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A story arch of the series Avatar: The Last Airbender and the new series Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Gavin Holland

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender The Four Nations: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air Nomads Live In Peace. Each Nation Has Those Who Can Bend Their Nations Element Called Benders. But, Only One Can Bend All Four Elements. That Is The Avatar. The Avatar Is Born In Succession, One After The Last One Dies, Into Each Of The Four Nations In Order. Earth, Fire, Air, Water Avatar Roku Born Into The Fire Nation.
Animal Guide: Dragon
Died In Poisonus Gas From Volcano
While Saving A Village. The Story Begins... A Brother And Sister Named Sokka And Katara Are Searching For Food When They Discover A Boy Trapped In Ice. After Freeing The Boy, They Discover He Is An Airbender. The Last Surviving Member From An Extinct Nation. The Boy's Name is Aang, And He Is Completely Unaware Of The War The Fire Nation Has Raged On The Other Nations. Aang is the embodiment of the Air Nomads. Free spirited and playful. Aang Discovers That His Running Away From The Air Temple Wasn't Just For A Few Days, But 100 Years. He Ran Away Because He Got The News He Was The Avatar. Avatar Aang
Born Into Air Nomads
Animal Guide: Flying Bison A Banished Prince From The Fire Nation Is Roaming The World Looking For The Avatar To Reclaim His Honor. He Finds Aang At The South Pole And Plans To Take Him Back To The Fire Nation. Aang, After A Vision, Discovers That He Must Learn To Master All Of The Four Elements In One Year If The World Is To Say In Balance (a chief duty of the Avatar). It Took Avatar Roku 12 Years To Become A Fully Realized Avatar. (An Avatar that is master of all four elements). The Gang Travels To The Northern Water Tribe To Learn Waterbending, The Next Element In The Cycle. While In The Northern Water Tribe, The Fire Nation Attacks, Wanting To Subdue The Avatar. While In The City, The Fire Nation Attacks.
In An Act To Limit The Waterbenders Powers
A Fire Nation General, Zhao, Kills The Moon Spirit. The Power Behind Waterbenders. Also, The Avatar Is The Only Person Who Can
Communicate With The Spirit World A Flaw In The Fire Nation's Plan Was The Water Tribes Princess, Yue. At Birth She Was Embedded With The Moon Spirit. To Save Her People, She Gave Her Life Back. Also, She Was Sokka's Girlfriend. Princess Azula
Zuko's Sister.
Firelord Ozai enlist his ruthless daughter
to Do What His Son Couldn't. Aang leaves the Northern Water Tribe to learn Earth Bending. Aang meets his Earth Bending Teacher, A Blind
Highborne girl Named Toph Beifong. Aang discovers an opening to defeat the Fire Nation. A solar eclispe that will knock out the fire benders powers. Azula found out about the plan and infiltrated the Earth Kingdom, effectively taking over the cities secret police, The Dai Li. (All Earth Bending Masters) Aang Attempts To Thwart Azula And The Dai Li By Entering The Avatar State, A Power The Avatar Has That Allows Him To Access All Of The Abilities Of Past Avatars. But, If Killed In The Avatar State, The Avatar Ceases To Exist. Azula Nearly Kills Aang With A Lighting Blast While In The Avatar State. The Last Strong Hold Against The Fire Nation, Ba Sing Se, Falls With Aang. After weeks of healing, Aang and the gang infiltrate the fire nation in disguise. After returing home a hero, Zuko leaves the fire nation. In the end he teaches Aang Firebending. Aang must defeat the firelord before Sozin's comet. Named for the man who betrayed Avatar Roku. The comet will give Firebenders unlimited power. Just a few days before, Aang realizes he might have to kill Firelord Ozai. Aang, a monk, goes on a spiritual journey to find an alternative. After almost proving a noshow to the fight Aang shows up. After defeating Firelord Ozai, Avatar Aang does what no Avatar before him has ever done, Energy Bending. An act that he uses to remove Ozai's firebending. The End! The Legend Of Korra. 70 Years After The 100 Year War Stands Republic City, Made From Earth Kingdom, Fire Colonies. The City Was Founded By Avatar Aang And Firelord Zuko. Avatar Aang Is Gone, But The Avatar
Is Reborn In A Teenage Girl From The
Southern Water Tribe Named
Korra. Korra Has Mastered Water, Earth, And Fire. But, Has Never Been Able To Achieve Airbending. Her Airbending Master Is The Only One, Tenzin, Aang And Katara's Son. Korra Is Too Hot Headed To Achieve Airbending, And Constantly Defies Master Tenzin. An Anti Bender Rebellion Has Struck Republic City. The Leader Of What Is Called The Equalists, Employs Chi-Blocking Against benders. A Fighting Style That Hits The Pressure Points And Rids The Person Of bending. The Leader Of The Equalists Can Permantely Remove Bending. Korra Is Immersed In What Is Called Pro-Bending. A Professional Game Using Element Bending To Beat Another Team. Avatar Korra.
Animal Guide: Polar Bear Dog Named Nagga.
Born Into Southern Waterbending Tribe. Thank you for watching,
and I hope you see my
other Prezis, too! And don't miss my next
Prezi, Avatar: Avatar bios!
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