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Oregon Digital Collections

No description

katie moss

on 30 July 2010

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Transcript of Oregon Digital Collections

A Brief Look at Oregon Digital Showcasing the Unique Digital Collections
at Oregon State University and
University of Oregon Libraries "Porter Point" 1993 Oregon Department of
Fish and Wildlife Oregon Rocky Shore
Aerial Photography Survey View this collection: http://oregondigital.org/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=/rockshore93
"Ground to air view of an
S-61 helicopter airborne
with water bucket,
Mitchell Creek Fire,
Deschutes National Forest" The Gerald W. Williams
Collection View this Collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/gwilliams/ part of part of the "Eriogonum prociduum Reveal" part of the collection of OSU Herbarium
Type Specimens View this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/herbarium/ "Oregon Land Use Planning" from the collection of Oregon Exlorer view the collection: "Bowl promoting Bertha Masiku" part of the African Political Ephemera
and Realia Project view the collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/afpep/ "John Thomas
Bulldogging, Round-Up" part of the The Electric Studio
O.G. Allen collection,
ca. 1911-1913 view this collection: "Snowman at summit 1902
Waggoner, Muir, and Howe;
Father of the glaciers" part of the collection of Clarence L. Andrews
Photographs view this collection: "Close-up of students
seated at desks with raised hands
at the Disston School,
School District #177" part of the collection of Roy C. Andrews
Photographs View this collection: "Ten women posing in swimsuits
on a rocky beach" part of The Angelus Studio photograph
collection, 1880s-1940s view this collection: "Lucille Mulhall
Worlds Champion Cowgirl Roper" part of the collection of Bowman Walter S. Photographs view this collcetion: "Linus Pauling lecturing amidst several
molecular models. 1960s." from the collection of The Nature of the
Chemical Bond view this collection: "Bailey Brem" part of the Oregon State
Baseball Collection view this collection: "La Fuerza del Caballo" part of the Fairbanks Gallery of
Fine Art Collection view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=/fairbanks "Winyah, Simcoe Indian" part of the Oregon Multicultural Archives view this collcetion: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/cultural/ "Louise Johnson talks with
Walter Schroeder" part of the OSU Extension Services
Oral History Collection view this collection: "Cheese canning process" from the OSU Archives view this collecton: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/archives/ "Man with sack of apples" part of the Braceros in Oregon
Phtograph Collection view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/bracero/ "Linus Pauling holding two
laboratory rabbits. 1942." part of Linus Pauling:
It's in the Blood! view this project: "1964 Corvallis, Oregon Flood" part of the Rising Flood Waters:
1964 Corvallis collection view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/corflood64/ "Space-filling model of
the alpha-helix. 1951." part of the Linus Pauling and the
Race for DNA Collection View this collection: "Bob Rucker with chinooks" part of the Pacific Northwest
Stream Survey collection view this collection: "Indian Chief and B17" part of the The Lee D. Drake
collection, ca. 1910-1957 view the collection: "Jane Burnoudy
Spinning the Rope
Round-Up Pendleton OR." part of the The Charles W. Furlong
collection, 1895-1965 view this collection: "Kago (chair for traveling)" part of the The Gertrude Bass Warner
Collection, 1903-1929 view the collection: "Ready for a ride Hartshorn Family." part of The Album Collection view this collection: "Irma and Sailor Son" part of The James
Cloutier Collection view this collection: from the collection of Grayson Mathews view this collection: part of The Randall V. Mills
Photograph Collection view this collection: Black and white negative image
of a woman standing near a tipi
with a bundle of wood on her back. part of The Major Lee Moorhouse
Photograph Collection view this collection: "The Keeping of Record #26" part of The Dan Powell Photograph Collection view this collection: "Donuts, Pope's 1973 " part of The John Bauguess
Photograph Collection view this collection: "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge" part of the art & aRchitecture Collections view this collection: "Mount Angel Abbey Library" part of Building Oregon:
Architecture of Oregon and
the Pacific Northwest view this collection: "Mary Willmott, spinner,
weaver and quilter" part of the Doris Ulmann
Photograph Collection view this collection: "The Red Detachment of Women" from the e-Asia Digital Library view this collection: http://e-asia.uoregon.edu/ (RESTRICTED TO UO USERS) "In a canoe with you" part of the Historic Sheet Music
Collection view this collection: "OWL Farm Council Gathering" from the collection of Lesbian Intentional Communities:
Ruth Mountaingrove Photographs view this collection: Round platform khirigsuur,
among 6 other mounds and altars; deep hole in center part of the Mongolian Altai Inventory Image Collection view this collection: "Oregon Willamette Valley, sheet no. 7" from the collection of Oregon Maps view this collection: "Keystone" from the collection of Oregon Percent for Art View this collection: Elephant rock, near Gibbon, Oregon from the collection of Picturing the Cayuse,
Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes view the collection: "Animal House Delta House" from the collection of UO Archives Photographs view this collection: "Women's archery 1949" from the collection of UO Athletics view this collection: "Obama's March 2008 "Stand for Change" rally" from the collection of UO Stock Photos view this collection: from the collection of The Western Waters Digital Library:
Columbia River Basin in Oregon view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/aaa/ http://tiny.cc/244u8 http://tiny.cc/b6bqx http://tiny.cc/5l895 http://tiny.cc/w5zcz http://tiny.cc/w5zcz http://tiny.cc/mm9tk http://tinyurl.com/2e9c4ns http://tiny.cc/2bmoj http://tiny.cc/f5j5l http://tiny.cc/5yhq9 http://tiny.cc/h2lht http://tiny.cc/5ots0 http://tiny.cc/qo96h http://tiny.cc/n5sxu http://oregondigital.org/digcol/archpnw/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/sheetmusic/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/athletics/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/wwdl/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/comm/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/univ/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/maic/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/ormaps/index.php http://oregondigital.org/digcol/mh/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/uostock/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/oac/ http://oregondigital.org/digcol/ulmann/ http://www.oregonexplorer.info/index.aspx Dissociation & Trauma Archives view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/diss/ Dissociation cover Dissociation:
Progress in the Dissociative Disorders view this collection: Japanese American Student Relocation View this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/jasr/ "Beach Things" from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Collection view this collection: (RESTRICTED TO uo USERS) Renascence Editions view this collection: An online repository of works printed in English
Between the Years 1477 and 1799 Scholars' Bank The UO's institutional repository
consisting of the scholarly output of
faculty, staff and students at UO. view scholarly works: https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/ UO Channel Streaming video and audio of lectures
and talks on the UO campus. View this collection: http://media.uoregon.edu/channel/ Spring 2010 Commencement from the Univeristy of Oregon
Office of the President view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/uopres/ Oregon Daily Emerald
Archives view the archives: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/ode/ "The School of the Museum of Fine Arts,
Boston and Grennan & Sperandio present
Art school Superstars" from the collection of Artists' books at the
University of Oregon view this collection: http://oregondigital.org/digcol/bookarts/ Local & Regional
Documents Archive view the archives: http://tiny.cc/bwkk0 Hartshorn (Florence M.) Photographs http://tiny.cc/db9s0 http://tiny.cc/06i6n http://tiny.cc/o40b5 https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/handle/1794/1129 http://tiny.cc/z8gnz http://tiny.cc/hcn54 https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/handle/1794/506 http://tiny.cc/5h5jh http://tiny.cc/grqgp http://tiny.cc/gew03
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