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No description

Ivo Dufief

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Context/plot

In this scene we can see Clay that is about to propose marriage to his girlfriend Christine. Then, Clay takes out the envelop with the button in. Christine realizes she gave back the wrong envelop and because of her madness and sadness she walked backwards crying and fell on the train tracks. Clay tried to help her get up but it was already too late. The train was already traveling towards her very fast. When the train was about to kill her, a hole opened from the ground and arms started dragging her to hell. The only person who knows the real death of Christine was his boyfriend Clay.

Most of the movie is filmed in America, Los Angeles. This scene is filmed in the train station of Los Angeles waiting for the train.

The dialogue in this scene is a very emotional discussion since Clay will propose marriage to Christine. Furthermore, the dialogue is very simple with short sentences.

In this scene there is no music, however, there are special sound effects added throughout the hole scene. For example, the sound of the train that is about to run over Christine while she is being dragged to hell.

Like in every movie, the camera is mostly placed on the shoulder of the person speaking. This is because so that you can clearly see who is speaking and to who this person is discussing.

In my opinion, this movie is a really good movie with good scenes and a good story. I think that the actors acted well however there are some scenes that they could have acted better. Furthermore, I think the director should not have included a lot of fake things. For example, when Chrisitine is in her clauset looking for stuff and suddenly the old women appears and introduces her whole arm into Chrisitine’s throat.

Scene Analysis-Drag me to hell
In this movie, one thing I would change would be the reason of why Christine gets possessed by the spirit because I think it is a quite dumb reason of why she gets possessed.
However, something I would not change are the actors because I think they are good actors that act very well.
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