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Summer@Brown Orientation 2015

No description

Abbey Aevazelis

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Summer@Brown Orientation 2015

Welcome to Brown Pre-College and Undergraduate Programs 2016
Residential Life Partnership
Summer of 2015:

Nearly 4,000 Student enrollments just in Summer@Brown
200+ Individual courses
One, Two, Three and Four week courses
23 Departments from Anthropology to Visual Arts
273 Instructors

Transformative academic and social experience

International Draw: Public, Private, Charter, Partner Students

Ages 13 - 20: mostly 15 - 16

A and A/B students

Passionate about subject matter

Financial Aid: $1,355,209 (reflects a 50% increase since 2010)


40 Faculty
15 Post-Doctoral 2014
153 Graduate Students $1,668,206
24 Brown Staff Instructor & TA
44 Non-Brown Affiliates Compensation & Benefits

Summer@Brown Courses
Have a Great Summer!
Campus Resources
Residential Life - Natalie Basil

SEAS (Student & Employee Accessiblity Services) - Catherine Axe

The Writing Center - Rachel Toncelli

ITG (Instructional Techonolgy Group) - Ed Casey, Patricia Zudek, Sonia Benevides

Library - Bert Hollingsworth and Stephen LaValle
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