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Oliver Scott Sykes

No description

Melody Carpio

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Oliver Scott Sykes

Oliver Scott Sykes
This is Oliver Scott Sykes.
Oliver helps people all over the world with his music.
Oliver saying what is on the picture has helped people that saw his interview or this picture.
Oliver has clothing that he sells called Drop Dead
Something that symbolizes Oliver is...
His full names is Oliver Scott Sykes. He also goes by Oli.
About Oliver!
Oli was born in November 20, 1986
Birth day & Place
He was born in Ashford, Kent, England.
They both moved around a lot and support Oli in his career. (In the bottom are his parents with Oli.)
His Parents are named Carol and Ian Sykes.
About His Parents
They are both from England.
Oli kept moving around a lot with his parents. He moved for about 5 years to Adelaide and Perth.
Oliver went to school at Stockbridge High School. He liked to study English and Art.
His Life
Oli loves to listen and make music. He first started to make CD's and short tracks under the name of Quakebeat.
In High school he had a group of friends that liked to do what he did and that was when they started to make a little band together.
He is the vocalist and songwriter.
Oliver Sykes is in a huge great band called Bring Me The Horizon.
"I was very quiet at school because I was bullied," he told Kerrang! "Apart from a small group of friends, no-one liked me so I kept my head down."It was a horrible time and it was tough because I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone about what was going on," he adds. "I think you should though. There's nothing wrong with telling someone if you're going through something. *Beeepp* the bullies, they're cowards."If you are being bullied at school, tell a friend, tell a teacher or tell your parents. But please tell someone.
Oliver did have a big struggle and that was being bullied.
Oliver was like an outcast and he was ignored by kids. At the end of high school Oli was subdued and shy.
His Accomplishments
1. Oliver has written about his life struggles that are much similar to many people that have struggles in their lives.
2. He has written songs that many people get inspired by.
3. He has saved millions of lives just with his music.
4. He has lived through every obstacle that comes to him and has made his life worth living.
5. He has made many records.
His Change...
Oliver changed because of his experiences of being bullied. He then found that there was more to life the just old regular school.
His Influence & Who...
He was influenced by two big bands called The Dillinger Escape Plan & Every Time I Die. He says those two bands were the biggest influence for him because of their music and they shared the stage once on Wraped and it was how his band came to a start.
He actually made music that many other bands now listened to and led them to the famous bands they might be today. He has let me know that I'm not the only one that has a hard life and that there are people there for me when i need them.
What He Has Left With Us
His music that has helped and influenced many people.
I never knew that he went to sing with Leeds Cockpit when the lead singer collapsed on stage and Oliver said to them that he would sing for them.
Something I can and always will remember about him till he dies is his music. Oliver is important to me because he has made music that has helped me and many to keep going no matter who has tried to bring you down.
Oliver Sykes
The End .
This is Oliver and his brother. His brother is named Tom Sykes.
His Brother
Here is a song that BMTH made.
"Can You Feel My Heart" from album "Sempiternal"
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