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Unit 6 - Critical Approaches to

No description

Kasie Robertson

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Unit 6 - Critical Approaches to

Uses and Gratifications
Looks at how audiences reacts to media products.

We use media to satisfy our individual needs

It is possible for us to reject certain elements. We take what we want from the media.

The audiences are responsible for choosing the media to meet their needs.
Learning Objectives
Starter Activity
Please complete the word search,
terms we are covering in today's session!
Hypodermic Needle / Magic Bullet
Early days of understanding mass audiences.

Believes mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences.

Bobo doll experiment.

Audience is -
Passive/inactive - audience are like
blank pages

Why do audiences choose to consume certain products?
Task 1

Unit 6 - Critical Approaches to
Creative Media Products

Understand how media audiences respond to media products
Covering Learning Objective 3)
Aim of the session -

To explore the different types of audience theory.
Learning Objectives
1) In pairs, research a specific Audience Theory.
2) Discuss your chosen theory as a group.
3) Use this information to conduct a survey on violence in video games.
How do they consume media products?
What happens when they consume media?
In 4 groups research the audience theories -
Hypodermic Syringe
Two Step Flow
Uses and Gratifications
Reception Theory

What are your views?!
We will discuss as a group when you return!
Can you argue this?
Audience is - Active, makes their own decisions.
2 Step Flow Theory
Mass media travels through 2 stages
Opinion leader - Mother
Audience - Son

Opinion leader - Russel Brand
Audience - You?
Base their opinions on something, through
someone they trust, their opinions
Reception Theory
The theory suggests that -

When a producer constructs a text it is

with a

In some cases, audiences will correctly

and understand what the
producer is trying to say.

Suggests the way an audience reacts is dependent on their cultural background.

Task 2 -
Working individually; research the effects of violent computer games on the young.

- Read and evaluate the articles provided or research your own.

- Create a questionnaire on the effects of violent video games.

- Write an report on your findings.
intended message
This looks great, I will go with them!

This looks good but they are others!

This is awful, I don't like it!

Can you think of any current examples?

LARGELY Criticised!
Uses and Gratifications Theory
For information (knowledge/education)
each individual is different, different wants and needs may differ.

(Blumler & Katz, 1974)
Integration and Social Interaction
(Katz and Lazarsfeld 1955)
(Stuart Hall 1980)
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