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By Kira

lis lab3

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Volleyball!


The goal of volleyball is to keep the ball in the air and score the most points by hitting it to the other side, with no interceptions. People play volleyball around the world!
Volleyball was created in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895 by a gym teacher, named William G. Morgan, who wanted to combine basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball into one sport.
You can play volleyball just about anywhere. You can play inside, outside or anywhere you have space for about 24 people to be spread out, and pick a place where no one would be in harm's way.
All you need to play volleyball is about 24 people, a net and 2 poles to connect the net.
Ready position, rotate, set, forearm pass, dig, double hit, bump, and violation, are some words people say when playing volleyball.
One well-known volley player is Elaine Youngs!
She was born in Orange County, California on February 14th, 1970. She is famous for playing at the Olympics!
Thanks for watching...
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