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CM 380 Cultivation

Mass Media Theories Lecture Cultivation

Patrice Oppliger

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of CM 380 Cultivation

Includes historical record of televised representations of health and nutrition, religion, science, and women and minorities

Media's influence on public's expectations in Medicine and Law:
Role of women over time
Role of Race
Role of Uncivil Discourse
Economic "Realities"
Q 1. How likely are you to be a victim of a violent crime:
Media creates its own "reality"

Overtime, viewers see "media reality" as normal

Q 2. Patrol officers are more likely to:
Cultivation Quiz:
a. 1 in 10
b. 1 in 100
a. ride alone
b. ride with a partner
"Mean World Syndrome"
"Cultural Indicators" project: 1972 - present
Heavy viewers vs. Light viewers
Cultivation looks at amount of viewing:
*early theory did not distinguish between genres
*mostly focused on television
Heavy viewing results in common outlook on the world
When viewers’ real-life environment is like the world of TV; these viewers are especially susceptible to TV’s cultivating power.
Media create an effect where the world is scary and people cannot be trusted
Examples of Cultivation:
creating a "TV" reality

Examples: CSI and House
(drip, drip effect)
Families expect patients to survive cardiac arrest.
Juries expecting DNA Evidence
Also applies to politics and economics
That Girl 1966-71
Girls 2012 -
Sex and the City 1998-2004
The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1970-76
One Day at a Time 1975-84
Good Times 1974-79
Sanford and Son 1972-77
Chico and the Man 1974-78
The Cosby Show 1984-92
black-ish 2014 -
Cristela 2014-15
Fresh Off the Boat 2015 -
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