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Literary Devices in Hamlet

No description

Ana Karen Ortiz

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Literary Devices in Hamlet

el Mexican, the Jew, and da Black Gurl Literary Techniques Found in Hamlet Symbols Structure Irony Themes Genre- Revenge Tragedy Set in Elsinore, Denmark
During the late middle ages Yorick's Skull and the Graveyard
Hamlet comes to a realization about the inevitability of death

Ophelia hands out flowers to her family and friends, each flower having a symbolic meaning Dramatic Irony - found throughout the whole work, adds to the suspense of the play

Claudius killed Hamlet's dad
Hamlet was not actually insane
Gertrude was spying on Hamlet with Polonius
Claudius' plan to kill Hamlet......the plan backfires Iambic Pentameter
Verse and Prose
Sonnets- 14 lines
Soliloquies Madness
Both real and feigned by Hamlet and Ophelia

Not only sought out by Hamlet, but Laertes and Fortinbras as well

Much death occurs throughout the play including the final bloodbath
Hamlet constantly thinks about death and suicide Claudius murders Hamlet's father

The ghost of Hamlet's father visits Hamlet. He wants Hamlet to avenge his death

Hamlet wants revenge

Bloodbath of almost every central character, including hero (Hamlet) Setting! Ophelia When Ophelia begins to go insane, her words become a mix of verse and prose. To Laertes:
Rosemary - Remembrance
Pansy - Thoughts

To Claudius:
Fennel - Flattery
Columbine - Foolishness

To the Queen:
Rue - Linked with abortion and adultery

Does not give:
English Daisy - Innocence
Violets - Faithfulness Themes Cont. Lies and Deceit
Hamlet is surrounded by much deception and wishes to find the truth, but is trapped in a world where lying is rampant

Hamlet has a sexist attitude
Condemns his mother for her weakness and not staying loyal to his father
Causes Ophelia to go mad Tone & Mood Serious
#DaddyIssues "Frailty, thy name is woman." Foil Characters Hamlet- Slow to Act- For Revenge Laertes- Quick to Act- For Revenge Fortinbras- Quick to Act- For Honor
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