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Heygate Estate

No description

lucia caistor

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Heygate Estate

Heygate estate. Cultural richness Beyond polarised rhetoric & aesthetics “…rotten places like the Heygate estate ... which fortunately is being pulled down. It should never have been built.” Michael Caine

“a classic example of state-sponsored, de-greening gentrification,” characteristed by an “infantile, jolly aesthetic” Owen Hatherley

“Almost overnight we woke up to be told we were living on one of the worst estates in Britain.” Jerry Flynn Stakeholder Network Methodology cafe, legal advice, free classes, video rental, disco...
Redevelopment will be good for the business
not concerned with being pushed out well established in the community (16 years)
the development hasn't affected business
other specialised businesses have been affected by hoarding and forced to close Bike shop Displacement Community consultation Community groups concerned about...

the masterplan not reflecting the character of the area (e.g. a football pitch for the Latin American community)
the impact on existing local amenities
new amenities won't meet local needs
the removal of the existing mature trees
exclusion of locals from the decision-making process

How far is it possible to say anything meaningful about a case like this without taking sides?

What does a case like the Heygate tell us about the relationship between local councils and local residents?

What are the limits to knowledge in investigating an ongoing, incomplete and complex situation such as this?

Has the project met the right balance between the housing needs of the city and local needs? "I think the regeneration of Elephant and Castle is positive, but it’s also challenging. We need to have time and space to grieve about the things we have let go of; it is beautiful, et sad. I look up at that huge new building, and I think it’s a really big change. It feels inevitable, though..."
Maria, Heygate Resident. Conclusion
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