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Using Coordinates In Every Day Life

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madiyn fessenden

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Using Coordinates In Every Day Life

Ordered pairs
Ordered pairs are like buildings on a grid. When a landscaper wants to put a garden or a building somewhere, they put a dot for example, to represent the building so then they know where to put the it.
Using Coordinates In Every Day Life
By: (5,7) (Madilyn Fessenden)
The Grid
Every Day Life
When It Is Helpful
This is a coordinate grid. On a coordinate grid there is a Y axis and a X axis. The X axis goes horizontal and the Y axis goes vertical. You always start on the X axis first and then go on the Y axis.
You can use coordinates in everyday life. If you grew up to be a landscaper, coordinates would be a very helpful friend. Coordinates help place buildings or gardens so landscapers wont be confused.
A landscaper is a person who makes cities, gardens, and many more very important things that we need in our life. They use a grid to help them know where to put ordered pairs.
Ordered Pairs
Helpful tip: In the alphabet the X goes
before the Y.
Coordinates are helpful when you want to make a drawing, place an object, even find out where a building should be!Its easy! Just make a coordinate grid, make the X and Y axis, then place your ordered pairs. Once you follow these easy steps, any body can do it!!
I hope you learned about coordinate grids and how they are helpful in our everyday life. I know that once you try, you can finish any other grid the rest of your life.
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