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Simple Past: Was/Were

No description

Laura Cristina Navarrete

on 22 April 2017

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Transcript of Simple Past: Was/Were

Reading and complete:
Vocabulary: word formation
Simple past WAS/WERE
It describes something that already happened.
Look and match:
Complete with was or were
Simple past
I was a kid
Write about where and how were you yesterday.
Listen. Complete with numbers and dates.
Simple Past
Write about what happened in each picture
P: S + was/were + Complement
N: S + was/were + not + complement
Q: Was/Were + s+ complement+ ?
I was

You were

He was

She was

It was

We were

You were

They were
Listen and repeat:
I + was + on my bed
They + were + angry with me.
3 o'clock
4 o'clock
5 o'clock
6 o'clock
7 o'clock
Theodore Washington
George Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Roosevelt
I________in Canberra last spring.
We_________at school last Saturday.
Tina_________at home yesterday.
Robert and Stan_________Garry's friends.
You_________very busy on Friday.
They_________in front of the supermarket.
I_________in the museum.
She_________in South Africa last month.
Jessica and Kimberly_________late for school.

In pairs, ask and answer questions:

Where were you born?
When were you born?
Where was your mother/father born?
Where were your grandparents born?
Nelson Bolivar Chopin Joan of Arc
Caracas Warsaw Paris London
1. Piano (n)____________
2. Compose (v)____________
3. Lead ____________
4. sail ____________
5. Politic ____________
Think of a famous statue and write a short text about it.
Say where it is, who is it, what was the person famous for
Activity (was/were/did)

1._______ want to go to Australia?
2._______ it a long trip?
3._______ they book their tickets at a travel agency?
4._______ the tickets expensive?
5. _______ they check in at Heathrow airport?
6. _______ they change planes 3 times?
7. ________ the second plane big?
8. ________ Emma worried?
9. ________ the plane land in Australia?
10. _______ they stay in Nova Scotia for a long time?
Listen and check. Then list and repeat. Copy the rhythm.
In pairs, ask and answer the questions about Raoul and Emma.
Listen to the end of the story. Where were they?
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