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Report On TEN's 360

No description

Fahim Azmain

on 3 December 2017

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Transcript of Report On TEN's 360

Report on TEN's 360

SWOT Analysis
Company profile
Service Units
Company Growth
Political Factors
• Government policy on econmy
• Political stability of our country
• Issues of good governance and corruption
• Taxation policies
Economic Factors
• Economic growth rate
• Lower interest rate
• Inflation rate
• Impact of globalization
Social Factors
• Social changes ( in attitude, beliefs, values etc)
• Consumer buying pattern
• Educational insfrastructure
• Ethics/Religious views

Accessibility: They allows 24 hours access, seven days a week for their customers.

Security system: The company maintains a locked filling cabinet to prevent business information getting exposed.

Customer loyalty: They provide satisfactory services to their customers and thus the customers maintain their loyalty.

Incapable of promoting at a large scale

Online products and services are intangible

Individual demand of the customers

TEN’s 360 has not still created their own smartphone app
No Marketing firm provide all the three services together (Merchandising, IT, Digital marketing)

Latest digital technologies are all around us and faster than before.

There have been less competition by social media.
It is tough to find the right talented resource, for any particular task.

Difficult to handle newly introduced techniques with fewer resources.

New Entrants
MGT 211 - Report Presentation
Thank you! :)
Technological Factors
• Technological advancements
• Access to various devices
• Increasing use of social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)

Environmental Factors
• Increasing awareness about environment
• Enery saving marketing ideas
• Recycling considerations

Legal Factors
• Licensisng framework
• Consumer law
• Intellectual security law
• Industry specific regulations
(e.g : The Advertising Codes
The Programme Codes )
Porter's Five Forces
Competitive Rivalry
Competition is high.
Marketing and IT Firms are increasing.
Threat of Substitutes
In-house marketing strategy and content developers.
Power of Buyer
Client's Expectations
Alternative agencies options for clients
Power of Suppliers
Wide range of options of vendors and outsourcing.
Power of suppliers is low
Incresed Profitability
Threat of New Entrants
People's interest has increased in Digital Marketing
Companies are easy to form
Improvement in IT section.
Hire more employees to increase productivity.
Focus on business development to get more clients.
Group Members
Md.Fahim Azmain 14201057
Shihab Al Mahmud 15104040
Nusrat Rahman Chowdhury 16104158
Maliha Tasmin 15305028

Two types of Marketing Service
1. Online Marketing
2. Offline Marketing
Digital Marketing
Software and IT
Growing fast as a startup without major investment.
Increasing quality and client acceptance.
Increasing workforce for growing number of projects.
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