbolz Hallstrom (Pine)
Sally Hevel Hansen (Pearl)
Lisa Karasek Luchau (Pearl)
Shannon Francis Pool (Pearl)
Kristine Danishek Richter (Pine)
Margaret Hughes Semrau (Pine)
Wardine Smith Tatham Smith (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Rose Marie Wiley Beasley (Pearl)
Marie Adams Buchner (Dolphin)
Diane Panchot Edfast (Pearl)
Fawn Norris Gracey (Donor)
Hermina Helmich Hallgarth (Dolphin)
Barbara Collier Hanna (Pearl)
Stephanie Reynolds Hutchinson (Dolphin)
Elinor Flood Iverson (Pearl)
Marley Austin Jesseph (Pine)
Gwen Morgan Johnson (Pine)
Judy Johnson (Pearl)
Irene Kievat (Pearl)
Beryl Moore Kinney (Dolphin)
Lisa Kramer (Pine)
Kay Ambrose Lucas (Pearl)
Carin Fenton Nelson (Pine)
Gloria Johnson Northrup (Pine)
Linda Hopson Nyberg (Dolphin)
Betty Moore Osborne (Pearl)
Cathy Bergeron Ramer (Pearl)
Joan Wharton Roberts (Pearl)
Sandra Guffey Sturgis (Dolphin)
Carrie Fredrickson Swift (Pearl)
Jeanna Cushing Troha (Dolphin)
Trudy Grimes Madden (Pine)
Anne Wall McLeod (Pearl)
Laura Mostellar O'Connor (Pearl)
Sarah Watson Ofner (Dolphin)
Judith Finley Stone (Pine)
Martha Evers Templeton (Pearl)
Barbara Beans Thomas (Pine)
Nancy Stackhouse Wilson (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Lucy Buford Dawson (Dolphin)
Andi Hughes (Crescent)
Tish Callender Hughes (Dolphin)
Helen Jury (Donor)
Carroll Edwards Kimball (Dolphin)
Jeanne Freeman King MD (Pearl)
Janet Parks Lamarche (Pearl)
Shirley Berger Lechleiter (Donor)
Anne Rich Pratt (Pearl)
Lane Rutledge (Pine)
Agnes Hale Strate (Pine)
Louise Lillard Sweet (Pearl)

Gold Circle
Helen McKuskie Olson (Pine)
Silver Circle
Marion Brown Thorpe (Pine)
Blue Circle
Alma Warrell Briggs (Pearl)
Julie Greene Haskell (Pine)
Judith Flick Schubert (Pine)
Betty Anderson Williams (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Anne Ward Allen (Dolphin)
Jacqueline Domingue Estes (Dolphin)
Susan Fick Galdo (Dolphin)
Tiffany Martin (Donor)
Marcia Bernhoft Rhodes (Pearl)
Marjorie Albro Rockwood (Dolphin)
Erika Sommerhalter (Dolphin)
Carole Stetson Spaulding (Dolphin)
Roberta Baker Stetson (Dolphin)
Nancy Hutchins Sykas (Pearl)
Janine White (Dolphin)
Cynthia Yates (Pearl)

Gold Circle
LuAnn Riegl (President)
Silver Circle
Julie Dougherty Filizetti (Pine)
Diamond Circle Pin,
75-year anniversary
Golden Circle Pin,
50-year anniversary
Wichita State
Platinum Circle
Peggy Kennedy Haines (Crescent)
Silver Circle
Virginia Ramsey Wise (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Mary Watson Carson (Pearl)
Brenda Burgoyne Edgington (Pine)
Connie Skolaut Kisinger (Pine)
Jacqueline Dreher Wyman (Pine)
Friendship Circle
Maranda Avery (Dolphin)
Donna Nelson Cox (Dolphin)
Myrna Walters Fields (Dolphin)
Whitney Frazier (Dolphin)
Stacey Anderson Frye (Donor)
Susan Hampton (Donor)
Ruth Schmidt Hoadley (Pearl)
Patricia Reagan Miville (Dolphin)
Melissa Hunter Muller (Dolphin)
Linda Lorg Oden (Dolphin)
Leslie Wilson (Pine)

William & Mary
Diamond Circle
Catherine Young (Crescent)
Gold Circle
Mary Ann Heyser Wright (Pine)
Silver Circle
Heather Smart Evans (Pearl)
Blue Circle
Henretta Trent Band (Pine)
Amy Holt Davis (Dolphin)
Nellie Jackson (Pine)
Marilyn Zaiser Ott (Pine)
Susan Rosar Sheehan (Pine)
Stacey Stanish (Dolphin)
Anne Richardson Tankard (Pine)
Marty Ison Webb (Dolphin)
Friendship Circle
Kelsey Bonner (Donor)
Margaret Horn Booth (Pine)
Harriet Willimon Cabell Walker (Dolphin)
Alex D'Ignazio (Donor)
Anna Plotnik DuBose (Dolphin)
Dorothy Nowland Gabig (Pine)
Julia Dickinson Greenwood (Pearl)
Karen Griffith Gryga (Pearl)
Elaine Diehm Guilfoyle (Dolphin)
Elise Barnes Hardy (Pine)
Barbara Buell Hastie (Dolphin)
Sunshine Meredith Leinbach (Pearl)
Patricia Spencer Libby (Pine)
Silver Circle Pin,
25-year anniversary
Roberta Hines Tacke (Dolphin)
Patricia Taylor Ugorowski (Dolphin)
Susan Richardson Vogt (Pearl)

Friendship Circle
Chelsea Smith (Donor)

Platinum Circle
Tori Campbell (Pansy)
Nancy Quinn Shovlain (Pansy)
Gold Circle
Patricia Powers Kennedy (Pine)
Silver Circle
Kathleen Bales Jorgensen (Pine)
Blue Circle
Elizabeth Payne Fesler (Pine)
Maureen Hand (Pine)
Mary Michie Logasa (Pearl)
Joan Sedgwick Madrid (Pine)
Susan Flippin McPherson (Pine)
Judy Nance (Pine)
Jacqueline Nelson (Pine)
Kathy Brown Pershern (Pearl)
Trudy Brower Sargent (Pine)
Jean Laughlin Turner (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Gretchen Dowler Astone (Dolphin)
Kylee Selby Brandt (Donor)
Patti Hageman Cobb (Pearl)
Col. Davidson Creely (Pearl)
Sandra Dearinger (Donor)
Nancy Johnson Dunston (Donor)
Babette Numon Frazier (Dolphin)
Marion Dimond Gapp (Dolphin)
Shelley Bingham Hook (Pine)
Debbra Hardy House (Pearl)
Marilyn McCaffrey Hunter (Dolphin)
Hazel Kuns Jones (Donor)
Lila Gallagher Kaspian (Dolphin)
Ruth Baggs Kuhlman (Pearl)
Deborah Shama Lantz (Pearl)
Gwendolyn Hoffman Lawton (Dolphin)
Sandra Marshall Olsson (Pine)
Ann Woodworth Peyton (Dolphin)
Michele Portwood-Robinson (Dolphin)
Michaela Grenata McIntyre (Pearl)
Kathleen Redmond Schaum (Pearl)
Nancy Evans Scott (Dolphin)
Stacy Alexander Stacey (Dolphin)
Maggie Rollins Stanton (Pine)
Kathy Hamilton Steinwedell (Pansy)
Kathleen O'Hara Wieczorek (Pearl)
Sunshine Trumbo Williams (Dolphin)
Gene Griffin Wilson (Pearl)

Gold Circle
Lynn Larson Blake (Pine)
Jean Knauss Welch (Pearl)
Silver Circle
Nancy Vivian Okey (Pine)
Blue Circle
Barbara Koch Carlson (Pine)
Frances Phillips Conklin (Pine)
Judith Feilen-Kocsis (Pearl)
Margaret Haugen Flott (Pearl)
Janet Lillegren Gustafson (Pearl)
Cheryl Going Harris (Pine)
Karen Ruzic Klein (Pine)
Dr. Judy La Marche LaMarche (Pearl)
Christina Richards Lane (Pine)
Tamara Witt Michaelson (Pine)
Mary Louise Holt Pridmore (Dolphin)
Nathalie Podrabsky Schmicker (Pine)
Joyce Krogen Ursin (Pansy)
Gail Stumpf Watts (Pearl)
Friendship Circle
Charlotte Burns (Pearl)
Susan Pattinson Carnell (Dolphin)
Dr. Sara Rusch Cusack (Pearl)
Mariam Alexanian Duckwall (Pearl)
Shirley Caldwell Goetz (Dolphin)
Ann Lindsey Gordon (Pearl)
Deborah Landmann Hayes (Pearl)
Elizabeth Roob Ireland (Dolphin)
Kay Watson Kelley (Donor)
Vicki Jacobsen Klump (Pine)
Tari Larson (Dolphin)
Mary Haman Lory (Pine)
Janet Martin (Donor)
Carolyn Rausch McLeod (Donor)
Phyllis Frudden Meyer (Pearl)
Marian Gregory Quigley (Pine)
Lisa Wood Rossmeissl (Dolphin)
Patricia Soellner Speicher (Dolphin)
Nancy Borchers Stevenson (Pearl)
Cecil Hynes Stick (Dolphin)
Linda Hanson Stolhanske (Dolphin)
Our Vision
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