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Games Design - Character Creation

No description

Ryan Fisher

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Games Design - Character Creation

Games Design - Character Creation
The best games have memorable characters.
Can you name:
- the character?
- the game?
Time to Present Your Characters!
Now design your character using the skills you have learned.
Lara Croft
Trevor Phillips
Sonic the Hedgehog
'Splosion Man
Social Issues with Characters
Blog Post @ End
Guns, Weapons & Violence
Non-Lethal Weapons
What is Batman's "One Rule"?
"No Guns, No Killing..."
"Where's the fun in that?"
Write / Doodle
Take two minutes to write the name of (and draw if you want) your favourite games character.
Games Characters in Popular Culture
Write about your favourite character of all time! This doesn't need to be from a computer game.
Aims of Homework
- Consider Strengths, Weaknesses and Attributes.
- Reflect upon how much the character you created yourself was influenced by your favourite of all time.
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