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Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

Branching Out

Tiffaney Brown

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

Branching Out
Promote and Publicize

Table of Contents
Slides 1- 2 Planning Process
Slides 4 Evidence of Research
Slides 9-12 Promotion Plan Description
Slides 13-19 Evidence of Campaign
Slides 20-23 Evidence of Technology Used
Slides 24 and 25 Evidence of Public Awareness and Promotion
Slides 26 and 27 Relationship to Family and Consumer Sciences
Slide 28 Bibliography
Planning Process
Identify Concerns:
FCCLA is not being promoted eficently in our community, due to the lack of tecnology that would reach the newer generation.

to design a web page and a twitter account, connecting club members and the community, with various other media.
Planning Process
Form A Plan:
We will meet with our media center technician who will help us create our website. We will develop and organize a web page, make a twitter account, add the Twitter link to our new website, promote the site, and link the web page to our school home page.
We developed a website consisting of our club leaders, sponsors, important dates, club meeting photos, and a link to our chapter Twitter account.
Follow Up:
We learned the importance of informing our members, parents, and the community about important FCCLA activities. Also, we developed the skills to create a website. As first year members we became more knowledgeable about FCCLA and got to know our adviser.
Evidence of Research
Evidence of Research
We interviewed our chapter adviser and asked her about membership trends, the growth of the organization, and traditional ways of communicating with the members. These are the traditional styles of communicating in our chapter:
-Bulletin Board
-Newspaper Articles
-Information Letter
-Net TV Announcements

We discussed how to use technology to better promote and publicize FCCLA.
Promotion Plan Description
Promotion Plan Description
FCCLA Bulletin board
Information letter
Officers speak to FCS classes
Invite students to first club meeting
Speak to OCHS
Invite all SOHS students to a club meeting
Text message alerts
Created the chapter website
Twitter page
Newspaper Articles
Meet Politicians
School announcements
Officers Speak at SBDM and FCS Advisory Committee
FCCLA Bulletin Board
Chapter officers put up a bulletin board in school hallway, on July 30 at 9:00am

Information Letter
Chapter President Susannah Frailey, along with the help of advisors typed up the FCCLA information letter. On July 30 at 9:00am

Text Message Alerts
First Vice-President of Public Relations, Katie Dalton sends club announcements via text message continuously throughout the school year.
School Announcements
Advisers send announcements and information for 5th period student body announcements throughout the school year.

Submitting News Paper Articles

Submit FCCLA club articles to the local and school newspaper all throughout the school year.
FCCLA Chapter Website

To design a webpage link informing members, school and community about important facts about FCCLA on December 6, 2012 and an ongoing basis.


To create a social media account informing members about important club meetings, field trips, due dates etc. all throughout the school year.
Officers Spoke to 18 FCS

In the beginning of the year the officers will speak to each FCS class to promote and publicize FCCLA.

First Club Meeting
All FCS students will be invited to attend the first club meeting without paying dues.
Promoting FCCLA at Neighboring School

State officer Raven Byars will speak at the beginning of the school year to Oldham County High School promoting membership.

Open Club Meeting to SOHS students
In January all students at SOHS will be invited to a club meeting to participate in Zumba to promote membership for the 2013-2014 school year.
Promote FCCLA Among Elected Officials
In November participate in Capitol Leadership in Washington D.C. and then in February SOLD Day in Frankfort KY.

Officers Speak at SBDM and FCS Advisory Committee

The state officers Raven Byars and chapter president Susannah Frailey will speak at the Advisory Committee in the spring and fall semester.
Evidence of Campaign
Bulletin Board
Information Letter
The hallway bulletin board recognizes members for their accomplishments and it includes the monthly calendar, which keeps members informed.
Officers Spoke to 18 FCS Classes
First Club Meeting
All FCS students were invited to the first club meeting. (with no dues paid)
Speaking To a Neighboring School
(In October 2012)
Invited all SOHS students to FCCLA club meeting in January 2013
Evidence of Technology Used
Text Message Alerts

Mobile Version of the SOHS Web Page
Evidence of Public Awareness and Promotion
Chapter Leaders
Chapter President Susannah Frailey
Japanese Culture Article
Chapter President goes to Japan
Site Base Council
Chapter Leaders
State officer Raven Byars attended Capital Leadership in Washington D.C. and met Mitch McConnell
SOLD Day in Frankfort, KY (Ernie Harris)
Vice President Raven Byars on the cover of Teen Times Magazine
Relationship to Family and Consumer Sciences
Relationship to Family and Consumer Sciences
Relationships and Parenting
Hospitality and Event Planning
Fashion and Interior Design
Life Skills
Bibliography MLA Style
Palmquist, Nancy. Personal Interview. 6 December 2012.
Weebly. www.weebly.com. Web Creation, 6 December 2012.
SOHS Website. http://www.oldham.kyschools.us/sohs/. School Website, 6 December 2012.
Twitter. www.twitter.com. Social Media Website, 6 December 2012
Twitter Page
Tiffaney Brown and Schuyler Gray

South Oldham High School FCCLA
South Oldham High School
Crestwood, KY
Central Region

Promote and Publicize FCCLA
Branching Out in FCCLA
Twitter Page
Full transcript