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Practial Micro-Biology

No description

Alfankoosh GP

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Practial Micro-Biology

practial micro-Biology
capsule staining
gram stain
exam sheet
Name :
Escherichia coli

Shape: short rods
Arrangement: single scattered
Color: red cell -no capsule- blue background
Name :
Klebsiella pneumoniae

Shape: short rods
Arrangement : single scattered
Color: red cell-colorless capsule-blue background
Escherichia coli
shape: short rods
arrangement : single scattered
color: red
gram reaction: G -ve

Staphylococcus aureus
shape: cocci
arrangement: bunches
color: violet
gram reaction: G +ve

Bacillus subtillus
shape: long rods
arrangement: chain
color: violet
gram reaction: G +ve

sacharomyces cervesia (yeast)
shape: larg oval
arrangement: single scattered
color: violet
gram reaction: G +ve
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