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The Hunger Games Book Report

By:Antonia Niles 7-02

antonia niles

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Book Report

The Hunger Games
By:Suzanne Collins Plot Summery Rising Action Conflict Falling Action Resolution/
Conclusion. Body Body Expostion/
Introduction The Hunger Games is based in a small place called District 12,the home of Katniss Everdeen,Peeta Mellark,Primrose Everdeen and Gale.The Hunger Games is a game to be placed on live tv.The Hunger Games is a game to amuze the people of the Discrits or to terrorize the families of the contestants.Once Primrose gets chosen to be a participate during the reaping,her older sister Katniss steps in.Katniss voluntered because she thought she would have better chance to survive then her 13 year-old sister.As the reaping for the boys goes on,they announce the boy is Peeta Mellark,The bakers son.Once the two were chosen they take the two to the main discrict called the Capitol.Where 24 people try to survive but only 1 comes out alive. Kantiss and Peeta are on their way to fight until they can.But before they must get training,get sponsers and get help and advice.The most difficult part for them is to get the adice from their mentor Haymicth.Haymitch was a winner from the hunger Games.Haymitch's words of advice were to get sponsers and to stay alive.GREAT WORDS OF ADVICE...The one thing Katniss could think about was her not getting liked by any of the sponsor.As some will say,Katniss was very well liked so easily. Katniss is getting a makeover by Cianna,the district 12,Hunger Games Stylist.Cianna giving her a makeover is the most important thing because with her new look, people will like the way she looks and will sponsor her to win the hunger games.Katniss is very figity well the stylist are giving her the makeover she'll never forget! Katniss was training at the training center before the games,when she finds her strength and Peeta found his.By finding their strengths it makes it easier to work towards the Hunger Games.by going from Station to Station they have ideas on what and how to survive in the horrors of the Hunger Games.The first part of the training is to start in the circle with Atala,the trainer,they have the freedom to go to any station at any time.Katniss first wants to go 'play' with the bow'n'arrows.After the first station Katniss choses,Peeta wants to go to the camouflage station,where they try to learn to paint a camouflage on to blend into things when in the hunger games.But when she finds Peeta in the back of the station she notices his painting skills.He is the one who paints all the cakes at the bakery.That is why his painting skills are so good. After the interviews are over the presure is off but the still have to make a inpression on the game makers.They go district after district.And since Katniss and Peeta are in dictrict 12,they are the last ones to go.After they hear the 11th dictrict go,they know they are next.Peeta goes up first and shows them his weightlifting but no one listens.He leaves after he is done.And up next is Katniss,she is showing her skills of bow and arrow.No one listens again.She is furious ,she decides to shoot the bow'n'arrow at their dinner,a pig.She shoots it an apple in it's mouth and once she does she gets it right in the middle and it hits the wall.She defiantly got their attention now.After she hits it she leaves the game makers questioning.Now finally that was over,the scores are on tv,Katniss and Peeta are both nervous.The highest score is out of 13.Watching the scores come up after each other,her ditrcit is up,Peeta gets an 8.Katniss is next,her picture comes up and she gets an....11!! They two partners, Katniss and Peeta are ready to begin the Hunger Games.5 minutes before the games, Cianna comes and visits.And then he wishes her good luck and off she goes. They all stand on the podium at the forest of the games.The bell is going to ring in 5,4,3,2,..DING!They are off running to safety.Some go to the tent in the middle of the feild to get the safety supplies or some run to the forest to find base.Katniss runs to the forest but where Peeta runs towards the cornacopia.As well as when Katniss is running far from the group because all the other richer distrcits as trained for this their whole life.She was worried since she only got that little training center part,that she would have a hard time trying to survive so she decided to run.Althought she almost grew up in the woods, she was still worried.After a couple days of the games,Katniss as survived everything the game makers have gaven to her like animals but one thing she didn't expect was a giant ball of fire coming her way.Once she saw the fire ball she sprinted away.After she got far enough,the fire has left her path.Once she moves from spot to spot,she finds Peeta with a group of the other contestants.The other contestants and Peeta find Katniss up in the trees,they try getting her with their bow'n'arrow but nothing can get her.This is the conflict because Katniss is trying to stay alive but only with a couple of necessary supplies. The falling action is when most of the contestants has left(died) from the hunger games.But their are still that some of that group that tried to kill Katniss.That group as decided to leave Peeta,so as Katniss is running from the group she spots Peeta in the ground with his rock camouflage on his face to camouflage to the rocks.She takes Peeta to somewhere safe so she can take care of him. The resolution is when Peeta and Katniss join forces and try to fight the last comtestant alive and once they defeat him,they must fight each other.After the gamemakers saw their team work they decided to do the last district alive wins the hunger games.Katniss and Peeta hear the great news and decided to give up after the games.Katniss and Peeta were both the winners of the Hunger games. So as it is told,The winners of the Games were
Katniss and Peeta.And that is the story of my book,The Hunger Games! The End Conflicts~Person vs Person

I think it is person vs person because Katniss is fighting others until one wins the games.Also because they are battling each other person within the 24 contestants. Reading Stratgies~

I mostly used visualizing and connecting because within the book there were parts where you could all most imagine your self doing what they were doing.For example when they were trying to impress the game makers.I could visualize Katniss hitting the apple and getting the game makers attention.I connected when they had they were going from station to station at the training center like when i could at dance aswell. Thanks you for your attention!!!
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