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A grim brothers fairy tale project!

Lauren Sutton

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Rapunzel

By: Lauren, Dawson, and Allison Rapunzel Settings, Characters, Conflict The setting of the story takes place deep in the forest in a tall tower! The main characters in the story are Rapunzel, the prince and Gothel! The conflict in Rapunzel is that she wants to escape and leave the tower but Gothel will not let her! Rising action 3 major events that happen in the rising action are:
1. The queen have to gave up Rapunzel for rampion!
2. Gothel took Rapunzel into a tower deep in the forest!
3. The Kings son heard Rapunzels voice when she was singing
in the tower! Climax Falling action He fell out of the tower then went blind, then Rapunzel cried on him and he was able to see again! Resolution He led her to his kingdom where he was joyfully received, and they lived for a long time afterwards, happy and contented! Theme! Don't give up on what you love! The climax is where Gothel finds out Rapunzel is trying to escape with the prince!
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