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Grand Lux Cafe

No description

Fang Huang

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Grand Lux Cafe

Target Market Segments
High End Moderate Price
Demographic – Wide variety of cultures and ages but recently toward a younger, more health conscious market
Family Friendly

Thank you for your attention
Any Questions?
Target Markets and Positioning
Marketing Mix Variables
Marketing Mix Variables
Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Three Dudes and a Lady
Something for Everyone
Company Overview & Mission Statement
SWOT Analysis
Is owned and operated by The Cheesecake Factory.

Designed by David Overton.

Restaurant Locations:
Grand Lux Cafe: 11

Mission: To create an environment where guest satisfaction is our highest priority

Darden Restaurant(Oliver Garden, Yard House)
BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse
Brinker International(Maggiano's)

Company Website:
• Uses reputation from Cheesecake Factory to launch themselves into a strong position in the market
• Something for everyone. Expansive menu, affordable prices, large portions
• Unique in that it’s first location is on the LV Strip

Grand Lux Cafe
• Compared to Cheesecake Factory, avg check per person is 1-2 dollars more
• Sets themselves apart by having a vast, globally inspired menu
• Going to be toning down the concept to make it more similar to Cheesecake Factory

Huge Variety / Cuisines, Prices, Tastes
Traditional vs. Versions w/ a Twist
Takes some desserts from Cheesecake Factory but makes their own as well
Atmosphere draws inspiration from the old world cafes of Europe, which provides a feast for the eyes as much food does for the stomach.
Design of Grand Lux Cafe is meant to grab your attention and elevate your experience

• Avg check / person is $20.10, $19.60, $19.30 for GLC in 2013, 2012, and 2011 respectively

• TCF was $19.70, $19.30, $19.10, Maggiano’s - $26.72, BJ’s - $14

• Items range from $7.95 – $19.95 for breakfast, $4.95 – $31.95 for lunch/dinner

• Late night Menu features items from all times of the day

11 Locations Nationwide

They target restaurant destination in superb, prominent areas with adjusted blend of living arrangements tourism and organizations such as, shopping and amusement outlets.

They strive to guarantee that all their food suppliers have annual safety quality system audit. So they can provide the best products to meet the customer’s expectations.

Grand Lux Café utilizes internet and social media to spread their feature menu including nutritional information etc.

They do not advertise commercially over the television and media unless its for a newly opening.
Offer Gift Cards that can be purchased at Grand Lux locations as well as retailers.
They promote their special dishes on their Facebook page as well as doing cooking demonstrations at stores such as William Sonoma.
There are some promotions with other websites such as Expedia.

Company History
The concept of Grand Lux Cafe came about when David Overton, the man behind The Cheesecake Factory was approached by The Venetian to create a fine dining / casual concept.

Going off the Venetian theme, Overton studied the grand cafes of the "old world" to draw inspiration for the food, architecture, design, and decor which resulted in the restaurant chain we see today.
SWOT Analysis
• Resources/Adaptability – Has the resources to adjust the concept of the restaurant if needed due to being under the Cheesecake Factory umbrella.
• Potentially appeals to a wide variety of customer segments
• Baked goods, for people to buy and take home represent an opportunity

SWOT Analysis
• Cheesecake Factory / Location / Similar Concept
• Economic Factors / Ability to adapt to change in economic environment (closed down 3 properties)
• General Underperformance

• Not generating enough revenue / location selection

• Atmosphere can still be intimidating

• Downscaling Menu
Product Price Place Promotion
Product Price Place Promotion
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Downsizing rather than downgrading

Change image to be more than a fancier cheesecake factory.
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