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Cell Analogy Project

Zidaan Dutta, 10/16/12

Zidaan Dutta

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Zidaan Dutta
Per. 5 Plant Cell analogy to school The school principal is like a cells nucleus because he controls the school and what hapens, just like a nucleus controls the cell The library would be the endoplasmic reticulum because students check the books out and in, like an endoplasmic reticulum in a cell transports material throughout a cell The lunch ladies are like the mitochondria because they make food, which gives students energy/power Custodians are the lysosomes because they break things down such as trash. (clean up spills) Closets and desks are the vacuoles of the school because they store things for later use, just like a vacuole stores enzymes or water in a cell The gates and walls of our school would be the cell wall because they protect everything that is inside the building, which is what a cell wall does in a cell The administration is the cell membrane because the people in the office help dictate what and who goes in and what and who goes out of the school. A counselor is the Golgi body because they prepare the children to be sent to their destination; A.K.A. college and a good future. The chloroplast is like a solar panel on a school because solar panels capture energy from the rays of the sun and then they turn it into food or energy, just like what chloroplast does in a cell The ribosomes are like the teachers because they help transport information to the students by making diagrams and giving hands-on projects. The DNA would would be the information and knowledge. Plant Cell as a school
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