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Global Perspectives of Nursing

Nursing Unit

James Garvey

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Global Perspectives of Nursing

Global Perspectives of Nursing
Year 2, Block 2

Information on the Unit:
10 Week duration
Placement in Practice
Observed Placement
Presentation 3,000 word equivalent

International Global Models of Nursing
Madeleine Leininger
Leininger was the founder of
Transcultural Nursing.
She identified that "culture" and "care" were
the missing factors in nursing.
Preparation for
Global Placement
- what do I need to do?
Make a decision on where you would like to go
Next decide how long you are going to go for:
- just a couple of days
- a couple of weeks
- or a maximum of 4 weeks which means using 2 weeks of your annual leave
If you are failing practice you will NOT
be able to undertake this placement.
In this case you will be failing the Unit outcomes and will have to retake the Unit again in order to progress.
You MUST start to discuss your options for this
placement with your MENTOR at a very early stage so that providing you are passing your placement objectives, preparations can be made to arrange your placement and have your placement document signed off by your mentor prior to leaving your clinical placement setting.
Now that the placement period has been agreed you need to communicate with the placement area you want to visit and obtain their permission to attend.
This means you need to start the process of communication early:
- Find out who to contact
- Write or email them
- Indicate your intentions
- Obtain their agreement to support you.

(Remember this is an observed placement only - you are there to learn, watch and observe only)
You will need to ensure that the placement you visit has signed:
- All necessary documentation
The Unit itself will cover the following topics:

- Global Models of Nursing
- The role of the nurse nationally and internationally
- The concept of globalisation
- Presentation Skills
- Entrepreneurship in the nursing profession
- Policy initiatives that drive global health care
- Politics and management policies
- Management of disease
- Malnutrition
- Sanitation
- Poverty
- Tuberculosis
- Risk behaviour and the adoption of unhealthy life styles
- Diverse nursing roles
- Sexual Health - a global overview
- Global perspectives of mental health
- End of Unit Assessments
The End of Unit Assessment
Actually we will hear you!
and you have the option to decide how!
The end of Unit Assessment is a 15min
presentation on your placement visit.

The assessment MUST meet the Unit criteria and the marking criteria can be found in the Unit Spec on Moodle.
The presentation can be delivered in any format you prefer providing the Unit Outcomes are covered fully.
The Unit assessment is of 15 mins duration
presentations that are under this period of time will be penalised.
The presentation can be delivered by:
Power Point
Video podcast
Display / Demonstration
or any other means that you feel are suitable.
Please remember that you do not have to be present if choosing e.g. video podcast, if that helps with nerves etc but you will pass or fail subject to the content that you deliver.
The Unit Outcomes address the following aspects:

1. Show that you understand the diverse ways in which nurses work within society

2. Show how the power of communication was utilised by the nurse/s in your placement area in order to meet the health care needs of the respective client group

3. Underpin your presentation with evidence based data in a critical manner to show how care was made available to individuals / groups / communities. How was the care delivered collaboratively, was it effective, could it have been improved?

4. What contributions if any did other agencies or professions contribute to the quality of the client group?
"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who do."
Steven Jobbs
2nd Year – September 2012 Cohort
Elective – OBSERVED Placement Information Booklet

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