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The Bermuda Triangle

During Grade 5 (2013), we had a smaller version of a personal project. This presentation took me 2 weeks, which is quite impressive.

Joshua Reid

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (also called: "Devil's Triangle" or "Limbo of the Lost") is an area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean where some ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared when they passed it.
What is The Bermuda Triangle?
There are many theories on how some ships and planes vanished without a trace in The Bermuda Triangle.
Rogue waves are about three times the height of a high wave which is about 10 feet tall. Rogue waves are very rare and scientists still do not know how they occur. They can sink a ship by filling it up with water.
What happened to the ships
that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?
I think what happened to the vanished ships is that they sank due to a combination of strong currents from The Gulf Stream and being overrun by water from rogue waves.
What happened to the planes that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?
Here are some pictures
I think what happened to the planes that disappeared is that the electromagnetic fog caused their compasses to fail, thus the planes went off course, ran out of fuel and crashed.
Here is a video
about the Bermuda Triangle
Some planes and vessels that disappeared in The Bermuda Triangle:
1. U.S.S Cyclops
and its crew of
2. Atalanta
3. Mary Celeste a small sail powered cargo-ship.
Flight 19
Flight 19's search plane
Star Tiger
Star Ariel
A Douglas DC-3 carrying 32
passengers disappeared in
Bermuda Triangle - Fact or Myth?
"The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle" by Chris Oxlade.
2. Electronic Fog
Bruce Gernon is the only person in the world who lived to tell his experience of a time warp, or what he calls an electronic fog.
He flew into a tunnel vortex in a cloud over The Bermuda Triangle and saw black lines (which he thinks are the fabric of time) on the side of the tunnel. When he flew out of the tunnel he was over Miami Beach, which in his calculations, should be half an hour or about 160 kilometres away from where he was.
3. Human Error
Maybe the Bermuda Triangle is a myth.
Maybe it is just human error that made
the ships sink and planes disappear.
4. Bad Weather

Bad weather storms could have sunk the ships. However storms do not explain how
the planes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.
5. Methane Hydrate

Gas called methane hydrate from under the sea bed erupts and rises to the surface as large bubbles. When the bubbles hit a ship, the ship loses its buoyancy and water rushes in, fills it up and sinks the ship.
Thank you for watching my prezi and I
hope you enjoyed it!
6. The Gulf Stream
The Gulf Stream is a strong ocean current in the Gulf of Mexico. It is like an underwater river, strong enough to push a ship further away than its actual position.
1. Rogue Waves
Where is The Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.
1. The Bermuda Triangle is believed to be the site where a number of planes and boats have mysteriously vanished without a trace

2. Most investigations indicate that the main reasons for the disappearances are human error and bad weather.

3. The actual number of incidents in the Bermuda Triangle is similar to other parts of the world.

4. Its reputation may scare people but many ships actually sail through, and many aircraft fly over, the Bermuda Triangle without any incident.

What do you think?
7. Magnetic Fields

In the Triangle, true north and magnetic north are the same. This may cause navigational errors in the Triangle. Also magnetic rocks under the ground distort the earth's magnetic field and may cause compass error.
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