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(Final Draft) Character Assignment - Elijah Whiskeyjack


Grace Hwang

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of (Final Draft) Character Assignment - Elijah Whiskeyjack

Elijah Weesageechak (Wiskeyjack) Elijah is an orphan who was raised by nuns in a residential school in Moose Factory. He speaks better engliah than Xavier. Elijah and Xavier are really close friends, they met at the residential school they both went to. They both volunteer to join the Canadian army in the World War 1. Elijah is a great hunter, a good sniper, and a great storyteller. He is also addicted to morphine, influenced by Grey Eyes. Memories of Elijah and Xavier Elijah and Xavier went to a residential school together. They started their strong friendship at their residential school.
“I do remember having to sit in hard chairs…and Elijah made sure to sit beside me.” (Boyden 151) Elijah and Xavier used to go hunting together.
"'Do you remember the time you had antlers?' I wonder for a moment what he is talking about, force myself back to Mushkegowuk, a place I try not to think about for fear it will make me homesick. 'When we were caribou hunting?' I ask. He nods. I smile." (Boyden 115) Elijah and Xavier experiences escaping a forest fire.
“I feel the embers hit and sizzle on my wet head. We wade forward clumsily in the dark, feel our way over the rocks and sinking mud.” (Boyden 55) Native Culture Elijah's hunting skills impress many people in the war.
"I can see that Elijah knows exactly what Thompson's asking. Thompson is asking if Elijah likes killing. Elijah considers it for a moment. 'It's in my blood,' he finally says." (Boyden 75) Elijah and Xavier speak in Cree when they are alone or don't want other people to hear.
"'Xavier, see those faces there,' Elijah says to me in Cree, pointing..." (Boyden 70) Stories Elijah speaks with confidence and enjoys the attention that he gets when he is telling stories.
"He tells jokes and makes the others laugh and brags that he has now killed men, all of them close enough that he could hear them die." (Boyden 77) Elijah's the storyteller and Xavier is the listener.
"Elijah, he tells me a story of a night in Albert. He has no choice but to tell me. I am his listener." (Boyden 197) Elijah is great at socializing, he can joke around and share stories with almost anyone. "I look around and realize that I know very few of the men by name any more. So many have come and gone that I've lost track. Amazingly, Elijah seems to know all of them, acts as if he has known them for years." (Boyden 243) Influenced by... Grey Eyes got Elijah addicted to morphine.
“When he’s gone too long without the medicine… he becomes fragile and headaches cause him so much pain… When he does not take the morphine, he is afraid of the world” (Boyden 212) The people around Elijah thinks he is better than Xavier. This influences him to think that he is actually better and that he should be treated more like someone well-known compared to how Xavier should be treated. (He becomes more competitive).
"Elijah is shocked and even a little angry that he was wrong and I was right." (Boyden 229) Elijah wants more people to know of him.
"Before he leaves a corpse, ... he has taken to opening each man's eyes and staring into them, then closing them with his calloused right hnd, ... knowing that he, Elijah, is the last thing that each will see before being placed into the cold mud and water here." (Boyden 200) "Elijah's reputation is growing, I konw, and Elijah's vanity being fed makes him content and happy. Elijah is already known as a great killer/hunter.
"'It's Elijah that's the killer,' Grey Eyes says suddenly. 'X just spots for him. Elijah told me how X threw up the first time he saw Elijah get a kill.'" (Boyden 97)
This quote from the text illustrates how people think of how great Elijah is, especially when compared with Xavier. "He is Whiskeyjack the Indian and Whiskeyjack the killer.
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