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Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

No description

jose barrera

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry.
The Logan family
The Wallaces family
(no picture found)
Chapter 1
In Chapter 1 Little man Did Not Want A Dirty book so the teacher punished him And,Little Man Got Splashed By The Bus And He Got All Dirty.
Chapter 2
In Chapter 2 Mr.Morrison
gets fired And They Have a
Discussion About Mr.Berry's
Chapter 3
In Chapter 3 Page 37 while going to school the school bus
kept splashing mud on them.
So they got revenge by digging a ditch and the bus got stuck >:D.
Chapter 4
In Chapter 4 page 70,71,and 72
Stacey and T.j had a fight near the Wallace store.
Chapter 5
In Chapter Five Page 98 Big Ma
Made Cassie Apologize To Lillian Jean And Cassie Broke Out In Tears.
Chapter 6
In Chapter 6 Uncle hammer
(Cassies uncle)Is Furious For What Mr.Simms Has Done Mr.Simms Twisted Cassies Arm (Mr.Simms Is The Logans
Enemy The Wallaces Are As well Enemies To The Logans.
Chapter 7
In Chapter 7 Stacey Got Offended Because T.j Called Her a Fat Preacher Just Because Of The Coat. Another Problem Is That Mr.Granger Wants The Land Back.
Chapter 8
T.j Blamed mama for his failing In chapter 8 so Mama got fired.
Chapter 9
In Chapter 9 Papa (Cassies Dad) Gets Shot By the Wallaces.
Chapter 10
In Chapter 10 Mr.Morrison (Papa's Friend) Moves Kalebs Truck.Also They Might Lose The Land.
Chapter 11
In Chapter 11 R.W
And Melvin (T.J's "Friends") (And T.j Is Cassies Friend) Beat Up T.j.
Chapter 12
In chapter 12 papa said he was going to kl the night riders.
The Rising action
The climax Is On Chapter 12
Papa Started A Fire!!!
Falling action
Falling action
T.j Went To Jail And Rain Washed Away The Fire And Cassie was really sad.
Thanks For Riding my
prezi :)
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