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Airtel Bangladesh

No description

Fahim Azmain

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Airtel Bangladesh

Airtel Bangladesh

General and Task Environment
Organizational Design
CSR Activities
Subscribers (Customers)
Company Background
SWOT Analysis
Economic Factors
• Long term and short term state of a trading market

• Inflation is controlled by State Bank
Technological Factors
• Technology with which they compete
Political-legal Factors
• Level playing field
• Telecom deregulation
• Independent regulation
• Reduction in taxes and Duties
Social Factors
• The way how consumers think, feel and select a cellular phone.
• The psychology of how consumer is influences by culture, family and social steps.
• Anything against the philosophy of Islam are treated as against Bangladesh.
• Most people dislike anything extra ordinary.
• Mostly published their advertisement in English.

Socio-cultural Activities and Contribution
• In promoting different socio-cultural activities and sports

• Also sponsors different types of socio-cultural programme.

• Banglalink, Grameenphone, Teletalk, Citycell, And Robi.
1.Audit, Risk & Corporate Governance Division
2.Customer Service Division
3. Engineering Division
4. Finance Division
5. Govt. & Operators Relation Division
6. Human Resource & Administration Division
7. Information Technology Division
8. Legal & Corporate Affairs Division

9. Management Division
10. Marketing Division
11. Procurement Division
12. Logistics Division
13. Project Management Office & Quality Assurance Division
14. Sales Division
15. Strategic Planning & Business Development Division

Youth of the Nation Award

Ghuri Fest

Blanket for Cold Affected
Reduction of power usage

Talent Search
Type of company & whereabouts
-Basic & Data Services
Revenues & net income
-Customer Segmentation

-Marketing Strategies

-Product Positioning

-Marketing Product mix (4 p’s)
Global brand image

Customer service

Young generation’s choice

Product availability

Low price as compared to quality provided
Limited coverage

Poor distribution channel in ruralarea

Poor Edge/GPRS service

Poorer coverage than the competitor.

Less experienced employees than competitors
Better 3G offers

New technology

A developing market

Product with very long life cycle.

International roaming package
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Report on
• More than 3.5 million customers. (may 2009)
• Fastest growing cellular phone.
• Had 3500 base statement (Dec 2007)
• Goal is to provide cost effective and quality cellular service in Bangladesh

Political condition

New entrants

Government’s rule

High public expectations
MGT 211 - Term Paper Presentation
Thank you! :)
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