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Art of Contemplation

No description

Javeed Kassam

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of Art of Contemplation

The Art of Contemplation Constant Remeberance Meditation Mind Control Slow Down Ziban Companionship Virtues Increments Meditate Invoke Association Ritual Zikr Language Duality Symbols Relationship between man and divine Language veils and unveils Poetics Ziban In everything we do Zikr Jali-Zikr Khafi Utter Qualities Names Attributes seeds Soul Soil Trees manifestation Tasbi, WWW, charge phone Jnanic Karmic Bhaktic e.e Slow down you move to fast Two ends of the day Spiritual pacemakers Stimulate heart Attraction not distraction Say no to mind Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
Habit busters
Responsibilities- not rights
Respond rather than react
Sacred arena, reading I.I.S Commitment to empty
Rationalize vs imbibe LOVE And then Intimate embrace
Divine Combustion Sublimation (endothermic)
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